THE GRADUATE EDITION - Allen Jack+Cottier: Volume 3 Issue 11
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In this newsletter we introduce the young faces of Allen Jack+Cottier


The young people at AJ+C are much more than graduates. They are professionals with a diverse range of skills, interests and backgrounds. They’re passionate about the creation and development of the spaces we inhabit. We believe that their design excellence, inquisitive nature and expertise in digital technologies are critical for the continued success and enduring presence of AJ+C as a dynamic and cutting edge architectural practice.


These graduates are the future faces of AJ+C. In this edition written, designed and edited by them, we look to the years ahead where they will be influential in shaping the future of urban design and architectural excellence.

AJ+C greatly values its youth and we’re thrilled to celebrate their contribution to both the culture of our practice and the wider profession.


Michael Heenan & Peter Ireland
AJ+C Principals


Benjamin Farrar


Ben’s CAM-fabricated kaleidoscopic fractal will be exhibited at this year’s premier light festival, Vivid Sydney.


This year, a team including James Alexander Hatziplis, Marie-Claire Dent, Nick Grimes and myself has been selected to exhibit in Vivid Sydney, Sydney’s premier light festival.

Our submission, entitled Made You Look, is a floating geometric canopy which is to be suspended from the underside of Sydney’s Cahill Expressway.

This temporary home at Circular Quay has never been a space of wonder in and of itself: it is an arterial thoroughfare, lost to the constant inertia of the city. The parasitic installation breathes a new life into an otherwise grey, stark and perfunctory space, drawing parallels to many things: a kaleidoscope torn open; or a disassembled disco ball.
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Caroline Kite


Caroline’s contribution to the global face of architecture, through the benevolent industry TAP, positively colours her approach to design in the office.


Last December, as part of AJ+C’s annual Christmas donation, $500 was generously given to an organisation very dear to me: The Anganwadi Project (TAP).

TAP is an Australian based, not-for-profit organisation that focuses on the upliftment of underprivileged slum communities in Ahmedabad, India through investment in architecture and education. Each year a team of 2-3 Australian volunteers with professional architectural/building experience is selected to design and build an anganwadi (preschool) for children aged 3-6 years old. The volunteers spend a minimum of four months living and working with the local community and builders to realise the project, while being immersed in the local culture.
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Giselle Moore


With fellow University of Sydney students, we designed a pavilion for the Art in Threads exhibition in April. This exhibition showcased the work of emerging local artists, architects and fashion designers in an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Based on a hyperbolic paraboloid form, we developed the structure using digital software, and constructed it from plywood strips. The Pavilion will also be showcased in Sydney Design 2014 in August.


Fabiano Salmi


This year the graduate team at AJ+C has taken on the role of curating the Australian Institute of Architects Tuesdays@Tusculum talk series. Their winning proposal for the role, themed ‘Intangible’, recognises the challenges young architects face mediating the ever-changing nature of the profession, and the position the architect has amongst changing technologies, economies and cultures when designing the spaces we all live in.
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Joshua Wrathall


Josh’s passion for photography has produced some inspiring architectural images on return from a holiday.

Architectural inspiration can be found all over the world, yet I can say that Seoul, South Korea, flies under the radar as a city of abundant beautiful buildings.
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Michael Jones


Michael attended the Deerubbin Architectural Conference, gaining new insight from respected professionals and up-and-coming legends.


From 28th to 30th March a group of AJ+C architecture graduates, together with some senior staff, attended a weekend workshop of architectural education and inspiration at the Deerubbin Architecture Conference.
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Imogen Howe + Lachlan Howe

Imogen and Lachlan reveal their recent contribution to academic research: a short paper discussing public space.

Between working hours, Lachlan and I spend a little of our time giving back to the institution that nurtured us.
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