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The picture on the left is of our Christmas party. We had 26 in attendance. On the right is a New Years get-together with a family that attending our meeting on Christmas.

We’re back with another update from Xi’an, China. We have settled comfortably, and we are familiar with the environment and culture of our new city. Xi’an has quickly become home, and the few believers here have become family.

Our family has been actively and directly involved in outreach. I’ve had various opportunities to befriend people solely through day-to-day living. A man who sells tea has shown a keen interest in Christianity, a taxi driver who drove us home one day added me on WeChat (Chinese social media) and has since been in touch to get together for a meal. A couple of weeks ago we went to lunch with a young couple and their daughter. The husband had been to a government church and was open to hearing the gospel. Beth has been out in our neighborhood meeting with mothers with young children. She’s had the opportunity to have some ladies in our home. We are slowly and carefully planting seeds, and God is clearly at work.

Our weekly meetings are very basic, and the group is small, but we are encouraged with how much God has done in the short while we’ve been here.  With the added efforts Pastor Xu and his family, We’ve been seeing visitors consistently come over the last month and the need for Christ is very real. As far as true gospel-preaching churches go, there aren’t any to be heard of. The work is great, and our ability is limited, but we are excited to see what our God can do here. 

We have a trip scheduled this week for another visa renewal. We’re praying that this will be our last renewal of our tourist visa. The trips out of the country with a family of five are taxing and very time-consuming. Please pray with us that we will be able to process a student visa quickly

Please pray for Beth. She is expecting our fourth child due in September. She is very sick and very tired, but still excited for the gift of another child. Pray for the salvation of our three girls, and for the salvation of Sister Chen, Peter and countless others who have heard the gospel here in Xi An. 

In Christ, 

Neal, Beth, Lois, Abigail, and Naomi

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It snowed for three straight days last week. Although it is a bit unusual for it to snow so much this far south, the girls sure enjoyed themselves
Please continue to pray for our co-laborer Pastor Xu and his family.
Prayer Request:
1. Open doors to share Christ
2. Student visa's to process smoothly
3. Beth, during her pregnancy
4. A vehicle for the family 

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