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Dear friend,

The last edition of Quality Vitality News introduced Protecting Ourselves from Electromagnetic Fields & Other "Dirty Electricity" by highlighting the two dynamics of the challenge: "can I access the source electricity or not?"

In this edition, we're treating the source electricity itself. Our house/apartment's insidiously formidable electromagnetic field (EMF) arises out of the electrical current that flows into the breaker box (and subsequent wiring) from the outside power line. Therefore, positioning Tachyonized Silica Disks to point into the electrical breakers themselves is the key action in this situation.

Because of the massive failure of our corporate "news" media, we tend not to be aware of EMFs that much. But, think about it: we are bio-electrical organisms at the physical level, with a personal energy field encompassing the physical body.

After evolving over vast stretches of time with human life changing little for millennia at times, in the early 20th Century we begin living in a palpable energy field that switches polarity sixty times per second...turning on/off, positive/negative...216,000 per hour...5,184,000 per day...155,520,000 per month....per year, per decade, per lifetime. As our trillions of foundationalinterrelating cells try the best they can to maintain harmony, integrity and homeostasis...amid ongoing electromagnetic chaos

This has, of course, escalated beyond our capacity to register it. 

Whatever we can do to literally protect ourselves, our partners, children, pets, etc, from this reality is important! 

All of this is why I've been using and eventually selling these particular products since 2001. Tachyonized Silica Disks installed over the circuit breakers of your home or office neutralize the negative effects of EMFs by changing their qualitative nature. [It doesn't alter their magnitude on a Gauss meter but, it turns out, that is not really important if we make the EMF "bio-compatable", which is what these devices do.] At the same time, it seems they are improving the biological functioning of lifeforms within the dwelling. 

The directional Tachyonized Silica Disks come in 4 or 6 inch sizes, with a coherent 15-foot field flowing from their energy side...which is marked with the words "Energy flows out this side" to enable you know how to place them. 

For use with circuit breakers:
1. Open the door to the circuit breaker box. 
2. Is there a "Master switch"? That is, a singular breaker that controls all of the electricity? If so, you're in luck and require only one 4" Tachyonized Silica Disk: meaning, tape the single disk over the master switch and you are done...
3a. No Master breaker usually means twin vertical columns of electrical breakers (reflecting the wiring branching out into different parts of the house/apartment). This warrants a few minutes with a tape measure or ruler. It's a simple math problem: how can I cover the center of each column with 4 or 6 inch disks? How many will it take? Cutting out appropriately sized paper circles can help make it more graphic.  A 4" disk will often overlap the center of the breaker switches on both the left and the right. If so, that's great! The width of one disk will cover both columns; the question then is how many disks will it take to cover the height of the columns. 
3b. The Tachyonized Silica Disks should cover at least 80% of the circuit breakers to ensure your protection. Because of their circular shape, you need to overlap the top and bottom of the disks in the vertical column you're creating: otherwise, there will be significant gaps on each side if they just barely touch.
4. Use any kind of tape (or adhesive) that is appropriate to the surface and adhere the Tachyonized Silica Disks to the inside of the door with the side that says “Energy flows out this side” facing towards you. When you close the door, the energy side will be facing into the circuit breakers. [In the spirit of creative freedom, know that this is a general rule and you're empowered to do whatever works in your particular case. Tachyonized disks facing the correct direction are known to be hanging from a strip of duct tape in various locales around the world and working their magic just fine.]

The same is true for our cell phone battery, our car battery and Smart Meters, as well as adding protection for the EMF-generating devices such as computers, TVs, wifi routers, refrigerators, etc. My encouragement here is for you to follow the above links and  study what you can of this ultra-real health challenge...while preparing your own "To Do" list, for living in the sanctity of your own home.

These two most recent articles are a chunk of facts and information...and they are not the end. Next edition, I dive into protecting ourselves more fully against the electricity we have no access to. Look for critical approaches in creating both sacred sanctuaries to reside in and wearing protective energy bubbles from the rampant "dirty electricity".  In any case,

...Understanding the realities of electro-pollution and our life choices is essential for preserving our health in these chaotic times.  

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


PS: When you're on the website, be sure to check out the new set of On-Sale well as additions to our New Products.

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As under-reported as the detrimental effects of EMFs are, the public is much more aware of the problems with EMFs than we are of the harmful radiation coming from Smart Meters...blasting entire neighborhoods from multiple sources. These newish devices are certainly bad for us and a real challenge to mitigate...but fortunately the release of the Smart Meter Protection Kits is proving to be great news!

If you have not visited the site for a while, you might want to soon. There a a few surprises in store...and a slew of new products.  With more to come...
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