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Start-Over: I'm Not Worthy! 
This past week, ChannelPro issued it’s 2016 20/20 Visionaries. It’s a time-tested formula bordering on gamification where awardees can add yet another logo to their website. Every industry does this and I appreciate ChannelPro’s on-going effort to highlight the leaders in the SMB channel. In particular, I appreciate its efforts to highlight the new members with an art callout and by featuring the newbies with a photo in print.


Start-up: Seattle's Young Start-up Culture!

There has been a very interesting conversation in the Brelsford house lately about start-ups. Dad (that’s me) is involved in a Big Data start-up in addition to owning SMB Nation (run day-to-day by the amazing Jenny).

My wife is old school cul-de-sac suburban Chicago-style and is on a life journey of acknowledgement and acceptance of entrepreneurship. In a future life, may she come back as a small business start-up owner. My youngest son, Harry Jr., more closely fits the demographic and intent of a recent Seattle Times article titled “Young entrepreneurs dive in to start their own businesses, despite the high failure rate” published Sunday, May 15, 2016.

The point is this. In both our dining room and the article, there is a legitimate conversation to funding a young person to create a start-up and get life experience in addition to (or instead of) paying for college.


Threat Report Part 1
Don’t underestimate the importance of security “out there” with your web properties. Too often its easy to focus on securing “in here” concerning your infrastructure. That’s only part of the story. This white paper, Threat Report Part 1, starts the conversation on the other half of the story. You will discover alarming statistics. But you will also discover solutions to combat the bad.

Download and read today.



WEBINAR ALERT: Mastering the Migration Series: Shift those PSTs to the Cloud with Confidence!

Personal archives - more widely known as PSTs - have long been a support, storage, information governance and eDiscovery nightmare for many enterprises. 
A switch to Microsoft Office 365 - with its large storage capacity, access anywhere service and centralized search and eDiscovery - is the perfect opportunity to eliminate this outdated way of providing a mailbox ‘overspill’ facility. 
Migrating PSTs, however, creates some huge headaches -especially in organizations that have many thousands of PSTs - or even an unknown number of PSTs - to deal with . 
By attending this webcast you will hear how TransVault Insight addresses the many varied issues involved in tackling PSTs, which include tracking them down; understanding what’s inside them; minimizing network impact; avoiding duplicates and ensuring a seamless user experience - all while getting the assurance you need that your mass PST move is being fully tracked and audited, and is in line with your business compliance and data retention remit. 

Attend Thursday, May 19th 2016 - 12:00pm-1:00pm Pacific 
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Using Spreadsheets to Track Sales Opportunities
    By Jennifer Hallmark, President, SMB Nation

A large proportion of small and medium-sized businesses use spreadsheets to track and manage their sales process instead of a dedicated software application, aka customer relationship management (or CRM) software. We’ve noted the following advantages and disadvantages of this choice:

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