Check your thyroid,eat cheese for your heart and  blueberries to stay young plus recipes
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Your thyroid may be making you sick

Check your thyroid 


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There is currently an epidemic of thyroid disease but its estimated that the actual numbers may be doubled as many cases are undiagnosed.
The thyroid is a butterfly gland at the base of the front of the neck. It regulates metabolism and its malfunctioning can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Broadly an underactive thyroid can cause  weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, irritability and constipation. While the less common overactive thyroid can cause weight loss, hyperactivity, sweating, anxiety and insomnia. Women are particularly vulnerable especially after childbirth as childbearing puts a huge strain on the thyroid. 
Sadly blood tests are unreliable as the range for normal thyroid function is too broad.
Much of thyroid disease is considered to be the result of the immune system gone astray resulting in auto immune thyroid disease.
There is some research that indicates that Epstein Barr Virus a types of herpes virus which causes Glandular Fever may be a contributory factor to auto immune thyroid disease. Mycoplasma, a bacteria could also be involved.

In my experience its important to investigate other factors including food intolerances, toxic metal overload and nutritional deficiencies.

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Cheese reduces Heart Disease Risk

Researchers at Soochow University in Suzhou, China found that contrary to standard medical belief that cheese reduces heart disease risk.
In fact the risk reduction was greatest in those that ate the most cheese, up to 40g a day.
This explains the French paradox; the fact that heart disease rates are lower among the French despite their high fat diet.
Its time to tuck into butter and cheese without guilt........assuming that you aren't milk protein intolerant of course

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Blueberries & Cacao keep the wrinkles away

Old human cells have been rejuvenated in a breakthrough discovery on ageing.
Researchers led by Professor Lorna Harries at University of Exeter in the UK used reversatrol analogues which within hours converted the old cells to new cells which began replicating. Reversatrol is found naturally in blueberries and cacao.
The team are very excited by the potential to reduce degenerative diseases and more research is planned.

In the meantime enjoy your blueberries and cacao!

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Warming Chia Porridge

Try this delicious gluten and dairy free hot breakfast recipe click here 

Lebanese Garlic Paste/Toum

Delicious with meat,fish & vegetables plus anti parasitic, anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Truly a medicinal food. Click here for the recipe.
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