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Office 365 Security Blues – Roadshow Content Added
When having conversations with long-time SMB Nation peeps, those steeped in Small Business Server (SBS), the mere mention of Office 365 brings a response focused on security concerns. We got the message and received the memo. So based on popular (and I’d add populist) demand, we’ve added a security lecture to our popular Office 365 and Windows 10 roadshow.
So building a wall to keep the bad guys out isn’t completely realistic (although a firewall is LOL), our expert speaker Grant Thompson does touch on important Office 365 security topics (listed below) that you might not have considered. In fact, I’ll go so far as to assert we are offering content that includes something for everyone and more importantly, something YOU DO NOT KNOW! In fact, if you honestly knew everything in this lecture, we’ll refund your workshop fee. That would be very easy as the workshop is complimentary LOL!
Office 365 security topics:
  • Encrypted Data at Rest and in Transit
  • Automated operations and Just-In-Time Access
  • Everything is designed to Fail
  • Customer LockBox
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Information protection using RMS
  • RMS OneDrive for Business Sync
  • Sync block for non-domain PCS
  • Enteprise Mobility and Security Suite: Discussion and Demo!
  • Four Layer End-to-End Security
  • Compliance – CJIS standards
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Hybrid Identity
  • Common Identity and Access Problem
  • Manage your external identities
  • Windows Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Device and Application Protection via Intune
We take our responsibility as a independent ombudsman seriously representing you. Therefore, we hope we’ve earned your trust and more importantly your desire to attend one of our workshops traveling the US this spring. You can learn more here:

SMB Salary Survey for 2016 is OPEN! 
Wonder how you measure up? Here is your chance to both provide community data and then discover the results in a future blog. Think of it as training data for a BIG DATA experiment in SMB. You can participate confidentially and contribute to the data set. The more participants we have, the greater the value of the data. Again, we’ll happily share the results with you. 

Thank you in advance and participate in the survey here: 

We appreciate the generous support of Atera ( in underwriting this community survey. 
What’s the real value behind Unified Communications?
    I’m continually impressed by the good work coming out of Mitel with respect to community conversations. I think everyone agrees there’s no home for speeds and feeds BS content at SMB Nation. Rather – you want unique insights into matters that interest you. You want the community sponsors to be respectful; they want to be top of mind when you are ready to move forward. I think Mitel’s recent outreach to the SMB Nation community meets this high bar.

Mitel has embarked on a journey to act as your guide by the side when it comes to your communications strategy. In particular, Mitel’s new communications landscape white paper that you can (and should) download here (“Making Smart Communications Decisions – an SMB Buyers Guide” present the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) concept. Essentially ITC refers to the view that technology is an enabler. We used to call it data + voice but Mitel’s ICT concept is about the premise that today’s IP-based phone systems are gateways to this new world focused on applications.
Other topics in the white paper ( are:
  • Small business IT staff are more and more becoming cloud and applications managers. The assertion is that ICT staff are becoming more strategic and less break-fix.
  • Spending growth for a mobile world. Budgets are facilitating smartphones and applications to deliver a flexible work experience to employees who are becoming more mobile and geographically distributed.
  • Re-imagining work. The new workspace requires a new communications approach. I previously covered this conversation in my late December 2015 blog titled “I Love Work” that you can read here.
  • Premium on protection. It goes without saying but you need to say it: security is important!
  • Incremental, integrated solutions approach. This not only relates to cloud solutions but OPEX vs CAPEX financing.
  • Reshaping the customer experience. This is my favorite part of the Mitel white paper There is a strong marketing conversation currently underway that with search, customers are doing much of their own research before ever speaking to a salesperson. So true. I’ve seen another report that nearly 70% of the decision has been made before customers speak to you. Google calls it the zero moment of truth. True that!
So you’ll have the read the rest of the report to get the good stuff. Highly recommended!

    Give us one day and we'll send you home with all the expert sales, marketing, product, and operations advice you need to grow your revenue and boost your bottom line. The perfect event for integrators and managed service professionals looking to grow their business.
Who should attend:
I.T. Resellers, MSPs, solution providers, and consultants looking for concrete, practical advice on building a healthier bottom line.

Event Locations:
Dallas March 2nd; Anaheim May 4th; D.C. September 15th; Boston November 3rd
What you'll get of it:
The ChannelPro 2016 ‘Channel Fitness Tour’ features an all-star cast of top industry experts, a unique interactive
format that puts you in direct conversation with them, and a fast-paced, information-packed agenda covering topics you care about:
  • Pump Up Your Managed Service Revenues: Learn about revenue-boosting services you should be offering but probably aren't from a panel of your peers.
  • Bottom-Line Finance Strengthening Exercises: Discover the critical metrics experienced managers use to keep their business strong and growing.
  • Cloud Sales and Marketing Fitness Secrets: Let our panel of sales and marketing specialists show you how to build a high-volume, high-velocity cloud sales pipeline.
  • Business Process Optimization Lightning Round!: Get proven, actionable suggestions for hiring employees, tracking time, setting prices, and more.
  • GEAR AND CASH GIVEAWAYS: Lots of chances to win big with gear and cash giveaways throughout the day!
There's More!
Attendees also receive numerous session-related resources, including white papers, analysis tools, and worksheets that add value to their experience. We'll even take care of parking, meals, and more so you can focus on what really matters: Building a stronger, more profitable business.
How to pre-register for free as a VIP>>

Windows 10 Webinars - Back by Popular Demand
Back by popular demand Office 365 webinars
Ten Killer Features in Windows 10 
Deploying Windows 10 (part 2 of 3)
Windows 10 + Office 365 & Special Topics = Immediate Knowledge Power!
Back by popular demand Windows 10 webinars
With many requests to learn more about Office 365 and Windows 10, SMB Nation has teamed with Microsoft to bring you a three day webinar series starting February 23rd to February 25th focusing on Office 365 and Windows 10.  This webinar series will help you learn everything from deploying Windows 10 to gaining immediate knowledge of key features.   Join SMB Nation and Grant Thompson for this amazing deep dive.

February 23rd Webinar
Ten Killer Features in Windows 10

This session will take you through what’s best in Windows 10. Expert Grant Thompson will filter out the “noise” so customers receive “signal” ad are immediately productive at the end of this one hour investment.
  1. The Start button (Yah!)
  2. Windows Store Apps
  3. Cortana
Read More

February 24th Webinar
Deploying Windows 10 (part 2 of 3)

This session will take you through Windows10 deployment from an outside-looking-in independent expert viewpoint. Needless to say, there are new and updated ways to deploy Windows 10. In this session, we review new recommendations for upgrading existing devices using a simple in-place upgrade process, provisioning tools for transforming new devices into ones ready for enterprise use, as well as updates to traditional deployment tools and techniques (ADK and beyond).

Read More

February 25th Webinar
Windows 10 + Office 365 & Special Topics = Immediate Knowledge Power!

Join us for Part III of our three-part webinar series focused on Windows 10. In this instalment, we direct our expertise to discussing Office 365 integrations with Windows 10 plus a host of special topics that have accumulated over the first two webinars.
Topics include:
  • Windows 10 with Office 365 is the Azure AD Join
  • Any special reason why you are still using Office 2013 instead of Office 2016?
  • What’s the current state of OneDrive storage with Windows 10 and Office 365?
Read More
Roadshow! Geek Grad School for MSPs
image   Story by Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation - 

We’re back! Time to hit the road and bring the bits to YOU! No travel, no hotel and daylong advanced Office 365 and Windows 10 technical content. Over winter and spring quarter, we’ll be back in familiar NFL cities plus add a few new destinations.chicago event hardcore

New Year’s Resolution

In 2016 it’s your chance to recommit to being a life learner. You’re in tech and every decade you have to reinvent and start over. Now is that time. So invest one day to discover that our amazing independent content will help you navigate the sheer madness with the technology shift underway.

Assured Outcomes

One thing you can count on is our independent outside view looking in. We take our role as community ombudsman very seriously. You will learn something you didn’t know and you’ll leave with actionable outcomes applicable at work the very next day. No high-level blue badges babbling mission fit and strategy folks – it’s bits and bytes.

The four extended content sessions are:

• Office 365 and Azure Active Directory
• Deliver Existing Apps from The Cloud

Click Here To Read More


February 21, 2016
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