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What the freelance? Katie's March update.  

Hello <<First Name>>,

I've been tying myself in knots these last few weeks and been ruminating on what it means to be good and do good - both out in our communities and at work.

How do we stay hopeful, how do we stay active, how do we give back, and how can we make a difference in a world that all too often hurts the vulnerable and marginalised, a world that seems chaotic and fragmented and broken? Sometimes we have no idea, no feedback on whether the actions we take - at home or at work - make a difference. If they're working, if they're helping someone out.

At times like these, at any time really, I turn to the wisdom found in books. I turn to podcasts and newsletters from writers I trust. And I turn to you, my clients. I see the example you set in your business, how you live your values, and how you make a difference.

I see how your businesses centre authentic stories and family, social and environmental impact, health and wellbeing, innovation and eliminating waste, and how you actively try to reduce inequities, not just on International Women's Day - but every day, like working towards breaking the gender bias. I see the work you are doing and I'm grateful to be doing business and life alongside you.

I also turn to poets like Andrea Gibson who write: "We have to create. It is the only thing louder than destruction."

(A line from a poem called Yellowbird, published in The Madness Vase by Andrea Gibson).


What I've been doing.  

Yesterday I went to the inaugural Women's Empowerment Summit and heard from some inspiring speakers. I like how they all brought their stories and authenticity. I liked how they normalised the reality of being in business and the reality of failures. I especially liked how they talked about accepting our successes and acknowledging our failures. 

How hard is it for you to accept your successes? Do you tend to brush them off, rush onto the next milestone or say it was a fluke? See if you can sit in your successes more. I know I find that a challenge and I'm quicker to self-deprecate than self-congratulate, but it's one area I'm ready to take on because I understand the pay-off. 

Ready to sit in your successes? I can help you build a collection of case studies. 

If you're really comfortable with your successes, good on you! A great way to share your successes and inspire your potential clients is through case studies and client testimonials.

Email me if you'd like some help creating a whole bunch of success stories for your website. 


What I've been reading. 

As I've been obsessed with the idea of what good looks like in these times, these are the books beside my bed at the moment.

Already Enough by Lisa Olivera - to do good, you first have to believe that you are inherently good and worthy. This is a beautiful book about healing your old stories of not-enoughness so you can show up as your full self - and the world definitely needs more of that right now.

A Year of Doing Good by Judith O'Reilly - what is a good deed? Why do we do good deeds? What happens if the person on the receiving end doesn't want your do-goodery? A funny and frank diary of 365 good deeds and an exploration of the motivation to do good and the benefits to both the giver and receiver.

Lent: How the Ancient Christian Practice Might Transform Easter This Year by Grace Paddison. We're exactly a week into Lent. I'm not sure if you practice Lent or what this 40-day period means to you, but I thoroughly recommend reading this tender, insightful opinion piece by Grace.  Grace is also part of my team and I'm really proud of her for penning this essay.

Also, while we're on Lent, if you do follow this practice, I recommend having a look through the resources on this website.


What my clients are up to.  

Continuing the theme of good, this month's client shoutout goes to Husk. Husk are a bunch of heartfelt, hard-working creatives based in Morningside, Auckland who are passionate about social good.

I first met Lou and the Huskies when I was hot-desking at their studio in Morningside. 

Some of the maaany projects we've worked on together over the years include:

- Youth Horizons/
Kia Puāwai 2020 Annual Report.
- The Rolling Pin website - if you're a foodie like me, you just have to try their beyond good dumplings! 

The Huskies are always up for a good chat over good coffee with good people. You can contact them here

What's next.   

I'm now taking bookings for your copywriting and editing projects from April through to June. Feel free to reply to this email to secure your spot or you can book a time directly in my calendar here.

Want to feature in my next newsletter? 

I love showing off the work you're doing. If you're launching new services, have achieved a new certification or award, are the host of an upcoming event, or doing anything else that's awesome, please get in touch. I'd love to feature your news in my next edition. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to feature in the next edition.

Thanks for reading, <<First Name>>! 

Until next time, 

Katie x

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