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The New Wave of Realism

Oana Fărcaș / Ana Maria Micu / Remus Grecu / Cătălin Petrișor

Opening the 12th of September at 12-2pm

Galleri KIRK
Danmarksgade 8
9000 Aalborg
Tlf +45 98141144

After the painting being declared dead and "Die Junge Wilde" in Germany and Denmark in the seventies and eighties helped leading the painting back on the art scene, we have seen the realism coming back in Europe and the Western world only with even greater power and recognition.

With the technique in pride of place in powerful visual oil paintings often with a dispute of a subtle surreality and edge.
Not least from Eastern Europe - we have seen a new wave of realism/surrealism storming forwards. We have therefore, with this exhibition wished to show some of the strongest representatives as currently achieves great recognition around the world.

my works within the project

Against any other potentially better judgments, as I settle into adulthood, my perspective seems to solidify as one of a stay-at-home woman. Until this point in my life, I have inhabited around eight apartments, all built in communist times, following architectural rules thought to be best suitable for "the new man". Although they did not ever work quite well for my needs, they were my temporary homes and studios, and I loved them. Images taken over the years, in many of these places, appear scattered across my portfolio, as domestic backgrounds of my artistic endeavors.

Art is for me a daily activity I accommodate at home, integrated among my other survival chores. Aside from my primary works, I also document particular situations happening in my immediate surroundings. I supposed that for the viewer, these scenes must look like littering acts. They are, in fact, the results of many adaptations required in my improvised studio practice and represent rather dramatic events in an otherwise orderly kept space.

I employ realism as a depiction style, to extract from life chunks of time I want to use only for myself, without being wasteful or selfish. The time it takes for a white surface to become a plausible image, is a time I spend thinking about ideas that I have witnessed or produced. This is for me the best and the only way to go about everything.

bold or calm. ... A necessary condition for, 2015, graphite on canvas, 69 x 69 cm.

Self-portrait as Best Friend, 2015, oil on canvas, 69 x 112 cm.

portfolio website

I am introducing a new page to my website:

The plan is to update it with as-it-happens unedited content that I produce in my studio while progressing with my works. 

It is a method of collecting the by-products: ideas, sketches or mere thoughts that I may or may not develop lately into finite forms.

artist biography

Ana Maria Micu (b. 1979) is a Romanian visual artist from Botoșani, and she works primarily with painting.

Her last solo show Self-portrait with Indoor Plant was presented this year at Mind Set Art Center in Taipei. A brief but most on-point description appeared in Art Exhibition Listings column of the Taipei Times daily newspaper:

"Like many other artists, writers and creative types, Romanian artist Ana Maria Micu spends most of her days cooped up inside her studio — not very exciting, right? But Micu, for one, has learned how to make productive use of her space. In other words, she paints things she sees in her home from different angles. Although it may sound a bit dull, Micu’s paintings manage to transcend the mundane. Her artwork serves instead as a highly introspective visual diary. " ( Dana Ter )

Micu graduated in 2004 with the MFA of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

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