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A Conscious Choice for Temporary Blindness 
A duo-show by Ana Maria Micu & Cătălin Petrişor

Dates │2012.12.01 - 2013. 01.13
Reception │ 2012. 12.01 (Sat.) 15:00
Venue│ MIND SET ART CENTER No. 16-1, Sec. 3, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
The artists attend the opening.
Being sheltered by a solid professional and personal partnership, that has lasted for over than ten years, Ana Maria Micu and Cătălin Petrişor work side-by-side, in a complementary and harmonious way of perceiving reality through the means of painting. Voluntarily set aside from the tumultuous, but fragmented Romanian Art scene, in the sunny town of Craiova, they have nothing but themselves, their well-preserved, sacred, personal environment and a neverending, complex and intense fascination for the uniqueness of reality, for the continuous transformation of a contemplative, emotional estate and for the eternal and fashionable, philosophical meaning of a so-called mystère des objets.
The concept chosen for this present show is an abstract and contradictory experiment, in which the two individuals, working in the field of visuality, try to imagine themselves as temporarily blinded, in a solely attempt to record the blurred memory incorporated in an affective distance between two specific moments in the past. The condition of being blind, in this artistic case, is similar to William James’ stream of consciousness narrative mode (1890), a procedure that has been lately found all along Modern literature’s masterpieces, such as Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, James Joyce’s final part of Ulysses, or William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.
All this emotional flow is thoroughly combined with a very sharp and allusive way of depicting the surrounding reality, by emphasizing in the same way all the parts of all objects. With this simple, but deeply engaged solution, the mystery of objects is inherently present in this inconvenient clarity, which makes us think that there should be something more to explore.
The novelty in this current exhibition is related to the emotional juxtaposition and the physical superposition of two separated images, generated by the memory of the same author. We cannot know which reality is involved, therefore we have to admit that, concerning these images, we are talking about the juicy and modern concept of parallel realities.
Micu and Petrişor investigate their inner selves by representing those parallel realities and, sometimes, unfamiliar, awkward objects that just burst into their calm, peaceful and usual surroundings. Temporary blindness is just a matter of choice, and not an uncontrolled, distressful fact. You just choose what you want to see.
With a perpetual changing framework, painting has been sliding along correctness of form and fidelity of rendition, especially after the proliferation of Photorealism in the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, when the soul of the artist, all his emotional profile has been suppressed for the sake of an antagonistic and seldom offensive reality. In order to paraphrase Baudrillard’s thesis in Simulacra and Simulation (1981), we are talking about something simulated, which has never really existed, but it appears as a visual object in the bidimensional context of a canvas.
In Micu’s and Petrişor’s complementary paintings, all these objects signify something personal, because they do harmoniously and relentlessly coexist with their owners and they did that for a while. They created a life of their own.
Text by Simona Vilău, curator & art writer
Simona Vilău (b. 1983) is a curator and art writer living and working in Bucharest. She is a freelancer involved in many projects along the last decade, from curatorial projects and research, to artistic projects of her own. She is the creator of Artbank Romania online platform and holds a Ph.D. since 2012, on a theme related to the violence of the image in Romanian contemporary art.
For further inquiries on this project please contact:
Mind Set Art Center
No.16-1, Sec. 3, Xinsheng S. Rd., Da'an Dist.,
Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-23656008
Fax: +886-2-23656028

.my works within the project .


between life and death that ... We blinked our eyes,
oil on canvas,
100 x 130 cm.,
courtesy of the artist and MSAC



the question ...... However no other version,
oil on canvas,
130 x 192,5 cm,
courtesy of the artist and MSAC


  surface waves. ... touching upon 'Nature,
oil on canvas,
130 X 192 cm.,
courtesy of the artist and MSAC

  it will become and the greater the kick. .... or small pieces of sand,
oil, ink and acrylic on canvas,
144 x 195 cm.,
courtesy of the artist and MSAC

  worst enemy. ... You awake one morning to find that,
oil on canvas,
130 x 90 cm.
courtesy of the artist and MSAC

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  Ana Maria Micu (b. 1979) is a Romanian visual artist based in Craiova. She experiments with combinations of paintings and drawings, pictures-in-pictures type of images and mental constructs of reality triggered by fragments of text she adds directly on the painting surface or as titles for her works.
Her last solo show is “Tender heart, keep still!” (2012), presented by C-Space Gallery, Beijing. The propeller of the project is the artist’s controlled intention of putting herself in a state of empathy with an unfamiliar audience by watching Chinese romantic movies from a list that she eventually narrowed down to several films of the director Jia Zhangke. The exhibition sustains what she built as the thinking pattern of a kindred-spirit, in which images of the artist’s domestic environment and of her friends’ life are combined with a piece of text cut in the painted surface of one work. The fragment resembles lyrics that could be read as an encrypted folk song, but actually the lines are selected quotes from the English subtitles of "Still Life", Jia Zhangke's most famous movie.
Micu graduated 8 years ago from the MFA of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in Romania .
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