Wehner’s Wisdom
Spring 2016

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This quarter’s successful client, Carol Hagemeyer

I met Carol toward the end of 2007 - just about in time for the recession to start. She shared with me that she actually started saving as a kid! The thing about Carol is that she has an innate sense of what it takes to get ahead, and has done a great job of putting it into practice! She and her husband, Wes, both worked hard, but they knew you couldn’t get ahead just simply working in Corporate America! She reminds me of how they would read the stock quotes in the paper together, and they began to invest early on. Wes also opened an archery store in St. Cloud - following a passion - and developing an additional source of income from his profession of teaching. They had three of the best ways to get ahead in place - spending less than you make, earning skills, and a small business to supplement. Wes passed away in 1999, but Carol has taken the lead and followed Wes’ wishes to a tea. She’s done a beautiful job of making the transition and has retired herself, enjoying the freedom to pursue her own passions - gardening and travel. Congratulations, Carol on your wonderful success, and thanks so much for the opportunity to serve!
Oil, Fear, and The Fed leaving the rates the same

My what a quarter it’s been in the markets! At it’s low, the market was down 12% YTD! The rebound had started to gain traction, and after Janet Yellen announced that the Fed was leaving rates the same, it appears we have a flicker of a positive DOW and S&P! I know I sound like a broken record, but, just remember, timing the market is impossible! The most important part of all of this movement in the market is how you feel about it. Everyone is different, has different needs for stability and income, and different attitudes about the normal drops in the market. For those who are currently working with me, I am always looking to enhance my level of service, and your comfort level when we have market drops is a big part of my work for you. As you may recall I can’t stand surveys so please let me know what you need during a normal downturn! I had two different people in similar portfolios express exactly the opposite wishes in the last two weeks - one says that they don’t want to know, and the other says they need to know - it’s OK. I’m more than happy to oblige either way or with something in between! Your feedback is valuable, and I will do my best to respond to your need!
Events & Notes
A special note: The annual Wehner and Associates Appreciation Event will be June 11 at 6:30! I am hoping to see you there - details will be arriving in May!
The Children’s Hospital is having a wonderful 2miles (3K) walk at the MN State Fairgrounds on June 4 at 9:15 am. There will activities for kids of all ages! For questions or to register contact Briana Oakes at 952-992-5527.
Another event you may be interested in is the annual Dog Walk which is May 7th, 2016 at the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society - go to or call 763-432-4841 for details.
Don’t forget that the quarterly statements are available to you by email if you like. If you’d like to have less paper, please let me know and I’ll make sure to sign you up for e-delivery.

Leaving a Legacy

The footprint you leave on this world in important! I think most of us give a little to causes that are near and dear, but how about thinking about the impact of having your finances organized so that your funds make a statement about what’s important to you??? If you don’t direct your assets properly, they will go somewhere, and it may not be where you want them to go! The government has wonderful direction for your money when you don’t, and it’s not just the beneficiaries they choose! Sometimes the government picks itself as beneficiary in the form of taxes! I’ve been doing some work on this myself lately, and so far, I’ve come to the conclusion I love kids and animals! With that in mind, the charitable part of my estate includes two wonderful organizations, Children’s Hospital and Clinics of MN and the Animal Humane Society. For those that have an interest, please talk to me about this important topic! I have some great ways to help.


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