July 2017 E-Newsletter
Volunteers deserve our thanks every day
We consider ourselves very fortunate at Catholic Centre for Immigrants to have so many volunteers and friends.

Without a large team of volunteers across our programs, we could not do the work we do every day to help refugees and immigrants settle in Ottawa.

This summer, with a lot of hard work, our youth program started a youth soccer league. (You can read more about the league below). But we attribute the success of this new league to the volunteers, community partners and friends, who stepped up to help us.

During a time when people are on vacation and relaxing with family, we are always impressed with the dedication of our volunteers. The time they donate to helping refugees and immigrants adjust to life in a new country is impressive. They help them connect to their community. They participate in different social events, show them how to navigate the city, practise their English and so much more.

We hear from newcomers about the friendships they form with the people who volunteer to make life a little easier for them.

This spring, we were part of a volunteer appreciation event where we had the opportunity to thank the many volunteers for their contributions. We think volunteers deserve a thank you every day.

As we finally get to enjoy some sun and warm weather, I want to wish all of our volunteers, community partners and friends an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Be safe!

Lucila Spigelblatt
Deputy Executive Director

The beautiful game

Around the world, soccer is known as the beautiful game. It's the sport of choice for a lot of newcomer youth.

This summer, we started our first Community Connections Youth Soccer League. Like a lot of great things, it started out as a simple but inspiring idea. And thanks to the hard work of staff, the dedication of volunteers, and the support of community partners, the league became a reality.

Today, we have 10 teams with more than 130 players representing seven different countries. This major, non-denominational league is a multicultural celebration of sports and community.

The youth, ages 14-28, are from such countries as Syria, Iraq, Bhutan, Congo, Somalia, Burundi and Columbia. They live in different communities throughout the city such as Manordale, St. Laurent, Heron Gate, South keys, Nepean, Beacon Hill, Gatineau and more.

For many of the youth, their families would find it difficult to pay for them to play in a competitive league while they are trying to settle in a new country. But thanks to partners such as the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation and the Ottawa Police Service, newcomer youth are getting to play the sport they love and grew up with.

The youth are also benefiting in other ways. They're meeting new friends, learning about other cultures, practising their English, and getting to know other areas of the city they live in. Playing soccer is a way to build confidence in a fun and relaxing way.

To learn more about CCI Ottawa or to make a donation, please click here.
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