IPIHD Network selections, Reverse innovation: Can it save the US and UK?, and Innovator visits in India
ClickMedix model

Can Telemedicine Innovations Used In Developing Countries Help Save US Healthcare?

 Article debuting exclusively in IPIHD Newsletter by Ting Shih, CEO & Founder, ClickMedix, LLC

IPIHD Preamble:  We are pleased to announce that Ting Shih's innovation, ClickMedix, was just accepted into the IPIHD Network.  We would like to thank Vidar Jorgensen of the World Healthcare Congress for introducing us.  

Four years ago, I began developing and piloting a system based on the simple concept of using mobile smartphones to facilitate telemedicine in developing countries. What started for me as a project at the MIT Media Lab evolved into a complete system that lets a remote physician provide diagnosis and treatment advice to patients, using data that healthcare workers or the patients themselves collect about their symptoms via mobile smartphones and my software.
I designed the system to address three main issues of healthcare:
1.      Lack of access: Many people can’t get to doctors due to their sickness, long waiting lists to get a scheduled appointment, or transportation difficulties
2.      Lack of ability to pay:  Many people can’t afford to see a doctor
3.      Lack of doctors: For many people, there are no doctors nearby
Various pilots with the system in more than ten countries in the developing world have showed promising results. In places like Botswana, Uganda and Egypt, where getting a consultation from a specialist might take a person a few months wait and several days of travel, we were able to help patients obtain treatment consultations by specialists in less than 72 hours. In one pilot, we used mobile camera phones to diagnose and facilitate treatment of cervical cancer in HIV-positive women during a single outpatient visit.  Continue reading to discover how we might apply innovations in emerging markets to the US healthcare system.


Ting Shih, CEO of ClickMedix

LV Prasad

IPIHD Journey to India, Part I:  Open Hearts

Certainly it has been extremely rewarding to speak with innovators over the past few months from around the world.  However, it is even more exciting to actually see these innovations in action, walk into the clinics and buildings where innovation is happening, and watch how patients are provided new and improved care – including a sudden open heart surgery!  More on this in a bit …  
In May 2012 Richard Bartlett, Associate Director of IPIHD, embarked on his journey through India to visit six innovators in action.  In this edition of our newsletter, we’ll share part I of the visit.  (Stay tuned for part II in our July edition.)  During the trip Richard not only visited healthcare innovators, but learned more about how each innovator is impacting patients and, fundamentally, how IPIHD can help. 
First stop was to LV Prasad Eye Institute where they offer comprehensive patient care in Hyderabad.  Richard spent a couple of days with Sashi Mohan, Associate Director of LV Prasad, visiting their main Centre of Excellence, secondary care centers outside of the city, and a vision center. 
Immediately one thing was clear:  the impact of the work being done at LV Prasad.  In fact,  LV intends to share its impact with others.   Sashi’s desire to launch a consulting function would help other organizations deploy the lessons learned as the eye institute has progressed.  This function would help replicate LV Prasad’s principles of success.  Read more here and see photos from the trip.

Going global:  Duke shares new research with global impact

The Duke Global Health Institute has just released  their 2012 DGHI Director’s Report, which contains new research with the potential to impact global health in the future.   The report highlights some of the innovative work being done at the Duke Global Health Institute, including global mental health and HIV, maternal and child health, and the causes of fever and obesity.   Read the report here

Announcing: Innovator Selections!    Narayana

Pictured above:  Visit to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital

May has been an exciting month at IPIHD both in terms of growth of the team based in Durham as well as innovators engaged and involved fully in IPIHD. We’re delighted to welcome Andrea Taylor onto the full-time team who will be our new Research Project Manager and focused on helping us further our knowledge agenda of studying innovations from around the world as well as health ecosystems that support or challenges these innovations.

In addition, we’ve brought two summer interns onto the team – Liz Charles and Mukesh Singhal --- who are working with various innovators including One Family Health, SalaUno, LV Prasad and Aravind. We include a short summary of their work with these interesting innovators below.

Another exciting bit of news:  We have made our first round of IPIHD Network selections!  About twenty new innovators are now part of the Network, and we are looking forward to engaging with these organizations in their aspirations to grow and scale their operations. Our new portal, IPIHD Access, will up and running soon and be a platform for this engagement.  Fundamentally, innovators can connect and share best practices, while IPIHD's industry Supporters can learn from emerging innovations and provide their expertise.

Finally, Richard was happy to visit India this past month where he met with several of our new Network innovators to learn more about their work and how IPIHD can collaborate with these organizations.   Part one of these visits is chronicled here:  stay tuned for part two in our next edition.  We’re looking forward to a busy summer ahead!


Krishna Udayakumar, Executive Director of IPIHD, and Richard Bartlett, Associate Director of IPIHD

PS -- Do you have global health innovation expertise?  Best practices to share of interest to the Community?  Please do drop us a line here

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IPIHD's vision is to proactively and tangibly support innovators and entrepreneurs in scaling up and replicating successful innovative healthcare delivery solutions around the world in order to improve access to affordable quality care.  Learn more about IPIHD.

IPIHD Team, from left:  Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, Kellie Auman,               
Mitch Dozier, Dr. Victor Dzau, Richard Bartlett, Natalie Grazin,
and Eleni Vlac

Andrea Taylor
Welcome to:  Andrea Taylor, Research Project Manager for IPIHD


Innovator Selections for IPIHD Network

In a very difficult and thorough process based on the "secrets of success" identified through initial research, and IPIHD criteria, the IPIHD team assessed all innovator applicants and selcted 19 for the IPIHD Network. 

Innovators selected for the Network have access to a unique platform to collaborate with other innovators and connect with industry leaders, IPIHD Access,  as well as invitations to key events, opportunities to share their innovtions with a receptive audience, and more.  In this selection, a diverse range of models and geographies complement the Network ecosystem, where need meets expertise.  We would like to give a special thanks to the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI), where we initially discovered four of the innovators below. 

Network selections are made quarterly:  the next will be in September.  If this value proposition makes sense to you, learn more then apply here for consideration.  Or, drop us a line with any questions at all!  For press inquires, contact Eleni Vlachos.

Changamka Microhealth LTD
ClickMedix, LLC
Dr. Thom
GetWell Network
Jacaranda Health
L V Prasad Eye Institute
LifeSpring Hospitals*
Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt Ltd
Naya Jeevan
One Family Health*
Operation ASHA
Pathfinder Health India Pvt Ltd
Penda Health
Radda MCH-FP Centre
Religare (Mediphone)
Riders for Health
salaUno Salud
Vaatsalya Healthcare
World Health Partners

Congratulations IPIHD Network innovators! 

Our new Research Project Manager Andrea will be creating profiles for each of these innovative organizations, which we will share in our next edition of this newsletter.

*Were previously in Network, will continue as part of Network


Innovators!  To be featured here, please contact Eleni for consideration.

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Pacific Health Summit

See you there?

IPIHD will be attending and presenting at the following:

June 12-14, 2012 | London
Pacific Health Summit presents:  Game Changers: Affordability and Technologies for Health
The Summit is an annual, invitation-only event that convenes 250 leaders from science, industry and policy to connect people and ideas for a healthier world. 
More about the summit here.

June 15, 2012 | London
Following the Summit, IPIHD is hosting an invite-only presentation and discussion on the collaboration with Imperial College Healthcare’s Institute for Global Health Innovation studying the policy enablers to fostering innovation in healthcare. 

Do you have events or news about your innovation you would like to share?

Email us.

HMI Philippines

Welcome to the IPIHD Community!

Above:  Photo from the Health Market Innovations (HMI) Philippines website. 
IPIHD collaborator the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) sponsors this group, and connected our organizations.  IPIHD is connecting with HMI to discover innovative healthcare delivery models in the Philippines. 

We wish to welcome the following organizations to the IPIHD Community: 
Access Health International
GE Healthcare
Health In Harmony
HMI Philippines
International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services
National Rural Support Program
Projeto Papel de Gente
Regenol LTD
The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases
The Physicians Ultrasound in Rwanda Education intiative (PURE)

Joining the community is freeCome visit.
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