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      SMB's First Unicorn
image   By Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation

To my surprise, this week Datto closed a Series B round that put its total valuation over $1B making it the first native unicorn from our SMB community. In bestowing that title, I’m eliminating long-time enterprise firms that entered that SMB space such as Symantec, etc. I’ve also eliminated publically traded companies (which really aren’t “one of us”) and community frienemies who wouldn’t report their financials even if I kissed the ring.

Real Business

First of all, founder and CEO Austin McChord, has built a real business. Too many ISVs in the SMB community have either been acquired in downrounds or gone out of business because they were (a) in a race to the bottom or (b) lifestyle businesses. To McChord’s credit, he is winning in a competition where I’d offer only one of 12 start-ups truly makes it. As a point of reference, you should watch the CNBC video where McChord publically speaks of turning down a $100M buyout offer (View The Video Here). To be honest, if I had known of McChords future successes to come, I would have kissed his ass more when we spoke occasionally at the start of the recession. Lesson learned. 


By the numbers, Datto has raised $100M in two funding rounds:

•    Nov. 2015 $75M/Series B (Technology Crossover Ventures)
•    Sept. 2013 $25M/Series A (General Catalyst Partners)

A 10:1 multiplier has been placed on this activity valuing the company at $1B. There is a must read in the November 18th Wall Street Journal about the “Billion Dollar Startup Club” that has listed Datto in light of the Series B funding (The Billion Dollar Startup Club). 

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Why Synnex SMB Connect?    

The answer is simple: SYNNEX has big plans for small businesses, and you deserve more connections and opportunities to increase your profits and serve your clients needs.

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SYNNEX SMB Connect creates a community around resellers serving the SMB market, providing a dedicated sales representative, access to extensive online tools and multiple ways to keep connected with SYNNEX and the industry.

SYNNEX boasts 111 consecutive profitable quarters and is a leading U.S. hardware and software distributor. It offers more than 1 million SKUS from more than 500 vendors and provide quick distribution from 10 warehouses nationwide.

You can sign up for free by calling (855) 899-0050 or visiting >  Click Here For Synnex Connect

The Evolution Of The Way We Work
image   Changes in the interplay between technology, location, culture and business are transforming where, when and how we work. 

Workers are taking control of their work / life balance with traditional ‘nine to five’ commuting patterns changing. Employees are also seeking more control over the communications devices and applications they use. 

There is also an interesting sub-trend involving the development of portfolio based careers. 

These trends are confirmed by evidence from SMB Group about the changing use of business communication technologies with 92% of SMBs using at least one cloud solution, 60% saying that mobile solutions are critical and 86% using mobile applications.

Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group said “As a company we are moving towards keeping and managing everything in the cloud…Whatever we need, whenever we need it, accessible from whichever device is most suitable and available at the time.”

Small and medium sized business today face the challenge of providing workers with flexibility while at the same time maximizing their productivity, controlling costs and ensuring that teams retain good interaction.

Stephen Tanner, Founder of OfficePOD Ltd commented “An organization cannot promote the idea of flexible working and merely cover the provision of a desk and a chair in a spare room. Employers have a duty to provide staff with the tools they need to work effectively and productively; this should include a suitable working environment, wherever that happens to be.”

To explore these issues further the team at global business communications vendor Mitel asked business users, leaders in innovation, architects, psychologists and human resource experts for their perspectives in four key areas:

•    How technology trends are setting the agenda
•    Next generation workplaces
•    The impact of a global market
•    Cultural changes and the impact on work.

To discover more insights download the full guide.

                    How to Make Money with Mobile Apps from Day One! Webinar
Tue, Nov 24, 2015 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST
image   Presented by:  Harry Brelsford CEO of SMB Nation and Bob Nitrio CEO of Ranvest Associates

Mobile apps have become a dominant factor in today’s computing environment but there are three huge barriers to entry in this field. NOW THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! 

Learn how you can get in the mobile app business, become a thought leader with your clients and do so with absolutely no barriers to entry. Discover how you can provide mobile apps profitably from your very first sale. See how an innovative approach to mobile app delivery can move you into a blue ocean of profitability through recurring sales or on an MSP basis.

Registration Link:

image   December 1, 2015  9:00am – 11:00am
New Horizons Seattle
999 3rd Avenue, 7th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Join CompTIA’s James Stanger to learn more about the research CompTIA has conducted into today’s networking trends.

The seminar will discuss important technologies, the evolution and changes in security, and best practices for 2015 including:

•New wired and wireless networking standards
(Azure and software defined) and their impact on today’s jobs
•Software management and deployment systems such as Puppet
•The advent of native intrusion detection on network routers and switches
•A pragmatic look at Internet of Things including its impact on industrialcontrol systems and the glacial – but important – adoption of IPv6
•Advances in network and security analytics, and how networking
professionals have gotten into the security business
•Insights into how enterprises are managing mobile devices

Click Here To Read More

image   Presented by: Harry Brelsford CEO of SMB Nation and Jeff Nolan VP Strategic Channel Development and Vertical Markets at Mitel

Speed, efficiency and productivity are vital characteristics found in some of the most successful growing businesses. And when it comes to choosing business communications to help your business grow, it goes beyond just the phone. The range of options available today means that it’s important to be informed and educated about technologies and solutions that make you work smarter, faster and better.

In this webinar you will gain valuable insights such as:

• The reasons why 92% of SMBs are now using at least one cloud solution 
• The pros and cons of cloud and traditional communications 
• Why 60% of SMBs say that mobile solutions are critical to improving customer service and availability 
• How 86% of SMBs are using mobile apps to maximize flexibility 
• Navigate the options available today and the communications features you should consider

Let us help navigate the myriad of choices available to you and map a strategy that enables your business to grow more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.


     SoundLine Communications
image   SoundLine Communications is a leading hosted phone system and VoIP provider serving the United States and Canada. SoundLine features the lowest rates, the highest quality, and personal Washington State based customer service.
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SoundLine uses only the best networking equipment and data centers to ensure the best audio quality possible. All programming is handled by SoundLine staff so there is no time wasted learning anything new, just pick up your phone and go!
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The SoundLine Communications Promise:

> Easily Leverage the Latest Technology
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> Quickly Reach Your Dedicated Support Team
> Become a Little Greener
> Experience a Deep Level of Customization at No Extra Charge
> 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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November 22, 2015
Issue 10-19

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