Find out about Allen Jack+Cottier's 20 years of specialist knowledge in retirement living and specialist high care.

Seniors Living Re-imagined

Twenty years ago, who would have imagined a retirement village like a five-star resort: complete with persian rugs, 25 metre swimming pool, and a café…Or a high-care facility where even the doorknobs are carefully chosen to assist wayfinding…

Allen Jack+Cottier brings more than 20 years of specialist knowledge and inspiration to designing communities for older people - for retirement living, high or specialist care, and integrated developments combining the two.

We design in a way that creates vibrant, engaged communities that also provide privacy and an independent lifestyle for all ages. In this newsletter, we profile some of our most recent projects.

We understand that today's retirees are similar to any modern property buyer: good design, flexibility, space, lifestyle, community, and value are all crucial to their choice of living space. Many people are moving from large family homes and want all the features of that lifestyle, without the work.

Our award-winning designs for many of the leaders in the retirement and aged care industry are well recognised. Our work in this specialist residential segment carries all the hallmarks of the AJ+C approach: quality, considered design and attention to detail. AJ+C's thinking about how to meet the needs of today's retirees and the aged care sector continues to evolve with each project we undertake. . readmore

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Quakers hill

New state-of-the-art high care residence for the elderly at
Quakers Hill

A brand new, contemporary high-care residential facility for 128 residents at Quakers Hill NSW is underway, to replace one that was partially destroyed by fire over a year ago. The client, Domain Principal Group, first commissioned AJ+C to review possible options for the existing site, ultimately opting to build a completely new high care facility. The new residence includes 104 resident rooms, large living and dining rooms, kitchen, laundry, library and coffee shop. A series of courtyards provides access from the high ceilinged living rooms to the gardens, one of which will contain a memorial accessible to the public.


Peter Ireland,
Principal and General Manager

Q. What in your experience are the crucial things in designing for older people?
A. Three things we know we need to get right: clear way-finding, a sense of homeliness or 'livability', and a building that is flexible and serviceable into its later life. Reducing the carbon footprint is also important, as this kind of facility consumes high levels of energy.

Q. What defines 'homelike' for elderly residents?
A. We find people function better in small groups – of up to 14 or 16 people – so the Quakers Hill facility is essentially structured as a series of 'houses', one on each floor. All elements of a building like this are there to support a way of life, not simply to look good. A high level of medical and support services can make it feel institutional. Functional elements – the medical equipment, the laundry, the kitchens, are kept from view.

Q What does good wayfinding mean?
A. The way you move around the space has to make sense, and that's quite different for someone who forgets easily, doesn't see or hear well, or wanders. It can come down to details like colours or materials, or using different door handles for each room. Above all, the layout has to be logical, and clear.

Q How do you know when you have succeeded?
A. Even though the new Quakers Hill facility is quite a large building, it will feel small - we have designed it in a way that is both familiar, and yet belongs to the outside world. That combination of community and privacy is what we strive for.

Maximising views and site at Stanwell Park

Stage One of Hillcrest Village includes 24 purpose-built independent living dwellings across eight new buildings and one existing building - Hillcrest House, originally completed in 1888 and now the community centre for Hillcrest Village.
Our scheme preserves the unique environment of the site. Units have been designed to maximise cross-ventilation, solar access, private open space and coastal views. Stage 2, a 42 bed high-care facility, incorporating 16 dementia care beds will begin soon.

Medium density living in a bush context: Beacon Hill

A Development Application for 32 seniors living apartments in a cluster of eight detached buildings on sloping land at Beacon Hill. The site adjoins an urban locality to the west, dense heath and woodland to the north, a wildlife corridor to the south and remnant bushland to the east. The proposal successfully balances the constraints of access on sloping sites, significant bushfire protection zones, environmental conservation of native vegetation and natural rock outcrops to provide a medium density development within a non-urban context.

Regional focus: Freestanding retirement villas in Dubbo

AJ+C has provided design and architectural services for this 39-unit retirement village, located approximately two kilometres from the centre of Dubbo. readmore


Building neighbourhood : Stage 2 of Hammond Grove at Hammondville

Stage Two of Hammond Grove in Hammondville, NSW embraces a community feel by creating a neighbourhood of three storey buildings accommodating 74 Independent Living Units. readmore

Uplifting high care facilities at Moran Sylvania

AJ+C re-desiged the entire facility, with particular emphasis on the entry and foyer, as well as courtyards, indoor swimming pool and gallery to give it an elegant facelift.

A facelift for
Moran Engadine

Moran Health Care Group enlisted AJ+C to reduce the scale of the building, provide a greater degree of activity and transparency on the ground floor level, and improve the qulaity of interiors on two floors of the facility.

Integrated living with character: Miranda, NSW

AJ+C designed this HammondCare facility to fit seamlessly into its southern Sydney neighbourhood. The RCF building reflects the character of the surrounding community, with single storey building forms and materials such as timber, brick and terracotta tiled roofs. readmore

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