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How To Live Your Life In Fear! 
Just lately I’ve had interchanges with business people, family and even MSPs where I was somehow more attuned to “fear factor” language then I’m accustomed to. I’ve even asked people I know and respect why some people are “fearful?”  I think my sensitivity relates to my new “Start-Up” mindset. Each to their own.

So, tongue in cheek, this missive is intended to scare the snitz of you. I’m assuming you have an opening for more fright in your fear bucket. I’m here to fill you up. MSPs...


If I Could Do It Over Again!

Over the summer, I intend to periodically comment on how I’d do things differently at SMB Nation if I could do it all over again. This is based on 17+ years of experience starting, owning and operating a small business. And since everyone loves gossip – I’ll name names, but not today LOL.

In this first missive, I want to focus on strategic thinking. In future installments, I’ll address mobility versus real estate leases, staffing and product life cycles.

It took a while to appreciate I’d hit on my first start-up. I truly believe only one in 12 start-ups makes it (I’ve invested in a few along the way) and I should have been more respectful concerning the out-of-the-gate success of SMB Nation starting in 1999. We grew organically, debt-free with some cash in the corporate treasury. The phone rang all by itself. If I had it to do over again, I would have started thinking more strategically in the 2007 time frame before the peak of Small Business Server (SBS) and minutes before the Great Recession. Part of that thinking would have been to pivot SMB Nation to be “built to sell” as my friend and fellow co-author John Warrillow wrote in “Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You” found here





WEBINAR ALERT: Consolidate or Close? MSP Business Strategies for 2H2016

Earlier this year, in 1Q2016, we held a webinar that surfaced an MSP merger and acquisition conversation. We were overwhelmed with the response and follow-up interchanges. So where back in 2Q2016 to talk about strategic moves you can make in the second part of the year to transform your MSP station in life to something truly impactful. Considering different forms of consolidation is a big topic and we'll do are darnedest to cover it in just one hour. And you'll leave recharged and excited to discover that outright closure is not an option. 

Attend Thursday, May 26th 2016 - 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific 

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May 22, 2016
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