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SRN News: July 2012

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Get in on the ACTS!

ACTS Conference 2012

Interested Professional and Academic staff on the Sustainability Representative Network (SRN) are invited to lodge an application to attend this year’s 12th international Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) conference in Brisbane. Macquarie Sustainability will fund one successful SRN member to attend! This covers flights, conference attendance and accommodation. The applicant’s work area is asked to endorse the Expression of Interest and give paid release to the successful candidate. Last year Carlene Kirvan from the Faculty of Arts was given the opportunity to attend the ACTS conference in Adelaide, following her successful application. 
  Apply now
Deadline: Tuesday August 14, 2012.
Each application will be reviewed by an independent staff member at the University. The successful SRN candidate will be notified accordingly.  

ACTS is the primary forum for sustainability in the Australian and New Zealand tertiary sectors. Our mission is to promote the integration of the principles of sustainability within the curricula and operations of these sectors. Our tertiary institutions continue to build and implement strategies, plans and actions for a more holistic approach to sustainability ‐ through learning and teaching, through operations, through research and through community engagement. This year’s conference, ‘Mobilise & Motivate: Building Momentum for a Holistic Approach’ will focus on our ability to mobilise and motivate our community to embrace the sustainability journey, which as potential leaders in this field is a critical success factor. See the ACTS website for further information.
"I would recommend the ACTS conference to anyone, at any level, who is interested in sustainability and sustainable practices in Tertiary Institutions” - Carlene Kirvan, 2011 SRN ACTS Scholarship Winner

Department Sustainability Challenge

Department Sustainability Challenge - Starts 16 July

Commencing Monday, the 2012 Department Sustainability Challenge is open for all Departments to take part in. Now in its fourth year, the Macquarie University Department Sustainability Challenge is a model copied by other Universities and businesses around the globe. Departments earn stars by undertaking activities that foster a sense of community on campus as well as benefiting the environment. With 93% of participating staff finding it a good opportunity to engage with team members, last year’s Challenge was found to be a rewarding experience that facilitated staff engagement and motivated staff initiative:
"Congratulations to the Sustainability Team.... you have been able to get a large
group of people engaged within a subject that is sometimes perceived as
complex and made it simple and fun" - Anonymous feedback 

This year the Department Sustainability Challenge scorecard is totally online, and has an Action Plan style format whereby Departments can identify which actions they intend to implement through the course of the Challenge and tick them off once they have been completed. This enables Departments to keep track of the stars they plan to earn and the total number they have already earned! The Action Scorecard will be linked to the live leader board on the DSC website.
To get off to a flying start, why not establish a team of staff to drive the Challenge in your Department so that actions or even a challenge category can be shared amongst the team members? The DSC is a Department effort so try and engage as many fellow staff as you can and have fun along the way! For other tips and ideas for mobilising and motivating your Department, check out the Tips for Success page. 
Please forward the launch newsletter on to your staff: ; and register here.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 4th October. As usual there will be awesome sustainabiliy prizes during the challenge as well as for the overall winners!

Good luck!

Promoting Pro-Environmental Action in Climate Change Deniers
A recent study examined whether climate change deniers might be persuaded to engage in pro-environment behaviours through means other than appealing to concerns about climate change. The results revealed that participants were more likely to express an intention to behave in an environmentally friendly way when they believed that it would have social, economic and technological benefits. The authors conclude that taking this approach may be more successful in changing attitudes toward climate change action. 

Appealing to peoples values has been discussed at length in many sustainability forums and was the focus of the first SRN meeting of the year. While people may not be concerned about the environment for its own sake, if we can demonstrate that sustainable actions benefit the things they do care about, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, as this study shows.

Source: Awake 2012 Newsletter
Awake provides psychology-based tools and services which support organisations and communities to develop a culture of sustainability.  

Did you know? 

Global Market

Source: Oxfam 3Things
3things believe if each of us take samell potitive steps, together we can make some big changes!
Diary and Events

24 July
6.30 - 8.30pm
Live & Lean Local: Collaborative Consumption
Lane Cove

26 July
1 - 2pm 
Arboretum Tour

2 August
10am - 3pm
Fair Trade Fest
Central Courtyard

2 August
2 - 4pm

7 - 9 August
10am - 3pm
Swap Party
The Atrium

9 August
10 - 11am
SSN General Meeting
The Green Room

18 August
9am -12pm
Ecology Reserve

18 August
TEDx Macquarie University

20 August
10am - 3pm
RSPCA CupCake Day
Central Courtyard

21 August
1 - 2pm
Sustainable Sydney 2030
E6A 102

21 August
6 - 8pm
Level 3, Campus Hub

25 August
9am -12pm
Cycle Skills Workshop
Campus Outdoor Court 1

31 August
7 - 10am
Cycle Skills Workshop
Campus Outdoor Court 1

For more details on the above, visit our Events page. 

2011 Sustainability Annual Report

Find out how the University performed in its fourth year of sustainability activities, across our 12 areas of focus. The report is based on the 2011 calendar year performance and highlights how we are progressing on the sustainability journey at MQ. See the full report here.

Focus for July

The average household wastes food worth $1000 per year - so it's not hard to believe it's the biggest component of our waste bin. If you crack down on food waste and reduce it by at least 50% you can save up to $500 per year!

It's time to get smart about our food choices, planning, sources, preparation and waste. Your challenge this month is to post a favourite recipe that transforms left over food into a tasty meal. Share the love! For some inspiration, check out

Post your tips, ideas and troubles with this important topic on our Facebook page.

Focus for August

We're going to Get Active! With so much research coming out on why sitting at a desk all day is so bad for you, we're dedicating a month to promoting getting active. Weekly walking groups and free Cycle Skills workshops on campus are just some of the things we have lined up. Dust off that gym gear and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle! 

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