On the eve of IPS 2012, greetings from IMERSA
On the eve of IPS, greetings from IMERSA

IMERSA will be at IPS 2012 in Baton Rouge.
We hope to see you there.
Here's how to connect with us:

Note: We've made every effort to provide accurate information below. However, it's always a good idea to cross-check with the official IPS program.

Dan NeafusJuly 24 (Tuesday)
IMERSA dinner meet & greet at Stroube's 
6:30 pm No-host gathering at Stroube's restaurant
Please RSVP to

July 25 (Wednesday)
Fulldome - Giant Screen Convergence - session
11 am - 12 noon
River Center room 5

There are approximately 100 film-based giant screen domes and a roughly equal number of giant screen digital planetariums worldwide. As giant screen domes transition to digital dome projection, how will they differ from digital planetariums? What standards will they adhere to? Will giant screens run fulldome programming and will planetariums run digitized giant screen films? This panel will explore the coming convergence of digital planetariums and giant screen film theaters.

Paul FraserModerator:
Paul Fraser, Blaze Digital Cinema Works
Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland
Martin Howe, Global Immersion
John Young, R.H. Fleet Science Center
Steve Savage, Sky-Skan
John Jacobsen, The White Oak Institute

Ed LantzJuly 26 (Thursday)
Fulldome Standards Forum - workshop
9:00 - 10:00 am, River Center room 3

Presenters: IMERSA founding Board members Ed Lantz (Vortex Immersion) & Ryan Wyatt (Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences) with members of the IMERSA Fulldome Standards Committee
IMERSA's Fulldome Standards initiative has been moving forward at a steady pace. Early this year there was a call for participation - a formal committee was created and had its first in-person meeting at the IMERSA Summit in February. The endeavor has received a vote of confidence from the Great Lakes Planetarium Association. A working standards document is posted online at The process continues... if you are interested in getting involved, please review the current standards specificaion, and join us if you can in Baton Rouge. To view the document and be part of the dialog, visit, sign up and create your profile, then join the Fulldome Standards group. Even if you can't be present for real-world meetings, you can participate virtually through this online forum.

Ryan WyattRyan Wyatt says, "This effort is a professional service to the fulldome community conducted by IMERSA members and volunteers. The process will be designed to exclude bias and include all relevant points of view, with the goal of synthesizing a document specifying Dome Master / Fulldome Master Show File Standards document that is ratified by IMERSA and other affiliate organizations."

IMERSA people
IMERSA leadership attending IPS will include Founding Board members Dan Neafus (Gates Planetarium, Denver Museum of Nature & Science), Ryan Wyatt & Ed Lantz, IMERSA Advisers Paul Fraser, Michael Daut & John Jacobsen, and Judy Rubin, IMERSA Communications.

DomeFest logoJuly 27-28 (Friday-Saturday)
Stay on for DomeFest
Organized by David Beining, and held Immediately following IPS at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum's Irene W. Pennington Planetarium and ExxonMobil Space Theater in Baton Rouge, DomeFest 2012 encourages and celebrates creative experimentation in the digital dome, and is a must-attend for anyone involved in the form, whether artist, producer, distributor, exhibitor or enthusiast. The event includes The Domies juried awards. The Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco hosted the jurying sessions in late June, with Ryan Wyatt as jury foreman. Registration is required to attend.

If you're not attending IPS, you can still be active with IMERSA.
Join the association.
Sponsor the association.
Volunteer to help make IMERSA Summit 2013 a success next year.
Get involved in our Fulldome Standards work.
Become an IMERSA Adviser.
Visit for details.

Future events
festival logo3rd International Festival of Scientific Visualization
1 August - 30 September in Japan
The Festival includes a Dome Festa, 22-26 September at Sofia Sakai in Osaka

SIGGRAPH 2012 - 5-9 August, Los Angeles, USA
Conference 5–9 August; Exhibition 7–9 August. 

symposium logoJH Symposium 2012 - 5-7 September, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, USA
From fulldome, large-format and 3-D programming, to exhibit installations and interactive media, social networking and public outreach, museums and cultural institutions present rich opportunities for collaboration with broadcasters and filmmakers. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival's Symposium 2012 brings together players from these overlapping fields and disciplines for productive dialogue. Attendees can expect to be challenged and inspired. IMERSA facilitated the fulldome competition and will offer special Fulldome presentations. Thanks to receiving a healthy number of eligible entries, Symposium 2012 created a separate judging category for Fulldome this year in its Science Media Awards. Click here to read IMERSA's report on Symposium 2010.

GSCA 2012 - Giant Screen Cinema Association conference & Dome Day, 18-21 September
Conference 18-20 September, Sacramento, Calif. USA
Dome Day, 21 September, The Tech museum, San Jose
IMERSA will participate - details to come - if you're an IMERSA member and would like to contribute to our presence at GSCA, please contact
It has been announced that filmmaker James Cameron will keynote the GSCA conference in Sacramento.

SATE 2012 logoSATE 2012 - 19-21 September at Disneyland Paris, France
SATE (Storytelling, ArchitectAnnual Experience Design conference hosted by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). Theme: "Cultural Diversity: Obstacle or Opportunity?" SATE conference chairs are Yves Pépin and Joe Rohde. IMERSA has an affiliate relationship with TEA and there has been a lot of productive cross-pollination - between the associations and the members, but also in terms of actual projects where the digital dome has been used as part of an experiential attraction. The SATE conference promises to be a fruitful, international dialogue and networking opportunity for designers, producers, operators and related industry members.

F2 logof2: Futurefest
featuring State of the Arts Symposium & IMERSA Fulldome Film Showcase
22 September in Los Angeles
Curated screenings of the world’s best immersive films and interactive experiences on the 360 degree Vortex Dome, sponsored by IMERSA. Includes an immersive media workshop and vendor exhibits.

IFF logoImmersive Film Festival - IFF12, 5th to 7th October, 2012 at Centro Multimeios Espinho, Portugal
The third edition of the Immersive Film Festival will be a joint event with the Workhop in Immersive Cinema - WIC12. Navegar Foundation invites the community - producers, animators, filmmakers, artists, students, teachers and planetarium professionals - to participate. Each year's program differs from the previous year in order to broaden the planetarium screening spectrum, promoting the latest premieres and fulldome productions. The competitive section will award the best in fulldome productions, in a juried selection taking into account direction, artwork, soundtrack, best use of the dome and narrative.

ASTC 2012 - Association of Science-Technology Centers annual conference
13-16 October, Columbus Ohio, USA. There will be fulldome related exhibitors, screenings and events.

IMERSA logoIMERSA Fulldome Summit 2013
February 2013 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Exact dates & details will be announced in coming weeks. If you are interested in being involved in Summit 2013 in any way (sponsor, speaker, organizing committee, volunteer) please send an email to

IMERSA (Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts) is a professional association founded to advance and promote the art and science of large-scale digital immersivemedia, fulldome, and immersive group experiences in digital planetariums, mobile domes, themed entertainment and giant screen theaters. Mandated to raise the profile and professionalism of its members, IMERSA bridges many disciplines including researchers, artists and technicians. IMERSA is a driver and nexus for communication, collaboration, experimentation, education and promotion of digital immersive media in a variety of formats and functions.