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SQLSoft3 "Hello World"  


If you have ever taken a Microsoft technical training class to upgrade your skills, you are new, or getting a jump on the next great Microsoft software product, chances are you’ve probably taken it from SQLSoft3. In the past 20 years, over 50,000 IT Pros and Developers from companies of all sizes from enterprise to SMB have passed through their doors.

Microsoft has long considered SQLSoft3 to be one of their top training partners. In fact, when Microsoft wants to train their own technical people, they frequently hire SQLSoft3 to create a custom technical training class for them. The same goes for many other organizations such as Boeing, Premera, Expedia and more.

What’s interesting about SQLSoft3 is while many companies offering training are running their classes the same way they have always done, SQLSoft3 has always prided itself by changing with the needs of their students and customers. The biggest example of this is their current lower pricing.


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Alert: Does LinkedIn Compete with Microsoft Learning Partners?

It’s been nearly a month since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in an all-cash transaction that valued it at a 50 percent premium. That’s not just a financial merger but clearly strategic. Why? Because Microsoft is placing big bets on the future with LinkedIn’s audience and its own acquisition of, a channel for learning videos that LinkedIn bought for $1.5 billion in 2015. But enough Wall Street talk. What’s it all mean?

I assert that Microsoft is now competing with its authorized Microsoft Learning Partners  such as New Horizons and other training vendors such as Bigger Brains. It’s not the first time Microsoft has competed with its channels as such a dynamic is a given with such a large entity. And I’d offer Microsoft, during this week of the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto does better than most (the worst being Oracle). But nonetheless, Microsoft’s assertiveness into a competing training business model hurts one group of partners who can afford it the least, it’s Microsoft Learning Partners.


Trust is Earned!  
How Trend Micro Embedded itself in the SMB community

As the security conversation shifts to address new attack vectors, it’s helpful to reflect on where we’ve been and who has been there with us. Starting well over a decade ago, a much smaller Trend Micro raised its hand and said “I’m all in” for SMB partner community participation. This was a time when its occupied only part of a building in Cupertino, CA. Fast forward the movie and today Trend Micro is a much larger and highly successful security company that hasn’t forgotten where it came from.

What I like about Trend Micro is it has a roll up your sleeves “in-the-trenches” participation model. It’s supported user groups, community groups and SMB Nation on a consistent and long-term basis. For example, Trend Micro held top shelf pre-day technical workshops and catered dinners for its partners in the mid-2000s at our fall conference. Then it invited Microsoft MVPs in the Small Business Server area to its facility in Taipei Taiwan for a symposium. It’s a frequent participant in our Office 365 roadshows and webinar series. Bottom line. It leads with technical followed by money-makers, not the other way around. It’s a lost art in the SMB vendor community.

In researching this piece, it’s been fascinating to witness how security has evolved. If you would like to conduct your own research, see the security topics in the Network+ training curriculum that I co-authored with Chip Reaves at Bigger Brains “Bigger MSP” here. Which leads us from detect and destroy a technology generation to ransomware today. Before we go one step further, please halt and click over to the Ransomware conversation asserted by Trend Micro here  and I’ll await your return.

Welcome back

Next steps? Take the Trend Micro Ransomware assessment here. And I’ll see you on the other side!

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  A few quick hitters around the SMB partner community I thought you might enjoy. I liken this to start-up news as you too can start-up the next great thing! Mastering the Migration Series: Shift those PSTs to the Cloud with Confidence!  

Help Pick Workshop Cities! 
Whew! That was a long haul. We’ve just completed nine (9) cities in the first six months of 2016 for our Office 365/Windows 10 roadshow across the US. Jenny and Grant did the heavy lifting (THANK YOU!) and the technical content was universally adored.We’d offer that, in the immediate SMB partner community, we are the MOST TECHNICAL workshops in market!

We hosted more one-day workshops in 1h2016...


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