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Ironworkers Local 433
 Los Angeles & Las Vegas

  2021                                                                                         Vol. 32 No. 1

Business Manager
Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Brothers and Sisters,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am optimistic  that we are on the downhill side of COVID and our lives will return to normal… real normal, not a “NEW” normal!

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the recent Local 433 election. Whether you were a candidate, supporter, and/or a voter; THANK YOU!!! This is your Union and the strength of it relies on your participation in it. Congratulations to all the officers that were victorious, we have some new blood mixed in with the old guard which means that our Local is poised to handle whatever the future holds.

I would personally like to thank you for the opportunity to serve this fine Union for another three years.

I want to take a moment to recognize Robbie Conway’s service to this Local. Thank you for your dedication to the membership and for showing me the importance of school, City, State, and National politics in these positions.

Regarding the assignment of elected Agent Jesse Garner to Las Vegas and his subsequent resignation, allow me to clarify. It is the Business Manager’s responsibility to assign the Business Agents to their areas. There are many factors that go into that decision but one of the primary factors for me is whether or not an agent has established themselves in an area. It takes time to get to know the players in an area. I am talking about the politicians, other Building Trades Representatives, community groups, and even the members. It also takes time be placed in certain positions within the labor community. As a father and grandfather, I understand and respect Mr. Garner’s decision. Upon receiving his resignation, President Piedmont Brown was then set with the task of appointing an Agent to serve the Las Vegas area. After careful consideration and many discussions, there was one name that kept rising to the top. President Brown has appointed Bob Horton to serve Las Vegas. Congratulations Bob, you have the support of all of the other Officers, staff, and the membership and I am looking forward to working with you.

PENSION INFORMATION - In our May 2021 Trustee meeting we received a report from the Pension Trust actuaries that stated as of May 31, 2021 our Pension funding is at 97.4%. It will not be certified until February of 2022 but it is great news and it will trigger a reallocation of $1.00 from the Pension to the Annuity in 2022. It also puts us on track to be over 100% funded by May 31, 2022 which will trigger the “buy back” for the $70 credits earned since 2014 to $105 and another $1.00 reallocation from the Pension to the Annuity or Health and Welfare in 2023. Also worth noting is that your future credits earned as of June 1, 2021 are now worth $105.

ALLOCATION INFORMATION - The Zone 3 allocation of $2.35 effective July 1, 2021 will be a $2.25 increase to the Wages and a $0.10 increase to the Vacation Fund. When you add in the $0.63 that has been converted from the Congestion Zone, that brings the Journeyman Wages to $43.88 and Vacation Fund to $5.40 while the rest of the package remains unchanged. The next allocation will be $2.35 on January 1, 2022.

The Zone 4 allocation of $2.10 effective July 1, 2021 will be a $2.00 increase to the Wages and a $0.10 increase to the Vacation Fund. That brings the Journeyman Wages to $43.00 and Vacation Fund to $5.40 while the rest of the package remains unchanged. The next allocation will be $2.25 on January 1, 2022.

Happy Independence Day,  (reminder we observe the Holiday on Monday the 5th)

"Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausted, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. "  
-John Adams, Second President Of The United States


Brothers /Sisters:
Work in the downtown area at the current time is sporadic. Future work looks extremely promising.  The $2 Billion Dollar Job known as the Angels Landing Union Project is moving forward and is in the Planning Commissioners Hearing as we speak  This Job entails two towers one is 64 stories and the other is 42 stories . It was originally designed to be a 82 story tower but as the architects realized they could get more square footage by cutting it into two towers. The Building Trades recently hammered out a PLA for the 70 story high rise at 1025 Olive Street.
Westside Subway Stations are starting to go out for bid along with Regional Connector Stations. These Stations will run along Wilshire Boulevard  on the Purple Line and Westside Subway Century City Streets as well.
NBC Universal Office Building 6 story is now out for bid.  It is an all Union project that has a large footprint.  The 6 story is in addition to the work that is already being performed.  Palladium Project is being set up for bids in the near future. It is a $1 billion dollar project.   Ocean wide is supposed to start back up this summer. There is a ton of work left on those two towers.
Work Safe / Take Care Of Each Other


Mitchell A. Ponce
Business Agent 

Brothers and Sisters:
I would like to thank you for all your support in our last election of officers. I am truly humbled and honored to be your Business Agent to represent our members in the South Los Angeles area for the next 3 years. I believe that you have elected a great team to move us forward. I would also like to congratulate Bob Horton who will be representing the Vegas area.

The next three years are going to be very busy I don’t see a slowdown in the South LA area. The LAX modernization and the Clippers Arena are two major projects as Los Angeles gets ready for the 2028
Olympic Games.

ADF has finely gotten started at LAX on the APM (Automated People Mover) project with erecting pedestrian bridges and some station work. Cowelco has been busy at the ITF- West (Intermodal Transportation Facility) project. Schuff ,Southwest, Cowelco, Allied, SDV, Genesis One, and Top Steel are at ConRac (Consolidated Rent A Car Facility) which is all part of the LAMP (Landside Access Modernization Program) Project. Southwest Steel will be starting at T4.5 with SkyCon on the passenger boarding bridges. SJN is doing finish work and Asberry is installing secondary steel with at the Bradley Terminal. Bragg is finishing up at T5.5 and is also at Bradley. Bapko on misc. iron Building Specialties Systems installing the Mega Doors and Facilities Engineering installing the overhead cranes at United Hanger.

Bragg is hanging iron at Topgolf with AJ on the deck in El Segundo. Cherne has two projects at PBF Refinery in Torrance. They will be modifying the 4F1 furnace and building containment for the Alkalization Unit. Fabritech Structures is back in town installing shade structures at Santa Monica High School and most likely to be installing the roof structure at the Clippers. ACSS is at Mc Kinley elementary and Muhlhauser will be starting at SEED LA, in South Los Angeles.

I want to wish you all a happy 4th of July.

As a reminder, hot weather is upon us it’s imperative that we stay hydrated and look out for one another.



Brothers and Sisters:

Hope this finds you well and in good spirits. First and foremost I'd like to acknowledge all our members who chose to be a part of and voted for both our Contract and our election of Officers. Participation wasn't the best so thank you to the ones who did vote. Greater participation is a must to better our position at the table. As for the election of Officers we had 1299 participate with a little over 4200 ballots sent out.

 I'd like to thank the Brothers and Sisters who entrusted me to represent them for another 3 years as Business Agent and Vice President. It's an honor to serve this membership and fight the good fight. Please don't hesitate and reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 

The work picture has been a little slow in Orange County with only a couple of new projects started. It looks like we'll have numerous projects starting in August throughout the area. This will keep us busy for the rest of the year.

On the political front we are still negotiating with Buena Park, Irvine and Costa Mesa for Community Workforce Agreements. We recently signed another one with the Midway City Sanitation District for a project there.

  • TSI - Saddleback College
  • Bragg,Genisa Iron - James Musick Jail - Lake Forest
  • City of Hope - Muhlhauser,Bapko - Irvine
  • 23 Pasteur - SME - Irvine
  • Plaza Vista School - Muhlhauser - Irvine
  • Verano Housing - MFI - UCI 
  • School of Nursing - Schroeder Iron - UCI
  • Edwards Life Science - Bapko - Irvine
  • OC Zoo - Plastal - Orange
  • Segerstrom Center of Arts - ProSteel - Costa Mesa
  • The Press - OCE - Costa Mesa
  • Coast Community College - ACSS,Infinity - Fountain Valley
  • OC Juvenile Hall - ACSS - Orange
  • Building #14 - Junior Steel,AJ,Summit Erectors - Santa Ana
  • P28 - Bragg - Disneyland
  • LB Airport - Junior Steel 
  • Laserfische - Junior Steel - Long Beach
  • CSULB - TSI 
  • VA Long Beach - T&M

  • Deerfield Elementary - Muhlhauser - Irvine
  • Heritage Park - TSI - Irvine
  • Spectrum Terrace - Schuff - Irvine
  • Russell Hall - KSU - Santa Ana College
  • LBCC Bldg MM - ACSS
  • City of Hope - Herrick - Irvine
  • UCI Medical - Schuff - Irvine
  • OC Sanitation District -  Fountain Valley
  • OC Sanitation District - Kiewit
  • Poseidon Desalination Plant - Huntington Beach
  • 40 story - Long Beach
  • Disneyland 2023
  • OC Vibe
  • Angel Stadium 2024



Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
I’d like to start by thanking all of you who took the time to send out your ballots for this year’s election. I am honored and humbled to be selected by the Membership to represent the Local as a Business Agent, Delegate to the District Council, and Delegate to the 44th Convention. I look forward to continuing the progress we have made over the past 4 years and generating opportunities for Local 433.

I would like to, in honor of Memorial Day, recognize all of the soldiers lost in defending this great country. Let us not forget that those individuals made the ultimate sacrifice that we may enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today.

Since the last newsletter, the Antelope Valley and Southern Kern County area has been booming. We have had success in reaching Community Workforce Agreements (CWA’s) with several local organizations. One such CWA was reached on May 18, 2021 with Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar, CA. This CWA alone will generate approximately $1 Billion of work over the next 10 years with over 1 million sq.ft. of structures being erected. Another significant CWA was reached with the City of Alhambra on May 24, 2021. This is the first CWA in the 118 year history of the City of Alhambra. I would like to thank the Local 433 Members who were involved in this negotiation and Alhambra Mayor Sasha Perez for their efforts in getting this CWA approved. I look forward to working with Mayor Perez for years to come.

There are also several solar projects ongoing and upcoming. The Edwards AFB/Sanborn 1.2 Gigawatt Power Generation and 750 Megawatt Battery Storage project ran into a few logistics issues (Ancient Artifacts were found on site and the foundation piles were running into bedrock), but is now in line to hit the ground running in the near future. Other solar projects include Eland (500MW), Rabbit Brush (248MW), Chaparral (140MW), and Lockheed Martin (24MW). These projects are looking to start between September and October. If you are interested in being dispatched for this work, please get on the out-of-work list and be ready to put a bid in at the nearest Hall.

Have a happy and 4th of July is soon thereafter. Stay safe and enjoy your
“The thing we had in common was not muscle, it was the will to do whatever it takes.”
- Chris Kyle

ACSS - Roosevelt High School - Los Angeles
Bapko - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Luna Battery Storage - Lancaster
Bragg - Windmill Components - Mojave
Craneveyor - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
DH Blattner - BigBeau Solar Project (128MW) - Rosamond
Jettsyn Iron - Santa Clarita Community Center - Santa Clarita
Junior Steel - Doheny Eye Institute - Pasadena
Maya Steel - Communication Tower - Palmdale
Mortensen - (17) Wind Turbines - Mojave
Mortensen - Edwards AFB 1,400MW Solar Project - Edwards AFB
Mortensen - Sanborn 300MW Solar Project - Kern County
Mr. Crane - China Lake Naval Base - Ridgecrest
Mr. Crane - Garland Battery Storage - Rosamond
Orange County Erectors - Parsons Building - Pasadena
Washington Iron - Huntington Hospital - Pasadena

Adams & Smith - Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge - East Los Angeles
Ferreria - Lockheed Martin Solar - Palmdale
Jettsyn Iron - Metrolink Santa Clarita Station - Santa Clarita
Maya Steel - Belvedere Middle School - East Los Angeles
MCI - Chaparral - Rosamond
MCI - Rabbit Brush - Rosamond
Mulhauser Steel - Mission College - Sylmar
Summit Erectors - Belvedere Middle School - East Los Angeles
Swinerton - Eland Solar Project - Mojave
TSI - Pomona College - Claremont
ACSS - Roosevelt High School - Los Angeles
Bapko - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Bragg - Luna Battery Storage - Lancaster
Bragg - Windmill Components - Mojave
Craneveyor - Cal State Los Angeles - Los Angeles

    Maya Steel – Communication Tower - Palmdale                                                                
     Mortensen – Edwards AFB/Sanborn Battery Storage – Kern County


Brothers and Sisters:
A big thank you to all the members who stay eligible to vote and took the time to fill out their Election ballot and drop it in the mail . A local Union is only as strong as it’s participating members. Showing your confidence in me for another term is both an Honor and a privilege that is not taken lightly. The goals set for my next term are clear and concise. The exponential growth and development of our market share and our membership throughout my jurisdiction will continue to be top priority.

The model and PLA for the first offshore wind farms on the Westcoast will be developed off the coast of Vandenburg Air force  Base , we are currently working with a contractor now to facilitate this endeavor.

We are restarting a joint partnership with the V.C.O.E. For the use of their welding facility in Camarillo so that our members can practice getting their welding certs locally. We had just got this cleared for go ahead when COVID-19 hit and the Ventura career occupational education system closed down. These endeavors along with the day to day serving of the membership should keep us moving strongly into the future. As current President of the Tri- Counties Building and Construction Trades and Executive Board member for the the State Building and Construction Trades I will have the tools for successfully executing these endeavors. Current projects starting at or about the time this letter goes out are as follows.

Frank Gehry building at Warner Bros. Plas-Tal, Washington Iron ,Core erectors .
Lausd High School San Fernando Valley Herrick, Anning Johnson
Lausd High school San Fernando Valley Diversified.
OUSD High School Oxnard
Bragg , Infinity metals
Arctic Freezer Storage Building
O-Brian Steel Corona decking
Todd road jail  Santa Paula
O-Brian Steel
UCSB Phycology Building
Bragg ,Mcyntire decking
Goleta High School  Goleta
Schroeder Iron
Union Pacific Bridge Vandenburg Air Force Base . Lompoc
Adam’s and Smith
Three support buildings Vandenburg Air Force Base Lompoc Mulhauser Steel
BaWa wind farm Lompoc
Mountain Crane
There are a lot of other small Misc. Projects not listed throughout the jurisdiction. All around hands that can hang it ,bang it ,and weld it out are in high demand throughout the area I cover, and will continue to be into the foreseeable future. Stay safe on the upcoming July 4 weekend and come on out to the next union meeting! B.I.F.



Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I  am excited about the pension fund,  being 97% funded, Congratulations to Our negotiating team! I’ve been sharing the Good News in many of my recent conversations and I wanted to begin my newsletter with that positive note.  Congratulations to ALL of us and I also want to encourage every working member to keep those man hours in mind and heart for our next goal is 100% funded! I know we can do it collectively, keeping up work ethics, staying positive, showing up,  8 for 8, remaining teachable, and sharing good wisdom and knowledge with one another!!

As for work solar has once again been putting in  a good percentage of man hours over the first two quarters of the year.   Other work has maintained and future jobs have been slow starting and other projects finishing up.  In the  3rd and 4th quarter we do have a few good projects that will allow us to collectively put man hours toward that 100% funded goal!!!

I also want to Thank every member that participated in this past election. I will continue working many avenues in hopes of building on our recent  success in the Inland Empire. 

In closing  I want to wish everyone a SAFE and enjoyable 4th of July!!!!

  • Blattner- Maverick Solar Project, Desert Center
  • Milco- Athos Solar Project, Desert Center
  • ARB- So. Cal Gas, Blythe
  • Swinerton- High Desert Solar Project, Victorville
  • Bapko- UCR, Riverside
  • Bapko_- Loma Linda Medical Center
  • JD2- Tilt-Up, Ranch Cucamonga
  • Red Cedar- Tilt-Up, Chino
  • Muhlhauser Steel- Chino High School
  • Arrowhead Steel- Chino High School
  • McMahon- St. Bernadine’s Medical Center, San Bernardino
  • Schroeder Iron- Canyon Springs High School, Moreno Valley
  • Schroeder Iron- Olivewood Memorial, Riverside
  • Crown Steel- Los Oso’s High School, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Bragg Crane- Various Tilt-Ups in Inland Empire
  • Mr.Crane- Various Tilt-Ups in Inland Empire
  • Blattner- Daggett Solar Project
  • Mortenson- Windmill Project, White Water
  • Schuff- Tilt-Up, Moreno Valley
  • Schuff- Amazon, Chino
  • SME- Indoor Arena, Palm Desert
  • ConXtech- Kaiser, Murrieta
  • Schroeder Iron- Pioneer Jr. High School, Upland
  • Bragg Crane- Various Tilt-Ups in Inland Empire
  • Mr. Crane- Various Tilt-Ups in Inland Empire


Brothers & Sisters,
This letter finds me wearing a different type of boots.  I'm honored for the trust that has been put on me.  I recently finished up a few days training in the LA office.  I am now settling into my new office at the LV Hall  and plan on hitting the ground running.  

Bob Horton 
Book # 1156662
May 29, 2021 Election Results 

Keith Harkey - Business Manager / District Council Delegate
Piedmont Brown - President / District Council Delegate
Paul "Peanut" Moreno - Business Agent
Johnny Cangey - Business Agent / District Council Delegate
Mitch Ponce - Business Agent
Martin "Jicama" Rodriguez - Business Agent 
Louie Lopez - Business Agent
Bob Horton - Business Agent * 

Daniel Osborne - Recording Secretary

Paul "Peanut" Moreno -  Vice President 

"Big" Bill Radcliffe - Executive Board
Frederick Viszneki - Executive Board
Sasha Scott - Executive Board
Jeffrey Bree - Executive Board
Enrique "Kix" Mejia - Executive Board 

Jaime Holmes - Trustee * 
Dane McNair - Trustee *
Ernie Penuelas - Trustee * 

Paul Schoeppner -  Conductor 
Herbert Erazo - Sargent at Arms 

Delegates to the 44th Convention

Keith Harkey 
Piedmont Brown 
Paul "Peanut" Moreno
Johnny Cangey 
Mitch Ponce 
Martin "Jicama" Ridriguez
Louie Lopez
Robbie Conway 
Jesse Garner 
Ernesto Penuelas 
Daniel Osborne
Frederick Viszeki
Sasha Scott
"Big" Bill Radcliffe
Enrique "Kix" Mejia

International Representatives

Jason Corder
David Osborne
Jim Mc Guire


6/22    J.A.T.C
6/23    E-BOARD
7/1      LV J.A.T.C.
7/7      E-BOARD
7/21    E-BOARD
7/27    J.A.T.C.
8/5      LV J.A.T.C. VIA ZOOM
8/11    E-BOARD


JOSEPH P BUDGE               690446             4/6/21
KENNETH R BURRELL        889042             3/12/2021
WILLIAM F CHAMLEE          1162900            5/8/20201
DAVID O COMSTOCK          1036783           1/22/2021
RICHARD H CROWE            882991            2/3/201
BENJAMIN T JUAREZ           672077           1/14/2021
SAMUAL F LARA                   1175232         1/17/2021
ANTHONY S LORETTO         1002937         2/8/2021

LARRY L MEYER                    660478           5/26/2021
RICHARD K MILLER              665098           3/11/2021
JOSEPH E MONTOYA           715218           4/24/2021
MATTHE MOORE                 1122825           1/21/2021
GARY E RICHARDS              857576            4/1/2021
BRIT O SMITH                       1503307          3/22/2021
ANTHONY J ST MAIRE         1068587          2/27/2021
EDDIE L STEVENS               1089349          4/29/2021
WILLIAM H THURE                 737522          2/16/2021
ALBERT J ZINDROSKI          352362            5/27/2021

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