Awards Aplenty! - 26th February 2014
3 MPGs and a BRIT Award!
We've not had many newsletters for you this year so far, but it's because we've been very busy bees and... too busy celebrating the achievements of our talented bunch!!!

This month saw the celebration of the MPG Awards- with Guy Massey up for Recording Engineer of the Year and Flood nominated for UK Album of The Year, UK Single Song Release of the Year, Mix Engineer(s) of the Year and Producer of The Year (along with his long-term partner Alan Moulder- with whom he collaborated on FOALS' Holy Fire)- which, for the first year, tied into The BRIT Awards for Producer of the Year- meaning the recipient of the MPG Award would also automatically earn the BRIT!

And- as you've probably already seen- the results are in...
(by order of announcement)
Recording Engineer of the Year:
Guy Massey!
Guy Massey MPG 2014
Up for the first nomination of the event, Guy Massey was up against some stiff competition for Recording Engineer of the Year...

But, before the nominees names could even be called out, Guy Massey was declared winner of the 2014 Recording Engineer of the Year award, for his seminal work on THE DUCKWORTH LEWIS METHOD's Sticky Wickets and BILL FAY's Life Is People.

Followers of our newsletter will know that Guy is no stranger to these nominations, having been up for 2 Grammys and 3 MPGs (winning 1 Grammy and- now- 2 MPGs!), and this win has been no less than well-deserved. BILL FAY's testimonial is, well, a brilliant testament to this:
"... To me, the recording engineer is the backbone of any musical project, and from the outset, Guy's likeableness as a person, as well as his technical ability, added greatly to the atmosphere in the studio, of commencing to record an album... On more than one occasion I can remember personally saying to him, “Don't know where I'd be without you Guy'... a very supportive person. So far as technical ability goes, I strongly believe that the critical acclaim given to the album 'Life Is People' that we recorded, owes such a lot to Guy's work..." Bill Fay
Listen to Guy's Soundcloud now!
UK Album of the Year:
Flood and Alan Moulder!
Flood & Moulder
A collective award, Flood, Moulder, and FOALS were the lucky recipients of the UK Album of the Year 2014. Once again they were up against a tough bunch, with both JAMES BLAKE's Overgrown and LAURA MARLING's Once I Was An Eagle shortlisted for the award.

Their award was presented by the band's manager, and celebrated by all of us wholeheartedly! A great win for the whole team, and a brilliant album by a great band!
"We're fussy about who we work with together, the great thing about picking a band like Foals is our sensibility is the same. You are only as good as the band you get to work with and their ideas and their ambition, where they came from, it was where we wanted to be - so it was a good choice” - Alan Moulder

"Without them we wouldn't have been able to do it. It had a lightness and frivolity to it, but as soon as it went into the studio it had all these different layers... They made it into probably one of the best songs we've ever done, I think it's a perfectly produced pop song" - Edwin Congreave on My Number, the lead single from Holy Fire
Listen to Flood's Soundcloud now!
UK Producer of the Year:
Flood and Alan Moulder!
Flood MPG, Moulder BRIT, Edwin
And, the coveted gong for Producer of the Year was awarded to Flood and Moulder for their seminal work on FOALS' Holy Fire, which brought accolades aplenty for the band, and more chart success (their highest selling album to date, topping the Australian charts and gaining Gold status in the UK!) than previously achieved with their brilliant first and second albums. With the help of Flood and Moulder, Holy Fire brilliantly married the experimental with the commercial.

The win signifies the first (hopefully of many!) MPGs for Flood and Moulder; they were up against Paul Epworth and Ethan Johns, both previous winners. Of course, winning the MPG for Producer of the Year also meant that the pair automatically won the BRIT Award for Producer of the Year! Above you can see Flood and Moulder holding their MPG and BRIT Awards.
"To make, it was the least harrowing of all the records... in a lot of ways it's not been harrowing at all, and I think a lot of that has been Flood and Moulder. We vacillate between our experimental side and the side that enjoys the possibilities of what pop music can do, that it can speak outside it's own barrier. If anything we feel that we've made a record that doesn't exist between those two subsets. I feel content that we've made a record that is just what it should have been.” Yannis Phillipakis
Congratulations to this year's winners!
Alongside Flood and Guy, there were many incredible nominees (which must have made the judging process very tricky!) all of whom have made collosal contributions to the recording industry. We want to give our congratulations to all who were nominated, and a big round of applause to the winners of each of the other categories
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