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Each innovation starts with an idea, a dream. We dream of a better, cleaner world: with less pollution, no waste, renewable energy and equal opportunities. Fortunately, we don't stand alone and with our partners we continue to achieve results. This newsletter gives you an update on our latest projects.
Keep on dreaming!

LIFE: EU funding for Dutch nature policy

By signing the agreement on LIFE funding by the ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch nature policy receives 10.5 million euros for a better coordination of interests in areas where environment, economy and safety cause conflicting interests. Read more

Circular fertilizer

ICL Fertilizers has started a project to produce circular fertilizer by recovering phosphate from waste ashes. The Port of Amsterdam can become the world's first location producing this type of fertilizer. Read more

The return of Production Service Systems

A modern printer copier is built to last forever. Consumables and wear-parts can be replaced rapidly after which they are refilled - respectively refurbished - and reused. Circular economy business models focus on earnings based on performance (delivering a service / functionality) instead of selling the highest volume of products. Read more

Over 8,000 participants in Week of Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Niger

AgriProFocus Niger organised in November 2016 the 4th edition of the Week of Agricultural Entrepreneurship (SEMEA) in Niamey, Niger. More than 8,000 participants from agribusiness, banks, knowledge institutes, NGOs and governments came together for meaningful exchanges and building new partnerships. Read more

4th year of audits in biofuels industry

Partners for Innovation is entering its 4th year of auditing companies that produce and export biofuels. We work together with Control Union Certifications to verify if European companies comply with the requirements of the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS). Used frying oil is increasingly being used for the production of biofuels. Read more

Meet our innovation scientist Stan

Renewable energy
Our new colleague Stan van den Broek has recently graduated in innovation sciences. Now that he's part of our Partners for Innovation team, he provides some insights into innovation sciences. Read more
In the media
Dutch Agreement on Resources paves way to circular economy

On January 24th the Dutch government and 180 parties signed the Agreement on Resources. Partners for Innovation was one of the signatories. It is agreed that in 2050 that the Dutch economy is completely ‘circular’. To accomplish this, every party (research institutes, companies, governmental bodies) formulated its ambitions. Read more

Renewable energy in Africa - does bio energy have the future?
Emiel Hanekamp has worked over 12 years in renewable energy projects in Africa. In an interview he shares his views on key factors leading to failure and success. Read more
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