Wehner’s Wisdom
Winter 2015

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This quarter’s successful client,
Cindy Blomker

I’ve been privileged to know Cindy for 10 years or more! She has an interesting and very demanding career as an over the road trucker. She’s been driving for over 15 years, and actually enjoys the scenery while she works. When I first starting working with her, she was changing jobs for improvement in benefits and salary. She didn’t get stuck in a rut though, and kept moving. She has been willing to make long distance moves – from home to Washington State for the first few years. Just two years ago, she landed a well-paying job with Walmart, and was able to move closer to her family in St. Paul. She has her intention set on a home soon, and I’m sure it will happen in her time frame. Through the ups and downs of moving, job searching, and the recession she stuck to her plan of saving, and never missed a month! Cindy is ambitious, hardworking, smart, persistent, and determined to reach her goals! Give thumbs up the next time you see a special lady behind the wheel of a big truck that says Walmart!
Thanks a bunch, Cindy, you deserve the best!


How about a cup of Holiday Crude?

It was sure nice to fill up the tank for about 2/3 of normal cost the other day! Everyone’s talking about the glut of oil and the cost of energy these days so I figured that I should at least say a couple of words. Everything in the world has an upside and a downside, and the low cost of energy is no exception. It’s an extraordinarily complex political, economic, and environmental issue. The countries that export or sell oil on the world market are of course going to make much less. Common sense would say that if they want to keep the price higher, they should lower their production. However, powerful political forces that have been in place for generations make the move to cut production difficult. Environmentally, we don’t know the full impact of fracking - yet. Again common sense says we should find out, but political forces don’t make it easy to fund the research needed. Of course there will be winners and losers in the “glut” of oil as it’s called. Consumers will have more to spend, and manufacturers will be able to enjoy a smaller cost of energy to make their goods. Oil companies and those countries that depend on oil exports as a source of revenue will certainly see their revenues fall, but in the long run – think about it – we’re finally on the road to energy independence! Not a bad thing at all.

Happy Holidays!   Here’s a few things to look forward to in 2015 at Wehner and Associates:
I hope 2014 has been a great year for you and yours! Here at Wehner and Associates, we’re wrapping up one of the best years ever, and I’d like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for each and every one of you! The opportunity to serve is a special treat I take very seriously. Being able to spend your days doing what you love and helping others is an incredible blessing to be most thankful for. Also, let me know if you want newsletters or quarterly reports via email, I will gladly make that happen.
Let's cozy by the fire, and talk about squirreling away your money.

Mr Market Never seems to get bored.

Although one may wonder about the ups and downs of the market – we almost always do – we’re watching commodities, gold, oil and international are in the down spot, while large company stock, specifically health care is on fire!  I have a market commentary piece from Investacorps parent, Ladenburg Thalman that I can send if you would like more in depth coverage. Please let me know and I’ll be sure you receive it!

Here’s a few of the things we’re hoping to do in 2015
The annual summer party --- although the exact date has yet to be determined, please plan on the first or second week or so in June!
I’ll be offering another social security informational session – most likely in September
I’m in the process of planning a special animal lovers event – definitely after the weather warms up!



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