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Quantum Vitality Newsletter -- A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Creating Nurturing, Transformative Environments

“The Bond between a living thing and its world,
the relationships we have with each other and our environment
….turns the orthodox concept of evolution on its head;
rather than random accident, it is a cooperative process, a finely tuned and
constant striving for harmony between a living thing and its world
~ The Bond: Connecting through the Space between Us, by Lynn McTaggart

Have recently been immersing myself in some of the new science discoveries. Across the board, quantum realities are emerging in a variety of areas. The above quote from a truly wonderful book jumped out at me.

We change, we evolve, according to the nature of our environment: be that food, friends, space, etc. By the energy of our environment. The higher quality, the more wholesome these are -- the healthier, more whole, we are. What better way to enrich our environment than providing it with the fundamental emanation from the Quantum Field itself: ie, tachyon energy?

From Matttress Pads on our beds to Star Dust painted onto walls to an Ultra Liberty Belt around your waist (or sore back) to four 75mm Beveled Glass Cells transforming a space or Silica Disks over the electrical breakers to neutralize the toxic ElectroMagnetic Field of your house/apartment...or Blue-Green Algae or Silica Gel revitalizing our biological organisms...these all support our wholeness and health -- indeed, our very blooming.

Decades ago, I was impacted by the legendary philosopher and engineer Buckminster Fuller's (inventor of the Geodesic Dome) dictum that we don't change people directly. We best promote positive change by improving our environment. I'm appreciating this observation being recycled for me in a new context: to create nurturing, transformative environments for ourselves. If we want to facilitate positive changes, that is.

What might you upgrade now about your cell phone use, your sleep time or energized essential nutrients for your body and personal energy field? Advanced Tachyon Technologies offers the highest quality for such possibilities; indeed, an utterly unique healing support. 

What in your present life might you bathe in the evolutionary force of Tachyon Energy?

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Tachyonized Silk Meditation Wrap


 Let the mundane fade away as you surround yourself in silken ecstasy the Tachyon way. This nurturing, rejuvenating Tachyonized Silk Meditation Wrap indeed offers a luxurious experience. Many love the way it enhances their meditation practice.

You can wrap it around your entire body or slip it under the sheets for a peaceful Tachyon experience every night. Body workers, energy workers and a host of other professionals find that this product profoundly deepens their treatments.

Approximately 45" x 72" (1,15m x 1,82m)

Embracing the Field of Possibilities

As you can tell from my photo, I've lived a fair number of decades...often trying to initiate some new project or take advantage of some propitious time to make changes, evolve some situation. Never, however, have I experienced a time as ripe as NOW to believe in one's own fully answer the call of the Cosmos to be truly who we're here to be.

I therefore urge you to believe in your glimpses of an expansive, nurturing future that you can help shape...and to simply do what you know to do next. 

My contribution right now is to point out that this is what the tachyon energy products are intended for: tools for us crafting a New Earth...for helping us practice the true art of being.

Let me know if you need any advice on where to start with them.


PS: If you haven't watched them, my videos are a good place to explore further. 
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