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Focus on ... heelwork to music

We were inspired to choose this as our sport of the month thank to our clients Strictly stars Ian Waite and his gorgeous labradoodle Oliver. We would love to see them perform together!

Also know as Musical Canine Freestyle, this is a modern dog sport that requires the dog and the owner to work together to music, performing a variety of obedience, tricks and dance moves. Heelwork to music became known about 1989, and the first official group was in British Columbia. As the name suggests, the dog's ability to stay at the owner's heel, on either side, is crucial to the sport. The sport is performed off lead, with no training aids allowed. Competitions are widespread around the country, and judges look most importantly for the pair's ability to move to the music together.

Remember remember the 5th of November....

Loud noises, explosions and screeches on your street, is it any wonder your dog is scared?

Fireworks night can be a real worry for some dog owners. Your dog cannot understand what is happening, and may feel threatened. Here are our ten top tips to keep them calm.
  1. Try to walk your dog during daylight hours, so they are not caught out in public when a firework goes off, especially if they are off the lead as they may bolt.
  2. Never punish your dog for being scared, this will only make it worse.
  3. Equally, don't fuss over them too much as this will reinforce their belief that there is something to worry about.
  4. Stay calm, and talk to your dog in a calm and assertive way. Reassure them that you are the leader, and you know this is not a danger to the household.
  5. Close windows and curtains, and play some music or have the TV on to muffle the noise.
  6. Make sure your dog has a 'safe area' such as their bed to retreat to.
  7. If your dog is seriously stressed consult your vet. They may recommend a pheromone diffuser which calms your dog. Some homeopathic treatments can be effective too, such as the use of lavender.
  8. You can try to acclimatise your dog slowly by playing a fireworks CD in advance of the event to desensitise them.
  9. If you have a puppy that needs to go out to the toilet regularly, consider placing some newspaper down so they don't have to go outside. Fear may cause them to empty themselves as well.
  10. In extreme cases the vet may recommend a tranquiliser, but try to test the other options first. If you want your dog to stay in the countryside where there are no fireworks please contact us to board your dog for Fireworks night at anna@devondogboarding.com
Wishing you and your dogs a happy 5th of November!
News from HQ

After a busy and successful Summer with many dogs having wonderful Summer holidays with their hosts,  we have enjoyed a sunny September and some nice peaceful autumnal dog walks. We have taken on four great new host families in EXETER, SOUTH BRENT, TOPSHAM and BOVEY TRACEY who are looking forward to welcoming their first guests. Our host families are booking up fast for CHRISTMAS and New Year, so if you want to reserve your favourite family please contact us soon. 

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