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A Note From the Executive Director 

First the good news.  It is barely a full year since we moved into our renovated space.  We are thrilled with the light and the roominess.  Long time patients coming in for medical visits love the “new” health center, and are happy that we kept the cozy, warm feeling and added a professional look and feel.  We will be forever grateful to our capital campaign donors for making this possible. We love to show supporters around, so give a call and set up a time to come by. 

In spite of these positive changes, this has been a trying time.  Not only abortion services, but family planning is being attacked.  Planned Parenthood is at the center of the hubbub, but I assure you it is having an impact on all providers.  If the extreme right should succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood, they will come after the independent providers next and then the doctors who provide family planning and/or abortion services.  Their current viciousness is just one step in a bigger plan to get women out of the workforce, out of athletics, out of government service and back into the kitchen and the nursery, not to be seen or heard from again.  They have already done considerable harm and made too much progress with this repressive agenda.  Please respond to calls for action. We must resist and insist on women’s rights to be active participating members of society, to control their own bodies and to make their own decisions. This will not end without a fight at every level of government. We all must be vigilant and ready to stop this backward movement.  Thank you for your commitment to equal treatment and respect for everyone.


Coming Soon!

November 12th

Portsmouth Harbor Events
Conference Center

Please join us for an exciting evening of cocktails and dinner.

2015 Award Winners:
Alice & Guillermo Larrea
Betsy August
Vince Lombardi

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Gina Barreca 
Women's Humorist, Writer, Speaker, Professor of Feminist Theory

Tickets are available at:


Now Offering PrEP


We are excited to announce that we have expanded our HIV prevention program to include the provision of the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medication, Truvada.

When taken consistently and correctly, in conjunction with safer sex practices, this medication can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV by up to 92% or more. Truvada is one of the medications used in the treatment of HIV, and must be prescribed by a medical provider. Taking PrEP includes getting routine blood tests done, about every 3 months. Clients may experience side effects from the medication, at least at first.

Most insurance companies are covering some or all of the cost of PrEP medication, and the drug company that makes it has a patient assistant program as well.

People interested in learning more about PrEP and whether it is appropriate for them should call the Health Center for more information at 436-7588. 

Family Planning Grant

The big news is that we have hired an Outreach and Community Relations Coordinator through our new family planning grant!  We are delighted to introduce, and ask that you take any opportunity to meet and greet, Emily Dickman. 

Emily already has engaged the health center in several activities at UNH, and recruited an intern to help with outreach activities.  Together they are working on a curriculum for teen sex education, encompassing an “abstinence plus” approach.  Stay tuned for new and exciting presentations and activities.

This grant will help us to continue to provide/dispense the entire assortment of contraception to our patients at a very low cost.  It is exciting to be a recipient of Title X and state family planning funds.


Meet Our Interns!

My name is Jordan Flanzer, I am a 21 year old Social Work and Political Science Major at UNH. After I graduate I would like to work in women’s health, domestic violence and sexual assault, or hospice care and geriatrics. At the JGLHC I am learning the ins and outs of how a non profit operates, as well as a great deal of knowledge on women’s health and birth control. I am also learning how to counsel for abortion clinics. I enjoy the environment at JGLHC and seeing how passionate the team of employees here are about what they do. On my off time I enjoy playing intramural volleyball at UNH.
My name is Cristy Theriault, I am 21 years old and a senior at UNH studying neuroscience. After graduating UNH I will go on to become a Women's Health NP. During my internship at JGLHC, I will be working on community outreach. I am designing a curriculum for family planning that we can bring into local schools.  I am really excited to be a part of this process at JGLHC because I know that, often times, schools lack a comprehensive curriculum on  reproductive health. Without this information, students graduate without accurate information so I hope that I can play a part in changing this.  I take any chance I can to travel. Last semester I was able to study abroad and travelled to India, South Africa, and Brazil and it was during those travels that I gained my passion for Women's Health. Hopefully one day, I can incorporate working abroad into my career as a Women's Health NP! 
My name is Shannon Mooney, I am 22 years old, and I am a Social Work major and Spanish minor at UNH. The areas that I would like to focus on after graduation are with youth in the foster care system, adoption services, or reproductive health services.   As an intern at JGLHC, I am gaining direct practice experience by learning how to counsel women receiving surgical abortions. I have been able to see firsthand the different aspects that are involved in running an non profit agency. I have had the opportunity to research legislation regarding reproductive health, and have become knowledgeable about various birth control methods, insurance policies, STD information, and abortion counseling.  I love being an intern at JGLHC and it is exciting to be part of such a knowledgeable, caring staff.  In my spare time at UNH I enjoy spending time with my roommates!
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