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The Place to Start-up or Start Over! August 21, 2016 + Issue 11-3
Email Archieving Best Practices!

Email archiving has been a best practice for many years across all industries, but particularly in heavily regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, energy,
life sciences, government and several others. Organizations have invested significantly in legacy archiving platforms, many of which no longer adequately serve their needs in terms of performance, scale, compliance or feature sets. 

Consequently, organizations must find a way to migrate their archived content to new platforms, either on-premises or in the cloud. The latter has become particularly important as a
driver for migration of archived content, since a growing proportion of organizations are moving to cloud-based email platforms, most notably Microsoft Office 365.

However, archive migration is not a simple task: in fact, it’s rather complex and requires considerable forethought and planning in order to migrate data reliably while also maintaining the integrity and preserving the full chain-of-custody for migrated data. Further complicating any migration effort is the need to maintain access to archived content for end users and other stakeholders, all while migrating data within a reasonable timeframe and with as little impact as possible on normal business operations.

Migrating from Exchange journal archives or other single instance archive formats to Office 365 – one of the most common types of archive migrations occurring today –
necessitates a paradigm shift because Office 365 does not use the single instance format used for the journal archive in Exchange. While a migration to Office 365 can be performed reliably and in a way that maintains chain-of-custody, it requires a unique approach that will minimize the impact on network bandwidth and that will permit an organization to retain its existing investments in eDiscovery and other
tools. (It is important to note that journal archive migration is different than migration of user archives, a distinction we discuss in this paper)

Download this white paper to learn; key reasons to consider a migration, critical issues to think about during planning & implementation, and the importance of maintaining compliance..

Super cool white paper to read!

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MSP Strategy Suggestion!

We are delighted by the strong reception we’ve enjoyed introducing the merger and acquisition conversation into the SMB Nation audience this past couple of months. Seems like the stars are aligned with key demographics represented in our recent 2016 Salary Survey. You are a mature audience and very quickly life is happening before your very eyes. So your needs are changing from Geek to Grandparent (okay – that’s a bit of a stretch but there is truth to humor). You proudly are approaching 20-years in the IT profession.
And you are consciously re-evaluating your life and business strategy. Read on.  

MSPs enjoying the 16th Annual SMB Nation Picnic!

At our 16th annual SMB Nation picnic this past week, M&A was a conversation amongst the MSPs! 


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LinkedIn's Competitive Threat to MSPs

You knew it was coming. It arrived in my Inbox as a forwarded email from SMB Nation community member David Gerhart from Bend, OR. David is an IT consultant  and he received a “lead” from LinkedIn’s new ProFinder service (which I consdier a start-up). LinkedIn has always had the underutilized asset of millions of details on millions of people. It’s discovering ways that it can now offer a plethora of new professional services including training (see my blog how LinkedIn’s Lynda competes with Microsoft Learning Partners here) And rest assured I’ve kept an eagle-eye on LinkedIn for years including having attended its world launch Cocktail Mixer Party in Seattle in November 2014.

LinkedIn ProFinder challenges MSPs in a couple of fronts. First – there are spot buyers of IT services in the SMB space who don’t want or understand the value of a long-term contract. Second - there are existing MSPs customers who will re-evaluate their needs as they understand what LinkedIn ProFinder is. They might possibly bump into it in a different realm, perhaps trying to out Angie on Angie’s List for some minor repairs.
Do you welcome LinkedIn into the MSP community?
And this is a threat to labor markets like OnForce as LinkedIn, using Big Data.


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Weekly Webinar: Free Consulting Hour

Join us for our free consulting hour (bring your questions) webinar this Thursday, August 18th at Noon Pacific. Visit and register here.

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Tour de Cloud OPEN

The Vuelta a Espana isn't the last grand tour of the season. Nope. It's the Tour de Cloud - our nine (9) city roadshow feating Azure, Office 365 and Windows with a bit of salsa thrown in.

But you have to click here to learn more about registrering complimetnary and attending!  Remember we pride ourselves as an indepdent workshop having open and honest conversations not found elsewhere.

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