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Dear friend,
Continuing the theme of this rejuvenated newsletter, this week's question is "how can these tachyon energy products actually help"

Let's look at SLEEP, okay? As important a topic for humans in our modern world as I can imagine. Many people are officially sleep-deprived; many others "making do". Sleep is our fundamental rejuvenation opportunity: either long, sustained stretches at night...or sufficient naps. This is when our body has a chance to unplug from our whirling "To Do" mentality and let the astoundingly resilient repair & maintenance mechanisms of our body operate...uninhibited

"Unfortunately, our current electronic life distracts from this...a LOT."

Ambient light is a huge factor which keeps your whole nervous system 'awake' when you're needing to sleep. Likewise, the Electromagnetic Field [EMF] enveloping our bedroom, or dwelling, switching polarity 60 times per second 24/7, severely inhibits deep relaxation. Most living environments at this time do precious little to foster deep, rejuvenating rest.
What can we do?
Treating the electrical breaker box is a fundamental step in reducing the chronic electromagnetic stress I mentioned previously. well as blocking the random light sources from impacting our ultra-sensitive eyes (even with closed eyelids) and bathing our brain, glands and branching neurological pathways, in nurturing, healing tachyon energy.  
For proven, effective solutions I have assembled various Natural Sleep Aids on the website to support you with these essential needs.


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Fitness & Sports with Tachyon Energy
As wonderful as these products are...we cannot simply be passive in their use: our bodies have to move. Science is demonstrating this further and further as an aspect of optimal health and longevity. The movement of lymph fluid and various metabolic processes are dependent on body movement

We can take advantage of how the tachyon energy products support such movement in a variety of ways.

Explore the possibilities as most of us continue to enjoy weather that invites us outside and being active ("for the most part", he says in this "climate change" age).

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The Tachyon Energy Sleep Support Kit includes
1 - Mattress Pad
1 - Deluxe Eye Mask (with Ear Plugs)
1 - Ultra 35mm Micro-Disk

Commit to your optimal rest and relaxationbathing your entire body in tachyon energy as you lie above the Mattress Pad placed on your bed...while the Eye Mask blocks the ambient light that keeps your whole nervous system 'awake' ....and the Ultra 35mm Micro-Disk inserted into Eye Mask pocket powerfully enhances the coherence, harmony and relaxation throughout your nervous system. 

"Good sleep practices...committed sleep foundational for optimal health and well-being."

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