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Dear friend,

After two editions of helping heal specific conditions such as Pain, this newsletter addresses the basic understanding of how Tachyon Energy Products actually protect us from the detrimental radiation and "dirty electricity" that blanket our modern world. 

[To clarify: the newsletter follow-ups to series recently begun on "Pain" ...with a subsequent focus on similar conditions...will continue in the future ~ but intermingling with the further understanding of these life-sucking electrical energies. The informational articles are all coming...]

There are two facets of this new topic, which begin with the question: "can I access the source electricity or not?" For example the source electricity of our house/apartment's electromagnetic field (EMF) is the electrical current that flows into it from the outside power line. Therefore, treating the breaker box is the key in this situation.

The power lines that run down the street or the cell phone towers in the area, however, are prime examples of negative energy sources over which we have no control...because we cannot access the electrical source.

Treating our house/apartment breaker box, our cell phone battery, our car battery and possibly adding protection for the EMF-generating devices such as computers, TVs, wifi routers, refrigerators, etc are priorities. A relatively simple and quite effective To-Do list which yields some of the most tangible benefits of applying Tachyon Energy: a "prime directive" for this technology, as it were. 

The sources of detrimental radiation and "dirty electricity" over which we have no control obviously present a totally different challenge: we cannot tweak the electrical source so we have to protect our own physical body & personal energy field (and those of our loved ones) with a totally different approach

In this case, it is necessary to fortify ourselves against the external forces battering our health and well-being. Fortunately, we again have a number of ways for successfully doing that: 1) treating the space we live or work in...with items such as Star Dust or Star Gates or Sun Spots. These are among our most expensive products, but the 75mm Beveled Glass Cells are a much lower cost-option for smaller spaces. And...

2) Wearing an EMF Personal Protection product (which is essentially 'shorthand' for protecting against all 'yucky' energies, not just EMFs)...with Ultra EMF Pendants, Life-Capsule Key Chains and the Ultra Liberty Belt being prime choices. Taking such action both strengthens the person's body (including organs, glands, tissue, cells, etc) and personal energy field so that you have more resources, more vital force, to withstand the incoherent, dis-harmonic forces and stay well as maintaining an energetic force field around you that helps mitigate these external forces. 

There is a lot more to share here, but this article is reaching its limit in length...but this is not the end. Next edition, I dive more fully into treating electricity we have access to. (The one after that, we continue the intermingling of these two trilogies of articles: proceeding with either "Reversing Sleep Deprivation" or the specifics of protecting ourselves and loved ones against the electrical sources and electro-smog that we have no access to.) In any case,

...Understanding the realities of electro-pollution and our life choices is essential for preserving our health in these chaotic times. 

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


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