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Second generation missionaries to China

2020 Video Update

Dear Supporters and Friends,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your consistent support and prayers through the coronavirus and the aftermath that followed. The whole world has been impacted now, and yet, our support has remained steady and we’ve received letters of encouragement and we have known that many have faithfully prayed for us even when their own lives were being turned upside-down. 

    Despite the lockdown and difficult regulations that were put in place, we have continued to meet and our church has actually seen some growth during this difficult time! Since our coming to Xi’An two and a half years ago, we’ve only seen one lady added to the church here and the work has been slow. 

    In 2019, our church family began to pray for two new families to join the church that year. It was a year of hard work and we saw several people in and out of our church and our home. The year came and went without a single person added to the church. With the start of 2020, we continued to pray for those two families. The virus came and while it seemed things were going backwards as several of the people we were working on were locked in their hometowns after having gone back for Chinese New Year. God, however, was at work and shortly after seeing a few folks to return to Xi’An, we were blessed with an answer to our prayers. A young man that I have been studying with for over a year made the decision to be baptized and join the church. Another man that I had been studying with for over six months brought his wife and three children to church and expressed a desire to have their family join as well!

We celebrated our second anniversary in April and we saw six people, two of which were our own children, baptized and added to the church. The toil and prayers that were invested into the lives of those six were rewarded by our great God. We would like to thank those who have prayed for these people. Please continue to pray for Mr. Zhao. While he supported his wife getting baptized and has faithfully brought his family to church, he is hesitant to join as his job forbids him to be involved in a “illegal religious activity”. Sadly, this is the situation for many Chinese and it takes a step of faith and an act of commitment for them to put aside the fear and follow the Lord.

    So far, I haven’t had any issues with our family’s visas during everything that has happened over the last few months.The work associated with a student visa has been well worth the stability of staying in the country.Please pray that our visa renewal in July will go smoothly and that the school will continue to work with us on processing everything from within the country. 

    Please continue to pray for the hymnbook project and for Pillar Baptist Church. Please also pray for our family as our contract is up on our apartment and we will be moving this summer. While house-hunting was a challenge during the pandemic, God provided and we have found a new place. Please also continue to pray for the salvation of our youngest two children, Naomi and Edward and for the salvation of sister Ke’s husband. She has been coming to our church from the very beginning and was our only member for the first two years. Her husband is an atheist and a very proud man. He recently came to our home for a meal for the very first time and I was able to discuss Creation and the existence of God with him. He needs the Lord.


In Chrst, 

Neal, Beth, Lois, Abigail, Naomi, and Edward

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