Why Integrate Google Apps & Dropbox for Business?
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5 Invaluable Benefits of Integrating Google with Dropbox.

Ever wonder why top companies like EMC, JC Penney, and Gartner integrates all their cloud apps? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider implementing a good cloud platform integration:

  1. Sharing: If a folder is shared with a group in Dropbox, it's also automatically shared with a group in Google Apps or/and Microsoft Office365.
  2. Formatting: Imagine automatically having a cloud format converter that can convert document formats to be delivered as though it was natively created in the platform from which you access it. For example: A Dropbox for Business document that is being viewed and edited in Google (Drive, Sheets, and Slides) will automatically -and immediately- be editable in Google Apps' native format.
  3. Integration: All comments on Documents are replicated between Google Docs.
  4. Collaboration: Any revisions to files are immediately updated in real-time to other platforms, and from other platforms, to provide the ultimate collaboration experience across cloud apps. Everything is always up to date.
  5. Search: Gmail users can automatically save their email attachments to Dropbox, Google Drive, or even MS Office365, and use its reliable search feature to immediately have access to their documents, rather than having to manually search through all their emails. Any words in the documents themselves will trigger the search feature, helping you immediately find the document that you were looking for.

How To Integrate Your Google Apps with Dropbox in Seconds.

Just follow these 5 simple steps, and you’ll be up and running.
  1. First, head to the installation wizard which will guide you step-by-step through this process.
  2. Click on “Install cloudHQ for Google Apps”.
  3. Sign into Google Apps.
  4. Connect Dropbox for Business by signing in as the administrator.
  5. Setup Your Integration: Just choose which users you wish to enable file synchronization between their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, and you’re done!
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