C60, research on diabetes and Leaky Gut risk plus Green Gazpacho recipe
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  C60,Diamonds aren't a girls only friend..

New anti oxidant


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Carbon is the key building block of life. But until 30 years ago it was thought to be only available in a pure form in nature as graphite or diamonds.

In 1985 researchers Sir Harry Kroto ( Sussex University,UK) and  Richard Smalley & Bob Curl (Rice University,US) found a third pure form of carbon for which they were awarded a Nobel Prize in 1996. They called this carbon; which has a unique molecular architecture with 60 carbon atoms joined together; buckminsterfullerene or Buckyballs (its also called C60).

The potential uses in the medical arena are very exciting with hundreds of clinical studies showing the anti oxidant properties of C60 as well as their ability to be used as a drug delivery system.
We all make free radicals every day as we fight bacteria, viruses, fungi etc and process toxins like environmental pollutants, heavy metals, processed foods alcohol etc and our production outstrips our body's ability to eliminate them.

The answer to these free radicals is of course antioxidants like Vitamin C, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. However C60 is believed to have many more times anti oxidant power than vitamin C ( over 200 x more power according to one manufacturer) and the ability to be reused over and over. 

This leads to many health benefits such as anti ageing and longevity, anti-viral, anti bacterial, repair of cartilage and joint damage, repair of neurological damage, anti inflammatory effects for example in Crohns and other gut disorders, fatigue and macular degeneration to name but a few.
It can also be used topically for skin conditions. Research is ongoing.

C60 has just arrived in Australia and I am currently trialling this space.

Connect Tissue Res,2014 55(2):71-9)

Methyglyoxal ( MG)

Could Methylglyoxal (MG) be the real cause of diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is the world's fastest growing disease.

However recent clinical studies  found that Type 2 diabetes  patients treated with drugs to maintain blood sugar levels below the diabetes definition threshold (HbA1c < 6.5%) still develop diabetic complications.
For years doctors assumed that high levels of MG in the blood of diabetes was a side effect of diabetes. But in some fascinating work on glucose metabolism; researchers from Heidelberg University believe that high levels of MG are causing insulin resistance and obesity and not the other way round. They still don't know why MG levels rise and that's the next stage of the German research. Is it poor diet, processed foods,stress and /or genes? ( I would say all!)
The great news is that MG levels can be lowered easily by taking Carnosine an antioxidant ideally with zinc and this can also act as a preventative. Carnosine is used for anti aging and in particular memory loss so a win win!

(Cell Metab,2018.27:926-34)
Arguing can trigger a leaky gut

Partner conflict triggers leaky gut

Its already known that a bad relationship with a partner slows wound healing, raises your risk for depression, heart disease and diabetes.

Now new research found it can also trigger a leaky gut whereby the intestinal barrier weakens and allows bacteria into the bloodstream.

Ohio State University took blood samples from 43 couples before and after an argument. The ones who had the most heated discussions had the most bacteria in their blood stream. Bacteria from a leaky gut can make its way to the brain and affect mental health. So people in a hostile relationship could find themselves in a cycle of depression and inability to cope with angry outbursts.

So don't put up with toxic relationships get help or get out...

(Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2018;98:52-60)



Refreshing Green Gazpacho


Make this delicious and refreshing Green Gazpacho Soup adapted from a Yotem Ottolenghi recipe.
Click here for my recipe.

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