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     Fall Ahead! Office 365 Conference Wrap-Up

             by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation


Team SMB Nation

I’ve escaped again. The post-Fall collapse that has afflicted my amazingly hard working staff has them taking a week off to recharge. But I’m online and ready, able and willing to report to you how the 13th annual Fall Conference changed. 

Student / Teach Ratio

If the mark of a good educational experience is small classroom size so you get the teacher’s attention, I’d offer our 300-person show (in-person and online) is right where we want it. I repeatedly heard how meaningful conversations were cultivated in our three-day “Jam Session” format. Craving anonymity? Then we’re the wrong conference and I’d suggest you consider DreamForce held just before our event in San Francisco with over 115,000 attendees LOL! We’re good for making connections surrounding targeted content that this year included Office 365, Azure and Windows 10. 

Disturbing and Disruptive Content

One of our speakers, Karl Palachuk, who always seems to be everywhere, likes to often repeat one of my keynote lines that conferences should be disturbing and disruptive. Hopefully we met our goals in spades there. The technical content, always the most well attended sessions, was delivered from a non-blue badge independent vantage point. Our technical content, led by Robert Crane and Grant Thompson, is our core asset in the SMB technology event field populated by one-day money-makers and booty shakers (you know who you are). The business content that I directed is a whole ‘nother story. My belief, as a weekend conference, is that the business track should be viewed as a three-day Executive MBA retreat. I specifically write content that is focused like an academic major, in this case Lead Generation/Management/Scoring. So over our long weekend you are immersed into a single topic that I don’t think is being well covered in other venues. For example – we went deep into predictive lead scoring. Boom! 

I certainly didn’t make any friends with my keynote. In my sermon, I shared research I’ve conducted over the summer gathering facts from numerous sources such as extensive vendor interviews, reading research reports and talking with MSPs and CSPs. Invoking a fire-and-brimstone delivery method, I revealed the declining IT value chain. Work that MSPs and CSPs used to perform for $5.00 can now be accomplished automatically for a net cost of $0.50. So, I preached that you must repent and CUT COSTS because you can’t increase revenues fast enough. Cloud changes everything, and is causing a fundamental reset. You must terminate your staff of $100K server-side MCSEs and use cheaper faster contractors from WorkMarket or Odesk to perform the monkey work. SkyKick affirmed some but not all of my thinking in its keynote where it presented a pathway to recurring revenues. I guess that’s a nicer way of having this conversation than my fire everyone on Monday mantra. 

Did I mention that conferences should be disturbing and disruptive? 
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Sasquatch + Slack Webinar Series: Hello World! (1 of 3)

by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation

Join the Queen of Lean as she introduces Sasquatch, the Slack companion application that transforms chat into workflow. In this introductory session, you will discover how you can use Sasquatch + Slack to run your MSP and CSP. Read more at importantly, you will learn about Slack and why it is the fastest growing enterprise software on the planet. Yes – you too can be a Sasquatch Slack Consultant to your SMB customers as a new service -- and it's easier than you think. Join this story-telling session to learn how Barry and Bonnie learn how to pivot their internal MSP and CSP operations using the dynamic duo -- Sasquatch + Slack. 

This webinar is October 15, 2015 at Noon (12:00pm – Pacific = UTC-7) 
Sign-up here: 

Webinar Series 
#1: How Barry and Bonnie transform their customer experience with Sasquatch + Slack 
#2: Adding Sasquatch + Slack to your services portfolio 
#3: Sasquatch + Slack custom solutions 

Hosted by Grace Schroeder. CEO of 
"Product/marketing professional with expertise in product launch and sales management systems in Financial Services and Telecommunications industries. Grace is now the CEO of Idea2 LTD, a business that builds custom CRM applications with an emphasis on third party application integrations. Competing with “out of the box” CRM solutions like Salesforce, Idea2’s custom cloud platforms are built 10x faster and at a fraction of the cost of custom development. With this, companies are able to connect their core platforms with current and future third party apps. Idea2 combines all of the elements of a developer platform, custom applications, and harmonious integrations that efficiently share data and workflow." 

+ Harry Brelsford (you already know him!)

This webinar is October 15, 2015 at Noon (12:00pm – Pacific = UTC-7) 

Sign-up here: 


 SoundLine Communications - Your Best VOIP Service Provider
by Marty Molloy, SMB Nation

SoundLine Communications is a leading hosted phone system and VoIP provider serving the United States and Canada. SoundLine features the lowest rates, the highest quality, and personal Washington State based customer service.
SoundLine supports the most customization and has the largest feature set on the market including full CRM support! With per line or per seat pricing, you can pay for exactly what you need and save up to 66% over the top 5 online providers!
SoundLine uses only the best networking equipment and data centers to ensure the best audio quality possible. All programming is handled by SoundLine staff so there is no time wasted learning anything new, just pick up your phone and go!
SoundLine has been providing hosted phone systems since 2008 and has over a 98% customer retention rate with no contracts! Inquire today to learn more or get started.
Our Promise

> Easily Leverage the Latest Technology
> Be Free of Contracts & Binding Service Agreements
> Quickly Reach Your Dedicated Support Team
> Become a Little Greener
> Experience a Deep Level of Customization at No Extra Charge
> 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Contact SoundLine Communications


October 10, 2015
Issue 10-13

In This Issue:
Fall Ahead! Office 365 Conference Wrap-Up
Sasquatch + Slack Webinar Series: Hello World! 

Soundline Communications - Your Best VOIP Provider

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