Karula National Park, Southern Estonia.
Dear Waggler
The term waggle was coined by Karl von Frisch who won the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his brilliant discovery of insect communication. When honeybee scouts forage and locate a bounty of blooms and nectar, they return to the hive and do an instructive dance at the entrance. The dance directly describes the precise direction and distance to flowering plants and trees. The more vigorous the waggle, the richer the source of nectar. 
In the past few weeks, my inbox was flooded with donation requests from many worthy organizations. Like honeybees, non-profits constantly scout for financial “nectar.” Earlier this month it was “Giving Tuesday.” A later solicitation told me it was my last chance to give. In a larger sense, there is some truth to that statement. We are at a threshold in history that is more dire than any of us can fully comprehend or take in. The atmosphere and biosphere do not care what we think. The only thing that matters is what we do. 
It may feel that we staring into a looming abyss, and perhaps the most difficult obstacle we face is a lack of shared values that transcend the pervasive competition for money and resources.  At Project Regeneration, we draw a bright line between what is wrong, harmful, and heartbreaking. We accept and praise the science. But we are not going to get stuck there. We go to work, just like scout and worker bees, showing how regeneration creates possibility and abundance. It is the fundamental principle innate to all living systems including our bodies and cultures. 
In the coming year, we will complete the most comprehensive listing of climate solutions and challenges in the world, sorted by agency. They illuminate techniques and practices that reverse biological degradation and atmospheric global warming. These two seemingly different goals are the same thing. You can’t do one without the other. (You can see the progress in real time at Nexus). Nexus will be offered to organizations around the world under a Creative Commons license so that the research can be freely shared, translated, and modified to support every culture and location.
We are in development for a six-part streaming series. We will be publishing a book for children. We are working with one of the most prestigious universities in the world to implement a Regeneration Institute that will be embedded into all fourteen schools. And we are at the cusp of creating a School for Regeneration welcoming students of all ages. 
We do this on a modest budget. If you grant us monetary support, know that 93% of our funds go directly to staff. Our overhead is less than 7%. We are here for you and because of you. Regeneration is a path to a future that makes sense to everyone, a path grounded in reality, informed by values that bring people together. 
This is a big shout out to all who have been so supportive in the past years. And we are grateful for everyone’s presence. That in itself is a gift. If you can grant us financial support, I will personally reach out to thank each of you for your kindness.
With my deepest respect
Paul Hawken
Executive Director
Project Regeneration
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1. Karula National Park, Southern Estonia. Credit: Sven Zacek via NPL
2. Sisters returning home from the Ewaso Primary School in Ewaso, Laikipia, in Northern Kenya. Credit: Ami Vitale
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