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Dear friend,
A lot of people seem to intuit the significance and potential of the Tachyon Energy Products, but don't quite understand the practical applications. How do I actually use this "non-frequency" "emanation from the Quantum Field"? Let's begin exploring this, step-by-step...

Given the fact we're at least 70% water, it's truly important to understand both "tachyonized water" and "tachyon-charged water". Water is the foundation of Life and these particular products offer us a portal into enhancing our own life.

Customers often confuse these two waters, yet they are quite distinct: Tachyonized Water has gone through the 14-day Tachyonization process like all of the other products. Therefore, its very molecules are transmitters of tachyon energy. They circulate within the fluids of your body...enhancing all metabolic/energetic physiology. Being so potent, one must use this with caution...i.e., small dosages, which enables the bottle to last surprisingly long (and also avoids provoking a detoxification reaction, which doesn't do actual harm but can be uncomfortable for a short time, if one exceeds the suggested dosage).  

"Charged water" using one of the tachyonized silica disks or 75mm beveled glass cells is quite another thing, however. You simply place a container of relatively pure water on the Tachyon silica disk or the 75mm beveled glass cell and the water's vitality is significantly enhanced...and you receive that enhanced vital force when you drink it. Very rejuvenating...but not so potent as to require caution. Drink as much a you like! Please contact me if you have questions regarding how to best use the tools to charge water.

I've used many of these products on virtually a daily basis since 2001...and tachyonized water & tachyon-charged water are part of the essential core: too good to ignore! Because they are so universally effective, they can be used to help any and all conditions.

All bodily fluids depend on our intake of water...ideally, the very best water possible. These products enable us to do that. 

As the world-renown holistic MD, Gabriel Cousens, says "Tachyonized Water may not be the key to immortality, but the research shows that it is a key to radiant health." 
…may you enjoy your explorations of this uniquely supportive reality of tachyon energy, reaping the simple yet profound benefits they offer.

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Do you have Happy Joints? 
Hopefully you do...if not, you might consider the demonstrated benefits of these products specifically designed for this purpose. Being in a physical body can certainly take a toll...but our bodies are amazingly resilient and these items can greatly help the needed healing and recovery. 

The big break for the tachyonized products came a couple of years after their invention, when two pain-specialist MDs in California, decided to give them a try on their "hopeless" of whom happened to be the wife of one of the doctors. Their success with their own patients generated the first acceptance by orthodox health practitioners...and the word-of-mouth-dynamic regarding tachyon energy has continued spreading ever since. 

Troublesome Wrists, Elbows, Knees, Ankles?  ...see what results you might obtain. Pain is more-than-just-pain. It is an energy drain. While the pain is going on, it's depleting our life force...our vitality. If we can possibly do anything at is important to do so

I invite you to go to the Joint Health, Joint Pain Relief page for more specifics. If your pain issues are more on your torso...lower back, etc...would suggest considering the Ultra Liberty Belt.
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The Tachyon Energy Hydration Kit includes
1 - 32 oz. bottle of Tachyon water
3 - 4 oz. bottles of Tachyon water
1 - 75mm Beveled Glass Cell

Commit to your optimal hydration...incorporating both Tachyonized Water and tachyon-charged water into your daily life.

The smaller bottles actually do last a long time...but when they eventually run out, be ready to refill them from the full quart you have on hand. Meanwhile, you're charging your regular drinking water with the 75mm beveled glass cell. A nice kit to get you started!
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