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Personal Experiences with Tachyon

I wake up three hours after going to bed. Unusual for me. Fear pumps through me. I lie there feeling it, acknowledging it.

Letting myself be informed by the fear and taking effective action would surely be better served by adequate rest but sleep is not immenent. I don't use my Tachyonized Cocoon that often but have been intending to use it more regularly. Perhaps, now?

It's quick to set up so I put myself in it for a 20-minute session. Lying there, I am aware of how busy my mind is: analyzing, calculating, strategizing -- co-opting the energy of the feeling into mental activities. Through the short Cocoon session, however, I feel myself slide steadily deeper into my body...moving out of my relentless mind

At the end of the session I go back to my bed, still feeling intense emotion but simply accepting it without needing to "do" anything with it. Soon, I drop off for another four hours of sleep.

Believe I will start working the Cocoon into my daily routine a bit more often...

The Joys of Using Tachyon Energy

My story above is one tiny glimpse into the various gifts that these products offer: establishing electromagnetic coherence in my living environment, healing smashed fingers, protecting the brain and cranial glands from the insidious impact of cell phone EMFs, saving teeth from escalating gum disease -- all of these have happened from utilizing the tachyonized products, which cultivate stronger health and vitality. That enhance longevity.

One of my friends started work as a counselor at a prison. The energetic field of the place was brutal: she could barely drag herself home at the end of the day since she was so sensitive to the consciousness that pervaded the institution. I gave her a couple of large Tachyonized scarves of different colors, encouraging her to wear them, covering her neck and shoulders. She reported her surprise at how much they helped -- how much they protected her own energy, her own consciousness, throughout the long day. 

There are many such stories...because these products work.

Dark-Field Study of Live Blood

By Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Live-Blood research conducted in Germany documents the effects Tachyonized Water has on live blood…the very system of the body that enables human life to exist.

To read the rest of the article...

New "SPECIALS" page

A new feature of the website has been created -- in the bottom portion of the top purple section of the left-hand menu -- called SPECIALS. Be sure to check it out for 10-18% savings currently. The three products listed currently include the wonderful Ultra Cocoon

Tachyonized Blue-Green Algae

Would you like enhanced mental clarity? Packed with nutrients, Tachyonized Super Blue Green Algae, is a super brain food that also helps build your immune system.

Tachyonized™ Klamath Lake Algae (TKLA) is organ specific for the nervous system and the brain, particularly the memory center and the hypothalamus, as well as for the pituitary and pineal glands. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, TKLA is the only vegetarian food source that enhances and corrects the functioning of the hypothalamus. This is a very important health promoting property since many subtle endocrine imbalances are associated with a malfunctioning hypothalamus.

TKLA works from the inside out, as do all the internal Tachyonized products. The Tachyonization process restructures the Blue-Green Algae into a tachyon antenna that is then absorbed into your body, energizing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) on a metabolic level, transforming your brain into a tachyon energy superconductor.

What I Know

After using these products extensively for the past 11 years, I have no question about their gift of enhanced life force, longevity and joy in living. The tachyonized products foster a certain "Eden Consciousness", in my opinion.

On numerous occasions I've shared them with friends and family, often producing amazing results. And, no, they don't always do what I hope. But among the vast array of healing modalities, they've been the most reliable that I've found...either on their own or in conjunction with other healing approaches...blending beautifully with other practices. 

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