SAPHIRA STUDIO Newsletter # 2-12

Event will bring a mixture of visual arts, movie screenings, and musical performances from Brazil and other Latin American countries
From November 6 to 8, 2014, the Latin American culture, particularly the Brazilian culture, will be in evidence during the first Latin Art Fair that will be held at the ballroom of the Learning Center Building, located at 4W 43rd Street in New York City, from 1pm to 8pm. 

On the occasion, the filmmaker Tizuka Yamasaki will be honored. Brazilian with Japanese roots, Yamazaki has a diversified and successful work in both TV and cinema. Her pieces are particularly known for exploring the history of Japanese immigrants who arrived in Brazil during the early 20th Century in search for better opportunities. The sequence “Gaijin: Roads to Freedom” and “Gaijin 2: Love Me As I Am”, will be screening during the Fair. 
The participating artists in the exhibit are:
Cristiane Amaral, Marcos Amaro, Angélica Bittencourt, Eliara Bevilacqua, Zuleika Bisacchi, Thamar Bortoletto, Gustavo Braga, Fatima Campos, Regina Brandão, Fatima Campos, Roberto Cardim, Claudio Cardoso, Eliza Carreno, Beatriz de Carvalho, Cecilia Centurion, Isabela Couto, Junia Flavia d’Affonseca, Beatriz Deruiz, Julia Equi, Daniel Fontoura, Cristina Fagundes, Célia Nahas Garcia, A.Giorgi, Regina F. Helou, Rogério Martins, Pedro ManuelCris Mason, Lena Medeiros, Ondina de Moraes, Rene Nascimento, Antonio Oliveira, Duda Penteado, Pablo Perez,  Fabiana Pires, Luis Ribeiro, Alcinda Saphira, Virginia Sé, Gabriela Serigatto, Marta Spagnol, Rosa Stalleikem, Ricardo Tamm, Thereza Toscano,   Marita Wolff, Jane Wickbold 


November 7
Time: 1:00p.m. - 9:00p.m

MOVIE NIGHT: Tribute to `Tizuka Yamasaki 

5:00p.m.: Movie: Gaijin - Caminhos da Liberdade (with English Subtitles)
7:00p.m.: Video conference Tizuka Yamasaki and special guests
7:30p.m.: Film: Gaijin:  Ama-me como sou 
(with English Subtitles)
Movie / Popcorn / Wine & Chatting! 

See You There!



RSVP by Nov 4:

Artist's work will be available for sale at
Please contact us at 1 914 433-0121

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Exposição coletiva, lançamento de livros e música
Learning Center
4W 43rd St , New York, NY 10036
November 6, 7, 8, 2014
Free Event
RSVP by November 5:
Curators: Alcinda Saphira (NYC-USA), Antonio OLiveira (NYC-USA), Gustavo Braga(NYC-USA), Tania Sciacco  (SP-Brasil)
Produção Executiva:  Alcinda Saphira (NYC-USA) Louis Ventura (RJ-Brasil)
Artistic Production New York: Antonio Oliveira (NYC-USA), Rene Nascimento (NYC-USA)  Alcinda Saphira (NYC-USA), Liz Carvalho (NYC-USA), Gustavo Braga (NYC-USA), Daniel Sciacco (RJ-Brasil)
Press: BlaBlaBla NYC, Mario Capelutto  (RJ-Brasil)  Karine Porcel (NYC-USA),
Maristela Monticelli (Miami -USA), Fernanda Pereira (St. Louis-USA)
Web Developer: Gustavo Braga

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