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The Realities of Pain...and Tachyon Energy


Years ago I studied with a world-class naturopath/homeopath who said something that has stuck: "pain is a major energy drain". Those of us interested in energetic anatomy -- in the flow of chi or prana through our meridians or chakras -- know that one of two things happen to cause imbalance, disharmony and dis-ese: either energy blockage or energy drain. Both disrupt the flow of vital force...that which keeps our cells, organs and glands -- our whole body and energy field vibrant and functioning

Energy leaks are profoundly debilitating -- setting us on a steady downward spiral in our reservoir of life force

My point is that pain, even the minor varieties, is not something to simply be endured, to be resigned to. Yes, I know that it's not necessarily that simple; many have sought relief and found little. That is one of the many deficiencies of orthodox Western medicine (IMHO) spite of the many dedicated, caring doctors and nurses who populate its ranks. Simply masking the pain does not address the constant energetic drain that pain creates. Numbing alone does not preserve your very life force for greater health and wholeness...which then expresses as more freedom, aliveness, joy and pleasure.

In the early 90s, the inventor of the Tachyonization process was only a couple of years out from producing his first products...which were basically glass cells. He started selling them in some low-key venues in his own town and offering his services as a lay holistic health coach with a small but growing clientele. One day he got a call from an MD wanting to set up an appointment for himself and another doctor to talk to him about what he was doing. David immediately became scared -- were they going to run him out of town for practicing this "alternative medicine"?

When he met with them, however, he discovered that they were two well-established MDs who ran a clinic that specialized in pain management. Two things had happened to prompt the visit: first, one of them had a wife in chronic pain that they had not been able to touch with anything in their repertoire of treatments. Nada. Secondly, one of their long-time patients who they'd had limited success with showed up at an appointment with a "Tachyonized" glass cell, praising it and this guy he'd run across at a local street fair. 

They bought some of David's products, went away, then came back a few weeks later, saying they were seriously impressed. The wife significantly better, they wanted to know more. This opened a lot of doors for David, gave him enormous confidence and encouraged him to continue developing a multiplicity of other products for aches, pains and other discomfort: large Silica Disks, Scarves, a wide belt to wear around the body, topical ointments to rub in, Silica Gel as a nutritional supplement, Anti-Inflammation Herbal Tonic and the much smaller Micro-disks as well.  

In closing, will share something that I came across recently from the popular Holistic-MD/natural-nutrition-expert/raw-food-guru and author of many notable books, Gabriel Cousens. He has used and prescribed these products for decades and observes the following about the two Tachyonized ointments.

Noting that they are both excellent for pain, arthritis and many local physical problems, Dr. Cousens says that Ultra-Freeze is better for trauma or any immediate challenges; it has a numbing effect (but, unlike medications from Big Pharma, it also bathes the coated area in tachyon energy, which accelerates the healing process).

Panther Juice -- the first and better-selling of the two -- is optimal for soreness, sprains, and muscle pain or tears...both chronic and acute.  Many people try them both (along with the numerous other products for enabling you to alleviate your pain). 

PS: for a deeper look at choices and solutions for Joint Pain, visit its own page

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Reflecting on the Mattress Sleep Pad

Another of my favorite products is the Tachyonized Mattress Pad. We spend about 1/3 of our lives (almost 3000 hours a year) sleeping...or at least in bed. You don't need to be efforting to enhance your health and vitality: simply envelop yourself in a field of nurturing, youthing Tachyon energy for all of your bed time. Help your body balance and regenerate in a powerful, smooth way that protects you from environmental disturbances like electro-smog and geo-pathological patterns.

I truly love mine...and will take it with me if I'm going to be away from my bedroom for more than a couple of nights. As soon as I got it after waiting for a couple of years to justify the price, I regretted not having acted sooner...but have been quite happy to have it beneath me (actually beneath my mattress so it doesn't slip/slide around) for the past 10 years.

[It still looks virtually brand-new; a winner!]


PS: If you haven't watched them, my videos are a good place to explore further. 
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