The Diabetes epidemic plus Immune Balance Soup and gluten free Apple Cake recipes.
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Fat around the pancreas can cause type 2 diabetes

The Diabetes Epidemic


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More and more people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which has long been considered to be a lifestyle disease, caused by overeating. Current medical thinking is that once you have it you can't reverse it.

Recent research challenges this. Professor Taylor from Newcastle University in the UK found that reducing the food intakes of 41 diabetic patients over 8 weeks, 20 of them reversed their diabetes and the remainder reduced their blood sugar levels. Some participants had been diabetic for up to 10 years. Taylor believes the key is losing fat around the pancreas enabling it to function properly. 
Clearly food is very important in the prevention and cure of type 2 diabetes and low glycaemic foods are a good general choice ( see below). However  20% of diabetics are of normal weight so there are also other considerations. I am seeing more and more people of normal weight eating good diets who have rising blood sugar levels.

So what other reasons could there be?

Drs Patrick Kingsley and Sarah Myhill in the UK who have treated hundreds of diabetics believe inflammation is an important factor. But what causes inflammation? Whilst infections and toxic chemicals can be culprits the most common cause is food.

Therefore its important to check which foods are you personally intolerant to. I can check you very quickly and accurately; contact me if you would like a food intolerance check.

It could also be dysfunctional carbohydrate metabolism. Dr Kingsley  has found that some people don't respond in a 'normal' way to certain foods, so for example their blood sugar may spike more after rice or pumpkin than for sugar.

Stress is also a very important factor as stress naturally raises blood sugar. Long term stress can give rise to constantly elevated blood sugar and therefore diabetes even though your diet is good.

So to minimise your diabetes risk lose that abdominal fat, check your food intolerances and take steps to reduce your stress levels.

(Diabetes Care 2016;39:808-15)

Low glycemic index foods make sense

Glycaemic Index

The glycemic index measures how quickly a food turns to blood sugar using glucose at 100. Here is a summary:

Maltose ( in beer) 110
Glucose 100
Hot chips/Fruit juices 96
Chips /Instant mashed potatoes 95
Popcorn 90
White bread 86
Honey 85
Cornflakes 85
Watermelon 76
Refined cereals with sugar/peeled potatoes 70
Unpeeled potatoes 65
Rice/bananas 60
Brown rice/ Wholegrain pasta 50
Kidney beans /Fresh peas 40
Dried fruits 35
Many fresh fruits 30
Fructose 20
Green beans/peanuts 15
Fish/Meat/Oil/Eggs 0
Onions/green leafy veg/tomatoes -15

Please note that these numbers are always estimates as everyone is different in their response to foods.

Nuts and seeds reduce diabetes risk

Nuts and seeds reduce Diabetes 

Research by the University of East Finland shows that eating nuts and seeds regularly reduce diabetes risk by 46%.

They looked at 2189 men aged 42 to 60 who were diabetes free at the start and followed them for 19 years. 417 men developed diabetes but none with high blood levels of Omega 6 did so.

They believe this is because of the high Omega 6 content. These findings are controversial as Omega 6s have been linked to chronic diseases. However such findings were only seen in animal tests and have not been replicated in human trials.

Nuts and seeds are very beneficial from a general nutritional point of view. I am often asked which is the best. While it depends on what your issues are almonds are number one on many levels..

(Am J Clin Nutr;2016;pii:ajcn128629)



Delicious Gluten free Apple Cake

I have had a lot of requests for this cake recipe click here .

Immune Balance Soup

I have been following the work of Dr Leo Galland  for nearly 30 years now. Here is his Immune Balance soup recipe from his latest book The Allergy Solution click here and scroll down.
For Dr Gallands website click here.
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