A lot of people in this country work hard, but they aren’t building any security—and they are angry about it.

They’re angry that bonuses go up for CEOs while their own paychecks are stuck in the same place year after year. They’re angry that basic costs like housing, health care, and childcare have skyrocketed. And they’re angry about a tax system that benefits the rich and powerful.
They’re angry because our economy and our government work for those who have already made it big, but don’t work for them.

Our top economic priority must be improving the lives of working people in this country—because everyone in this country should have a fighting chance to build a future. And the Economic Policy Institute is a critical partner in that fight.

When we’re fighting to raise the minimum wage to a living wage or expand Social Security for millions of Americans; when we need data that explains why increased productivity hasn’t created a stronger middle class; when we need policy solutions to address the gender and race wage gaps—EPI is a critical partner.
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Next month, when Donald Trump is inaugurated and a new Congress convenes, our progressive values—basic respect for every human being and an economy that works for everyone—will be put to the test.

We will need to fight to keep the keys of our economy away from Wall Street. We will need to protect hard-working immigrant families from being ripped apart and loved ones from being deported. We will need to protect Social Security and Medicare from cuts and privatization. And we will need to protect workers’ rights and rebuild our middle class.

It is time for us to come together around America’s agenda—and that means supporting the Economic Policy Institute.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren
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