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Dear friend,

The world we experience is quite dynamic: with much dying and much being born in its ongoing unfoldment. Periods of chaos are actually a fever in the body, or the regular earthquake patterns that geologists plot. The utter chaos of these times now arises out of the consciousness of humanity being currently stuck in polarization…creating a build-up of imbalances and inequities…of intensifying disharmonies

"Either/Or" and the "Blame Game" are human inventions and we humans are paying a tragic price for looking at Life and each other through these lenses of rigid, fixed perception.

From my perspectives of both a rather long life and my meditative experiences, the most powerful single thing I, or anyone, can do in the midst of turmoil and discord is to energetically “step out” of these human constructs/patterns as much as possible and connect more deeply with that which is most foundational in the cosmos, in Life

Contemplating the foundational Quantum realities is not always so easy to “grok” (i.e., understand, intuit). By looking at what Quantum physicists tell us about both the Quantum Field (aka Zero Point Field) and Tachyon Energy (which is an emanation of the Quantum Field), however, we discover two meaningful qualities: 1) Faster-than-the-Speed-of-Light (FTL), and 2) No-Frequency.

When we take these in, each supports the notion of Stillness. If they are FTL, there may not be any “going” anywhere. There may be only “Is-ness”

If they have no frequency, there is no vibration, no polarity.

What these same physicists seem to be describing now corresponds with this conclusion: a mathematically-sound cosmology mirroring the Oneness, the Is-ness, of mystics down through the centuries. At the heart of All-That-Is seems to be stillness.

May your access to that which is foundational deepen through whatever "practice" calls to you. Releasing my/our own polarization, embodying my/our own stillness, is exactly what the world needs right now. Consciousness informs and shapes reality.

As a carrier of harmony & coherence, Tachyon Energy both evokes  and supports this stillness. If you should be drawn to utilizing these products, they are powerful aids for cultivating the peace within*...and, thereby, peace in general.

*= such as by wearing a pendant, neutralizing the EMFs of your dwelling, supporting your meditative practice, creating sacred spaces for yourself & yours amid the chaos of the world, or in multiple ways


If you feel so moved, please explore my website...with all of its information and options...which enables me to write such articles:    Tachyon Energy Products Website

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  • Creating Sacred Spaces with Tachyon Energy
  • Tachyonized Herbal Tonics for General Health
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Creating Sacred Spaces with Tachyon Energy

'Tis clearly the season for gatherings: family, friends, business events. These are truly important...for various reasons.

How to significantly enhance the energy of the setting, of the environment in which you gather?

Check out the above link for several examples of how to do just that!

"I took my StarGate to work, just for fun. Set it up so it was beaming directly at my coworkers. Within an hour, there was a noticeable shift. The only way to explain it is, it simply seems to lighten everyone up. Now I have to buy a second one so I can keep one at work and one at home."   ~ Jarry J.

Tachyonized Herbal Tonics for General Health

Many of us have not really paid that much attention to these formulas. The genius of the Tachyonized tonics is not only do they have all of the benefits of regular high-quality herbs...but, in your body's ongoing repair and maintenance, it is pulling the materials for new cellular structure from the nutritional elements it is taking in. Therefore, your body is incorporating Tachyonized molecules into itself from the Tachyonized tonics and supplements you consume...with Tachyon Energy radiating out to the surrounding cellular tissue, for the life of that cell.  

 Follow the link to several newish Tonics + an extraordinary Pure Vitamin C! May we take advantage of these remarkable Tachyonized herbal formulas specifically designed to fortify us
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