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Dear friend,

The challenges of these times are very real: so much dysfunctionality accompanied by layers of stress. Simply navigating Life can take a toll. Yet, support is quite real as well. 

As this wide-spread 'drama' unfolds, I increasingly feel grateful for being a vendor of products that offer such tangible support...that can continuously bring palpable harmony and coherence into our lives...into our homes and bodies.

To have supportive tools so real, so reliable, is a great blessing.  A blessing that relatively few have actually tried. Have you?

I could go on and on about all the benefits of tachyon energy...the magnitude of healing and protection these items provide...but eventually one has to have the direct experience. That's the beginning of a significant relationship: with raw, primordial energy that has no frequency, that simply offers itself to be used however your personal energy field and body deem most beneficial in each moment. An interaction that's always changing to target your own ever-shifting needs. 
Harmony Matters
Coherence Matters

All of you ~ organs, glands, cells, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles ~ all of you r e s o n a t e s with the strongest energy in your environment. You literally vibrate in correspondence to the influences impacting you in this chaotic world.

That is why I am so enthusiastic about using these tachyon energy products to neutralize the multiple, interpenetrating EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) and other toxic, 'dirty electricity' that fill most of our environments...and to purposely fill your spaces with with these tangible, palpable harmonic/coherent fields.

The true nature of the Cosmos...and Life on that the actual design is for Life to flow. As in F-L-O-W: ala blood...chi...water...etc

As we each meet the challenges in our life, my best advise to you is to do your best to continue to  f l o w, however possible

If you've not yet "met" the tachyon energy products in person, please remember that there is a 30-day Return Policy if they don't measure up to your expectations. 

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


P.S.: When you're on the website be sure to check out the whole new set of On-Sale items!

As an appreciation for you taking time to read this Quantum Vitality Newsletter, would like to offer you a newsletter-only 11% OFF Coupon on one of the most useful items in the catalog:

The EMF Home Kit
This is as foundational as any item on the site: what you need to begin protecting your home from the toxic radiation and 'dirty electricity' of our modern hyper-wired world
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The kit itself is already a $20 savings. This coupon more than doubles that: a certifiably "Good Deal"!

If you have not visited the site for a while, you might want to soon. There a a few surprises in store...and a slew of new products.  With more to come...
Tachyon Verticality Pendant

[This was listed in the previous newsletter. Habitually, I would change it out to something else. This time, I thought "No! I'm going to make sure as many newsletter recipients as possible know how utterly cool this baby is!" So, here you case you haven't seriously considered trying this one.]

Since the Mini-V came out, whenever I want to give someone a profound experience of the Tachyon Energy Products, I try to have one of them handy: "Here, why don't you put this on for a while and see what you feel?"

That is fun!

How so? Because this Vortex pendant can quite rapidly align one's chakras, bringing you into a state of verticality ~ i.e., an energetic state of balance and harmony, of flow, connecting you to both the Earth and the Divine.

To see more, go here...

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