September 2017 E-Newsletter
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Many reasons to give thanks

During the year, we celebrate many holidays. Thanksgiving is a special one for me as it encourages us to do one thing: Be Thankful.

Here are the things I am thankful for this year. I am thankful for my wonderful family. I am thankful for living in a peaceful country like Canada. I am thankful I don't have to worry about my next meal or being safe. I am thankful that the people I love are in good health.

I know many Syrian refugees who will be giving thanks this year. They are thankful they have escaped a seven-year civil war. They are thankful to have a roof over their heads instead of a tent in a refugee camp. They are thankful for the many wonderful Canadians, like you, who have given so much to help them adapt and settle into a new life in Canada.

But there is still much work to be done. Many more are fleeing poverty, war and violence. They arrive in Ottawa suffering from trauma, needing a home, and desperate for a job. They dream of a brighter future for their children.

As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones, please help those in need. By creating a welcoming community for everyone, you will help ensure all newcomers reach their full potential in our society.

Please make a donation this Thanksgiving. When you give today, they will give back tomorrow.

Carl Nicholson
Executive Director
Bill and Marwan: A wonderful match

As far as Marwan is concerned, Bill is like another father. The 39-year-old man arrived from Iraq less than two years ago with his wife and baby. 

As a journalist, his life was often threatened. The breaking point came when his younger brother was murdered. He was desperate to join his older brother and mother who were already in Ottawa. 

When he got the opportunity to move to Canada, he didn't hesitate. Since then, thanks to our Matching Program, he has immersed himself into our culture and is enjoying a Canadian way of life.

Marwan is so determined to adapt to Canada that he asked Bill if they could meet every day for one hour this past summer. Bill, who is retired and has been matched with other newcomers in the past, agreed. Meeting often has helped Marwan improve his English more quickly.

Bill says there's a belief that refugees arrive with little education. But he says many newcomers had lives similar to our own before circumstances forced them to leave their country. When asked why he's such an active member of the program, he says "To whom much is given, much will be required." Bill says it's his duty to help others in need.

Bill and Marwan share a deep bond of friendship. Marwan says he's grateful for Bill's advice and help while Bill says people like Marwan make Canada a better country.  

To help other newcomers thrive in Ottawa, please make a donation now.
Homework clubs

Thousands of refugee and immigrant children and teens are back in school.

But hitting the books can be difficult for some, especially for those who have arrived recently and are still learning a new language. 

That's why we run homework clubs at the Adult High School on Rochester Street during the year to ensure no student gets left behind. 

Although the clubs are open to anyone, we tend to help older students who were not able to finish high school in their home country. Many of these young adults came from war zones or impoverished nations where getting an education took a back seat to searching for food or simply staying alive.

The most common topics covered in homework clubs are math, English and computer sciences. 

Please help a student achieve their dream of getting an education by making a donation today.
Join our Facebook page

Catholic Centre for Immigrants has a new Facebook page. That's where you'll find more inspiring stories about newcomers as well as heartwarming photos. It's also where you can learn more about the issues surrounding refugees and immigrants. Please like our page.
Tribute gifts

Do you know someone who is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? A great way to mark that special day is to make a gift in their honour. Tribute gifts are easy. You can select a message and even send an e-card to that special person.

A tribute gift tells the thousands of refugees and immigrants who arrive in Ottawa every day that they have not been forgotten. 

You can sign up here.
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