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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
See below a firsthand account from a client who overcame breast cancer; as well as some additional content in support of Breast Cancer.
On another note we are taking the necessary precautions for treatments and do offer remote sessions when necessary. 
A story of hope, inspiration and encouragement from a client....
"I got breast cancer in 1990 when I was thirty. I found a lump, but my doctor at the time said I didn’t fit the risk profile - I was too young, it wasn’t in my family, I didn’t smoke or drink, I was a dancer at the time so pretty fit, and I lived on a mostly raw, vegetarian diet. I went for a second opinion and was told not to worry. In those days there was far less awareness than there is now. Eighteen months later the lump became painful and a biopsy showed it was cancer. I’ll never forget that moment of being told and of feeling like the door to my life was closing. But the experience, although pretty rough at the time, has made me hugely appreciative of everything I have. I also learnt a lot, and I chose a combination of conventional medicine and a more conscious healthy lifestyle to get through it. I’m very aware that I was extremely fortunate in many ways, but here’s my checklist in case it can be of help to anyone:

· Do your own breast exams regularly – you know your body best. The earlier a problem is detected the better the outcome.

· I thought I was being healthy but I was probably ingesting piles of toxic and estrogen spray on all that salad – try to find organic or unsprayed salad and vegetables! And look for dairy products with no added estrogen. We also think soy is so healthy but it’s full of estrogen, and my kind of tumour was estrogen-dependent. Same with chicken if you eat it – go for as natural and free range as possible with nothing artificial added, and fewer animal products generally.

· Exercise – not only to keep fit and strong but to keep your spirits up. All the endorphins and fresh air will help your resistance and help you to manage stress.

· Make informed and sensible choices about treatment options, not emotional ones. There is so much available to us today and our oncology departments, especially at Groote Schuur - is world class, so breast cancer really can be beaten.

· Finally, a very hard one – try to let go of grief. If you’re lucky enough to have supportive family and friends that’s a huge help. "

'Supporting the fighters;
Admiring the survivors;
Honoring the taken;
And never, ever giving up hope.'

What can a physiotherapist do to help post breast surgery?

Physiotherapists play an important role in rehabilitating women post breast surgery. This includes assisting with:

  • pain management
  • introducing gentle movements to loosen tight soft tissues around the chest area and mobilizing a stiff mid-back and/or arms/shoulders, commonly found post-operatively
  • scar tissue mobilization
  • lymph drainage for lymphoedema (swelling)
  • improving self image and educating the client on what to expect and how to manage at home

Speaking of gentle movements...

The chest is often an area of tightness post surgery.
These movements can help release the shortened soft tissues around the chest, and mobilize a stiff mid-back.
Start in a half-kneeling position as is seen in the photo above.
Reach both arms in front of you, palms facing one another. Spine lengthened, slight tuck of chin. 
Open out the one arm, rotating your ribs around your spine, opening your chest. Focus on keeping hips square towards the front of the mat. Slowly, bring palms to meet again in front of you. Repeat a few times each side.
Incorporate the breath into the movement; inhale with hands together, exhale as you open your arm.

Lie on your back with a small, lightly inflated ball between the shoulder blades and knees bent.
Lift your arms up towards ceiling, palms facing one another.
Lift the one arm overhead and lower the other arm alongside your body. Move in a controlled way with a slight lower rib to hip connection, as you bring the arms back toward the starting position and alternate sides.
Pilates in-studio class timetable

Take a look at our Pilates class times below!
The classes are small groups of 4-5 in a class.
We will be introducing a class on a Monday evening at 6:30 and a Tuesday evening at 5:30 as soon as there is further demand. Let us know if you would like to be considered for any of these classes.
We also have online Pilates classes on offer and we send out videos weekly. We understand that work schedules are so different at the moment and therefore we try make it work for everyone. 📸
What our clients have been up to.....
Bertie Phillips recently completed an epic row from Kommetjie to Bakoven in order to raise funds for The Little Optimist Trust and the NSRI. Bertie finished the row in 6 hours, under very difficult conditions.
What a wonderful achievement. Congratulations Bertie! To read more about Bertie's row click the following link:https://thelittleoptimisttrust.org/epic-row-completed/ 
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"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." - Christopher Reeve
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