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The Place to Start-up or Start Over! July 31, 2016 + Issue 10-52
  Tour de Cloud LAUNCHED!

One grand tour ends (the Tour de France) and another begins, the Tour de Cloud! You can now register for this multi-cityroadshow featuring Azure, Office 365 and Windows starting late summer 2016. 

Sign-up at

Independent. The main asset of the Tour de Cloud is our independence. We pride ourselves as outsiders looking in at the Azure, Office 365 and Windows product stacks. Simply stated, no  babble here but real world conversations that are completely transparent. In no small part our independent view point is based on your feedback in past tours and our recent community survey. You have spoken. We have listened.

Storytelling. Our Chief Storytelling Officer (CSO) Grant Thompson is a popular speaker and subject matter expert on our past tours. He lives in the real world, directing a thriving consulting practice and hosting business. More importantly, for the Tour de Cloud, Grant has created completely new Azure, Office 365 and Windows scenarios based on end-to-end storytelling. Translation, you start the day as a solutions architect inside a small-medium business (SMB) and create a solution set by lunch. In the afternoon, you start inside an enterprise and by end-of-day, you've crafted a complete cloud solution. It's knowledge you can take to the bank and deploy as soon as the next day. 

Stages. There are nine confirmed stages for the Tour de Cloud.



Howard's "True That" Column

Given you are focused on your day job running an MSP and CSP practice, it is possible that you missed the buzz this week surrounding Howard’s “What Microsoft Partners Are Grumbling About” column in Redmond Channel Partner magazine. 

It is another installment in a series of pieces Howard has done over the last year measuring attitudes and more among Microsoft partners concerning the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). As many of you "start over" in a post-SBS world, this is a must read. 

Howard is a great writer!

This is the one blog Howard should hang his hat on. It lit up the Facebook universe with healthy and even mean spirited debates about how much love Microsoft is showing partners.


See You in Florida This WEEK!

It’s that time of year to attend the HOTTEST conference in the industry right now. And I literally mean the “hottest” as CompTIA’s ChannelCon event is held in the southern latitude in the month of August (this week humid Hollywood Florida). But it is also the one conference that unabashedly brings balance between attendees and vendors. By that, I mean it literally has an equal number of attendees and vendor employees. So breaking the old 10:1 event ratio (no more than one vendor for every ten attendees) makes this a different conference. Sure you can view the vendors like touring a petting zoo. But I’ve found it’s a vendor-to-vendor conference that allows deals to be made and old scores to be settled.

Scott was an SBS and GITCA community leader.

Our own Scott Cayouette is doing “mandatory booth duty” in the SMB Nation booth...



Webinar This Week: 3Q2016 MSP Report

Join Harry Brelsford and Karl Palachuk for this content-rich 60-minute analyst webinar focused on the mid-year “State of the Union” for MSPs, partners, consultants and resellers.

Discover what business approaches were trending in the first six months. What numerous surveys are tracking and how you can leverage the finding to make more money. A focus on what industry vendors are doing and how partner programs are changing dramatically in 2016. And of course the normal gossip of who’s in and who’s out. Looking forward, Harry and Karl issue predictions for the second six months of 2016 and offer up a set of best practices. Ample time for audience Q&A.

Thu, Aug 4, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT


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