Colds & Flu, preventing Lyme Disease plus Soup Recipes
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We are suffering from the worst flu epidemic ever

Colds & Flu Outbreak


 Dear <<First Name>>

Last year was the worst flu epidemic on record in Australia and this year is even WORSE!
I am certainly seeing many more cases than usual.
There seems to be a few strains around; one with a persistent cough, another with a gastro element plus many types of cold viruses. Its predicted to last for a while longer so be prepared.
Colds and flus are viruses but a bacterial infection can result if the virus causes congestion which may become infected with opportunistic bacteria.
So what to do?
At the first sign of attack which is usually a sore throat immediately gargle with diluted apple cider vinegar ( 1 tsp in a little warm water) and hold it in mouth for a minute and then swallow. Do this 3 x day.
Plus very important REST however busy you are to give your body a chance to fight the infection.
Essential oils are excellent use lavender or tea tree ( both of these can be used neat) on your neck over your glands.
Lavender oil is also great for headaches.
Take at least 2 g of vitamin C 3 x a day and if you also add a daily dose of 15 mg zinc and 4000 IU of vitamin D you have a potent antioxidant cocktail. Oregano oil capsules are also great  too.
If the infection gets worse and goes to your head use frequent steam inhalations with essential oils; eucalyptus or thyme are great but you can use lavender or tea tree too.
Don't worry about eating if you have no appetite, bone broth and chicken soup or other light soups are excellent ( see recipes below). Fluids are very important. 
The old fashioned remedy of hot lemon and honey drinks really work to kill the virus and soothe the throat.
Home made Thyme Honey and Hooch are also really excellent ( see here for recipes).

Also very important are the 3 R's REST,REST & REST!

If you can't shake it despite doing all the above ( most viruses should resolve in a week or two ) get some help.....
Finally as I am sure you are aware antibiotics don't kill viruses but can damage your gut flora so only take them if you have a confirmed bacterial infection and the prescribed antibiotic is effective for your specific infection.

Flu symptoms

How do I know if its flu?

 Cold and flu symptoms are similar and both may start with a sore throat.
However if you have any of head pain, fever, aches and pains, diarrhoea or dizziness its more likely to be flu.

Does it matter which it is? Flu is more serious and so don't ignore it...

Avoid Lyme disease

Make your own tick repellent with 5 drops of lavender, lemon or citronella oil in 100 ml of almond or coconut oil. Shake well and rub on liberally before going to a tick prone areas. 

Also keep your immune system strong at all times.


In the event of a bite...  remove the tick as soon as possible. Dab the area with neat tea tree or lavender essential oil and take 40 drops of Astragalus tincture 3 x day for at least 5 days longer if  any symptoms arise.  Contact me if you are concerned...

Make warming Mushroom Soup. For the recipe click here.

For  Bone or Chicken Broth  click here.
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