Wehner’s Wisdom
Fall 2016

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This quarters’ successful client, Don Bartz

Although Don has only been a client for a couple of years, I am amazed at the tremendous success he’s had at building financial security. He’s worked as a technician for a major firm in the fire extinguisher/fire system service industry - and has for over 35 years. He’s been loyal and hard working through the preverbal company buy outs, and kept an incredible attitude in addition to difficult hours (how anyone can start their day at 3:30 am is beyond me). He’s created wonderful security for himself, and it seems natural for him make great choices that build wealth. I thought it might be useful to list my observations in case it might inspire others - I know what I see inspires me, so here goes:
  1. Always lives a life below his means, and in combination with that, enjoys himself - it’s not deprivation!
  2. Taking advantage of the employers’401K and the match, it’s sort of like a bill where part of the payment comes from work.
  3. Looks for smart ways to get the most for his money without the “coupon caddie” miser approach. Although, he does use that too on occasion.
  4. Is open to learning, and trying new things to build wealth.
  5. Is patient with the process as the markets do their “thing”.
  6. Keeps a great sense of humor about money management while making careful choices.
Don, thanks so much for the opportunity to serve, and to be inspired by your wonderful example.
It’s that thing that happens every 4 years  - Please Vote!
No matter which one of the two candidates you support, this election is a crucial one. I’ve been following the events, although not terribly closely, and have put together half a dozen thoughts or so:
  1. America is still the world’s leading democracy, and a great place to be born! Let’s be grateful for the good things we don’t hear enough about in our country! The foundation of democracy is the right to vote - please, please don’t let anything get in the way of exercising this great right - go vote. In case you’re unaware, if you think you won’t be able to vote on the exact day, you can vote absentee. Your local city hall will have information on how to do this if you need it.
  2. The good news is that whoever the president is has a lot less to do with the quality of your life than you do! No matter who gets elected November 8, the quality of your life, including finances, depends a whole lot more on the choices you make than who wins!
  3. Whoever wins, it’s temporary, and we’ve always recovered from whatever “disaster” is left behind.
  4. Over and over again, it’s been demonstrated that elections move markets, but that movement is only short term - reversion to the mean is the law, so don’t let this election have you worried about short term moves in the market or your accounts.
  5. The president is our worldwide representative, and as such represents the values that we as a nation hold near and dear. Whatever choice you make please think about the values you want that person to share with the world!
  6. Keep a sense of humor about all the stories about who did or said what to whom - it makes for great entertainment!
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Will your advisor eat their own cooking?
With all of the noise around the new law surrounding the fiduciary responsibilities of financial advisors, I’d like to take a moment to make a couple of comments. First off, I’d like to make clear to those who have accounts and those who don’t, I don’t suggest anything with your money that I wouldn’t do after carefully thinking about your situation. In fact, chances are excellent, my money is in the same investments you have! Secondly, I have positioned myself to help you no matter what your needs are - big or small and will continue to live by the mantra that everyone deserves help. I’m in the unique situation to work with the appropriate account structure for you, and it’s not about how much I get paid! 
Have an awesome year end, and please get out and vote!

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