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Ironworkers Local 433
 Los Angeles & Las Vegas

 October, November & December      2020                         Vol. 31 No. 4

Business Manager
Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Brothers and Sisters,
I hope this newsletter finds you in good health in all aspects of your being. We have had some unusual and tragic incidents within our membership over the last few months. I have no intention of going into depth on any one of them; I would just like to say at the start of my newsletter as opposed to the closing, BE SAFE AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!!!

We are still dealing with the COVID-19 issue. Please take care of as many UNION related issues as possible online or over the phone. Come to any one of the three halls only to bid work on Monday – Friday, 7:00A.M. – 9:30 A.M. If you do come to the hall, please wear your mask and maintain social distancing. At this time we are scheduled to have a UNION MEETING on Friday 11/13/2020 to take care of UNION BUSINESS which includes voting on a resolution. All COVID-19 protocols mandated by The State of California will be adhered to. Please watch our Social Media sites and download the app Ironworkers Local 433 from Google Play or Apple Store for the most up to date information.

The request for an informational meeting in Las Vegas has not fallen on deaf ears. At this time legal counsel has given us the following recommendation, dated October 20, 2020;

“Dear Keith,
I have reviewed the current State of Nevada COVID 19 Guidelines which apply to large gatherings that would include informational meetings held by Ironworkers Local 433. Based on the current guidelines, there are very strict limitations on such meetings and very strict health and safety protocols that must be rigorously followed. Considering the current COVID 19 risks and need for strict adherence to State of Nevada guidelines, at the current time I recommend against holding informational meetings in Las Vegas and to use other means of conveying information to Las Vegas based members.

Jeffrey L. Cutler”

We are working on “other means” at this time, stay tuned for updates.

The Safety & Health Department of The International has shared the data they have obtained regarding tracking of COVID-19 amongst our members as of October 23, 2020. They have received a total of 177 reported cases to date (14 new cases reported this week), 163 cases reported in the US and 14 reported cases in Canada.  At the time the reports were received, 112 of the cases were self-quarantined and 57 were recovered. 157 of the reported cases were active members currently working, 12 were active members who were not working; 1 pre-apprentice; and 7 were retired members.  I regret to inform you that we have lost 8 of our members, 3 retired members and 5 active members.

All eligible active members and retirees should have received an Open Enrollment letter last week or with the mail being overloaded due to voting, by the end of this week. If you do not receive one by the end of this week please direct all inquiries to the Trust and not the Hall. The phone number to the Trust fund office is (800) 527-4613.

The renovations of the three UNION Halls continue. Las Vegas was the first to receive a much needed update in 2019. The finishing touches are being done to the L.A. Hall. Those finishing touches include a security fence around the perimeter, new asphalt, and a coat or two of exterior paint. Last week San Bernardino had all shrubbery removed and updated with drought resistant landscaping. Interior painting is to commence this week to be followed by updated flooring.

The La Palma Training Center shop hours are as follows. Appointments are no longer necessary.
Monday 3:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Tuesday 3:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Wednesday 3:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Thursday 3:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Saturday 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.

The Fontana Training Center is now open with regular weekly classes. Shop hours are as follows.
Tuesday 3:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Wednesday 3:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Saturday 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.
Antelope Valley Weld shop hours are Saturday 1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Hours subject to change. You may want to call the Training Center to verify before making the drive (714)228-9744
On October 27th and 28th we completed another round of negations. The parties made major ground over the two days but still have a ways to go before we have a final product to bring to the membership for ratification. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote on the contract. If you are not current, get current and stay current so that you may have a say in your future, and the future of this Local. At the negotiating table, all the Locals in the District Council have the same representation, three per Local and The District Council has three. I continue to beat this drum, the POWER of Local 433 lies within the number of its membership. We have nearly 30% of the votes within District Council, use your POWER!

Here are our current numbers:

Journeyman – 1997
Honorary – 528
Lifetime - 814
Total – 3339
Journeyman – 566
Honorary – 23
Total – 589

15% of Local 433 members that have the right to vote are ineligible! Stewards, please verify dues receipts and encourage everyone on your job to get current.

VOTE VOTE VOTE – throughout this newsletter you will see a list of suggested candidates, propositions, and measures that have been deemed LABOR FRIENDLY. The Ironworker Organization is a Labor Organization and as such base their recommendations to the membership with the main criteria being what is beneficial to Organized Labor. Protecting prevailing wage and the right to bargain collectively is paramount in maintaining fair wages and safe working conditions. Please consider these issues as you cast your vote and keep in mind that the right to vote has been paid for in blood. Respect each other, agree to disagree, and May God Bless America!

11/03/2020 VOTE – General Election
11/11/2020 - Veterans Day -  Thank you to our Vets for serving our Country and protecting our freedom. 
11/26/2020 Happy Thanksgiving!!!
11/13/2020 VOTE – Resolution: Business Agent for Las Vegas
12/25/2020 Merry Christmas!!!



Brothers / Sisters 

Once again I would like to remind you , Local 433 and The District Council of California Ironworkers are in Negotiations . Please make sure we have your current address . I have been a part of the counting process many times and each year a large number of Ballots are returned due to incorrect address and that member's Voice was never expressed /counted . Each vote counts tremendously especially in the latest contract issues like Pension Benefits Past, Present And Future . I have expressed many times in the present negotiations to Management / Labor that if this New Contact does not address these issues that 433 will VOTE NO !  Hopefully we can get this contract completed before December 31 2020 .

I would like REMIND EVERYONE Veterans Day is on the 11th , Thank You Veterans for your Service . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . 


Mitchell A. Ponce
Business Agent 
District Council Representative 

Brothers and Sisters,

I am happy to report that work in the South Bay continues to be very busy in spite of big projects wrapping up.  The Gerald Desmond bridge project has a small crew that will be finishing up in November while the bidding process for the dismantling of the old bridge is under way.  SoFi stadium also has a small crew and the retail portion is currently under way.  Pfeifer- Fabritec has a couple of mock ups at the Forum for the upcoming Clippers arena that is scheduled to start mid-2021.  ADF’s work at the APM project has been pushed till Feb. 21

November 3rds general elections are very important; please refer to our labor friendly candidate guide in this newsletter.  Each candidate has gone through a vetting process through the AFL-CIO, Building  Trades Council and our Business Agents to secure work for our membership.    

As you may all know that we are in the currently in contract negotiations.  Business Manager Keith Harkey, President Piedmont Brown and myself are working diligently with our District Council to bring a good contract for our members to vote on.   I can’t stress the importance of being current on your dues and having all your information up to date at the hall to cast your vote.

2020 has been a strong year for our Local  and 2021 is expected to be very busy as well. 

I would like to thank our Veterans for their service to our great nation this Veterans Day on November 11th.   Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  

If you see something that needs my attention, please call me or the hall and you can access me through my extension.

Mitchell A Ponce

WORK SAFE                       BUY AMERICAN                           BUY UNION



Brothers & Sister,

Hope this finds you well and in good spirits. The work picture is steady. There's not as many new projects starting but still a lot of work going on in the area. We still need Certified Welders to man some projects. The school is open, so get Certified and get your D1.8. I guarantee you'll stay working with your certs.

On the Political side of things we are currently Negotiating with the City of Costa Mesa on a CWA for all Capital Improvement Projects. These opportunities are only possible by having elected officials in office that Support Building Trades and Apprenticeships. That being said I hope you all vote wisely when it comes to voting for City Councils, School Boards, Community College Boards and Water Boards. These elected positions if filled with the right candidate guarantees future work for all. 

As this year comes to an end I hope everyone has managed to stay safe thru Covid 19 and pray for a better 2021 for all. My condolences to the ones who have been affected, 2020 has definitely been a year for us all to remember. Remember to stay safe and look out for one another.

I'd like to thank all the Veterans for their service to our Country and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

And most importantly make sure you VOTE.

Current Work
  • Trampas Dam - By Design Steel - San Juan Capistrano
  • City of Hope - Muhlhauser Steel - Irvine
  • Newhart ES - Arrowhead Steel - Mission Viejo
  • Innovation Park - Surf City,Craneveyor - Irvine
  • The Press - OCE - Costa Mesa
  • OC Performing Arts - Pro Steel,AJ - Costa Mesa
  • Edwards Life Science - Schuff,AJ,Bapko,Washington Iron - Irvine
  • Saddleback HS - TSI - Santa Ana
  • Schools First - Washington Iron,Cowelco,AGA - Tustin
  • Canyon HS - ConXtech,Eckles,TSI - Anaheim
  • Metro Water District - GTE - Yorba Linda
  • Disneyland - Bragg,AJ,Washington Iron,Pro Steel,Halbert Brothers
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary - BF Steel,Craneveyor - Anaheim
  • Fullerton College - ACSS,Infinity
  • Dale JR HS - MSI - Anaheim
  • Cypress College - Bragg
  • Los Alamitos HS - TSI,Infinity
  • Battery Storage - Junior Steel - AES  Alamitos
  • P2 Parking Structure - Schroeder,Surf City - Whittier
  • Rio Hondo College - Maya
  • LBCC - Pro Steel,Plas-Tal,AJ
  • Laserfische - Junior Steel - Long Beach
  • LB Airport - Junior Steel
  • Shoreline Gateway - Surf City - Long Beach
Upcoming Work
  • Saddleback College - TSI
  • Office Building - SME - Irvine
  • Vans Headquarters - Schroeder Iron,AJ - Costa Mesa
  • Bldg 14 - Junior Steel - Santa Ana
  • VA Long Beach - T&M
  • One Broadway - Santa Ana
  • Angel Stadium
  • OC Vibe
Please let me know who I've missed working in the area. United We Stand Divided We Fall

OC Performing Arts - Pro Steel                                 LBCC - Plas-Tal


Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
I hope you all had a safe, happy, and healthy Labor Day holiday. We are approaching Super Tuesday on November 3RD  when we will all have the chance to have our voices heard. It is important now more than ever to get out and VOTE! I have been working on building relationships with local officials in the Antelope Valley and Foothill areas and have established several contacts that will lead to promising opportunities for Union Ironworkers. You can find voting advice on the Ironworkers Local 433 app under the “Measures and Candidates” section provided by the Los Angeles Building Trades. We need to get out and support these Labor-friendly candidates who support our efforts to establish PLA’s, CBA’s, and CWA’s in AV, Foothills, and surrounding areas.
Since the last newsletter, we have established a new CWA with Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Walnut, CA. Late Wednesday evening on 10/14/2020, the Mt. SAC Board of Education approved the CWA 4-2-1 in favor of the CWA in large part due to the reading of the letters provided by Ironworkers Local 433 Welding Certification Center and from members of other Local Unions. I would like to thank Mr. Dan Londo, the owner of the Welding Certification Center in Pomona, CA who partnered with Ironworkers Local 433 to finally bring to fruition the CWA that has been sought after since 2014. Our organizing efforts in the cities of Pomona, Walnut, and surrounding communities will create thousands of man hours for Union Ironworkers in the coming years.
The AV and Kern County regions are on pace to break records in the renewable energy sector beginning Q1 of 2021. We will need all hands on deck and then some to keep this work manned with Union Ironworkers. One of these projects alone, the Edwards AFB Solar Project will need 300-400 Ironworkers from February 2021 through April 2021. If you or anyone you know are ready, willing, and able to make the accommodations to work long term in the AV and/or Kern County regions, please reach out to me early next year for more information.
Upcoming Union Holidays include Veterans’ Day (November 11TH ), Thanksgiving (November 26TH  and 27TH ), and Christmas Day (December 25TH ). Firstly, I’d like to send out a personal thank you to all of our Veterans. Without your willingness to risk everything to defend this great Country, we would not be able to enjoy the lifestyles we enjoy today. This same thanks goes out to the spouses and families of those Veterans as well. Lastly, but certainly not least, may you all have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. This has been a rough year to say the least, but spending time with our loved ones during this season is the best way to move toward the successes to come.

 “There can be no progress or accomplishment for Humanity, without sacrifice. We, us, and all.” – Anonymous

Anning-Johnson - Lockheed Martin – Palmdale
Bapko - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Windmill Components - Mojave
Genisa - Antelope Valley College - Lancaster
Genisa - Edwards AFB - Mojave
Jettsyn Iron - Canyon Country Community Center - Santa Clarita
Jettsyn Iron - Santa Clarita Community Center - Santa Clarita
Mr. Crane - China Lake Naval Base – Ridgecrest
Orange County Erectors - Parsons Building - Pasadena
Pre-Fab - Lockheed Martin
TSI - South Pasadena Middle School Gym Retrofit – Pasadena
Washington Iron - Huntington Hospital – Pasadena
Junior Steel - Huntington Memorial – Pasadena
Junior Steel - Glendale High School – Glendale
Bridge Iron - Glendale Community College - Glendale
Adams & Smith - Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge - East Los Angeles
Stinger Bridge & Iron - Crossroads Union Pacific Bridge Crossing Project - City of Industry
OlsenBeal - Pointwind 16 Wind Turbine Project - Tehachapi
Bragg - Oasis 7 Wind Turbine Project - Mojave
ACSS - AVC Discovery Lab – Lancaster
ACSS - AVC Student Services Building - Lancaster
Conxtech - Kaiser Hospital - Covina
DH Blattner – Big Beau Solar Project (128MW) - Rosamond
Genisa - Main Building Retrofit - East Los Angeles
Jettsyn Iron - Metrolink Santa Clarita Station - Santa Clarita
Junior Steel - Amazon LAX Building - Pasadena
Junior Steel - Doheny Eye Institute - Pasadena
Junior Steel - Gilead Pharmaceutical - La Verne
Mortensen - Edwards AFB 1,400MW Solar Project –
Mortensen - Sanborn 300MW Solar Project – Kern County
Sletten - AV Expansion 3 22MW Solar Project – Rosamond
TBD - Eland 500MW Solar Project - California City
TBD - Luna Energy 100MW/400-MWh Battery Storage – Lancaster

Cal State Los Angeles - Bragg              Antelope Valley College - Genisa Iron


Brothers and Sisters,
Our International President said it all "Do we want our children to grow up in a nation without Unions?" As of today,    we have a Lopsided Supreme Court that has already shown they are not friendly to labor. SO think long and hard before you vote for your President.    It is important to know our future and the Country we love , live ,and work in will be forever changed if the incumbent is re-elected.


There is no shortage of work on the books, a trip to the Union Hall or a quick Phone call is generally all that is needed if ones skill set is intact .

This is the last newsletter of the year so I am wishing you and your families a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and/or Holidays.

Be safe out there and God Bless America



Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
We are closing in on the end of 2020, a year that won’t be forgotten. Fortunately , as essential workers, many of us avoided the financial stresses many others have experienced.   Some have experienced losses from COVID-19, and I wish  to extend my condolences. Unfortunately everything has become political with an underlying division amongst many. I only pray that soon we will find our country uniting over more common ground for the future of good cheer! The Inland Empire is becoming like a colony of ants, non-stop! There is a lot of future planning with a projection of growth of 3.5% yearly for the next 10 years.  2021 is on the horizon and the high hopes for a year of recovery.  The Building Trades and the Labor Council have been working continuously on developing labor agreements for the future and locally it is a process of developing labor friendly Candidates and Incumbents with a partnership and understanding the benefits of a skilled and trained workforce through an Apprenticeship program and local hire. So please if you haven’t voted and your ballot is sitting on the
counter, please call me!

Let’s continue to pray and work towards a brighter future and please keep your dues current, we have a
future contract coming up!

Olsen Beal – Railroad Bridge – Victorville
ARB – So Cal Gas Plant – Blythe
Site Constructors, Inc. – Painted Hills Wind Project
Assa Abloy & Bapko – Loma Linda Hospital
Pro-Steel & Mulhauser Steel – Riverside CA Air Resource HQ
Cowelco, Junior Steel & Pacific Stairs – San Manuel Casino
McMahon Steel – St. Bernardines Hospital
Mulhauser Steel – Chino High School
B F Steel – Murrietta
Schroeder Iron – Alta Loma High School
Schroeder Iron – Cal State San Bernardino
Schroeder Iron – Canyon Springs High School – Moreno Valley
TSI – Desert Hot Springs – Library
TSI – Coachella Palm View Elementary School
TSI – Menifee Library

Blattner – Phase 3 & 4 Maverick
Milco – Athos Solar Project 1 & 2
Swinerton – High Desert Solar Project
Schuff – Agua Caliente Indoor Arena
Blattner – Daggett Next Ju



Brothers & Sisters,
Hope everyone is staying healthy, wearing masks, washing hands all logical steps for being well.

SME and Schuff Steel are still at Resort World but it is slowing down, same at the L.V.C.V.A.  W&W is at the Sphere with a steady  45-50 hands with no plans to ramp up as of yet. After Thanksgiving  Amazon will start with manpower at 35- 40 through end of year then ramp up about 30 more.  

For now the fight to get good Politicians in office is most important, Right to Vote, we need you to “VOTE’ Please Vote!

We have tried in every way we know to get everyone registered and then out to vote, for candidates that support Prevailing Wages, Collective Bargaining, Project Labor Agreements, Apprenticeship Standards & Training. Pointed out last month how well 433,416,155 and 118 members and family did 95 captains to the next closest 18 in the caucus to support Biden.  We are again trying to surpass the effort we put in the last time. Better than social media.

Robert A. Conway

Adams & Smith - Several Local Schools
Barin Group -  Clean Water Paper Company
Harriott Contracting, LLC  - LVCC Convention Center
Southwest Steel -  Resort World, Mustang, McCarran Airport
SME - Resort World, McCarran Airport
Nevada Prefab -  Raiders Practice Facility, Area 15
Red Cedar Steel -  Poly West Project
Reliable Steel -  Resort World, Area 15
Standard Steel -  Raiders Stadium
Union Erectors -  Resort World, Convention Center
Valley Steel -  LVCC Convention Center, Venetian , V125-22 SNOE
W & W Steel  - Convention Center, MSG Sphere, Resort World
Wilkens Brothers -  Nellis AFB

                                        Election Endorsements 



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07/04/202     ARGUST  JR, EDWARD        644024
10/19/2020   BESSETTE, PAUL J              1050763
01/23/2020   CALDERON, JOSE R            1380671
08/23/2020   CARROLL, SEAN                   1038913
07/11/2020    GUZMAN, MICHAEL J          1466967
01/28/2020    HATTON, FLOYD D              1003431
02/07/2020    HUGHART, ROBERT W         216338
01/23/2020    JOHNSON, HAROLD L         552958
06/18/2020    LLOYD, KEITH                      1321263
09/16/2020    MC NEAL, LENNIE N            891083
 09/28/2020   MITCHELL, JOHN                  835926
08/08/2020    TAYLOR, EMMETT                1588156
10/11/2020     TOKARETS, SERGEY          1223254
10/18/2020     UTLEY, WILLIAM C               561040

IPAL 200 Presidents Club
How many of you are familiar with the Iron Workers Political Action League (IPAL) and the purpose it serves the Iron Workers membership? The objective of IPAL is to increase the political and legislative influence of the Iron Workers. The success of electing pro-union and pro-worker candidates to public office, as well as advocating on behalf of the Iron Workers, and lobbying legislation that critically affect the livelihood of the members and their families greatly depend on your contributions. To excel in the 21st century, the Iron Workers must continue to build political power by increasing membership, raising funds via the IPAL contribution and becoming politically active. Anti-union politics must be recognized as a serious threat, but by building power amongst ourselves we can accomplish to supersede this critical challenge. As a member of this union, you should consider how your contribution can significantly impact IPAL and help achieve the goals at hand. By contributing $200 annually, you are participating in attaining so much for our union and solidifying our presence in the political arena. You have the opportunity to take a stance and make a difference for your benefit as well as that of your brother and sister Iron Workers. You can make this contribution at the Union Hall, or you may mail in a check to our International headquarters in Washington D.C. Should you remit your contribution to our headquarters directly, please inform the staff at the Union Hall so that your name may be reflected in the newsletter and on our website. It really is that simple!
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