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Dear friend,

At this time of human history, we are being faced with a deepening invitation by Life Itself: by the consciousness and forces which both form the material elements of existence and sprout daisies. 

The deep invitation I am registering can be articulated in various ways but one of the richest and simplest was popularized 45 years ago by the academic-Richard-Alpert-turned-mystic-Ram-Das with "Be Here Now".

Such an utterly simple the still depths of the 'ocean' in which we live. So challenging at the turbulent surface of our human reality with its storms and waves and plastic-trash 'islands'. 

After 45 years of exploring various meditation and inner-work practices, I have found that where I root (or at least focus) myself in consciousness determines the nature of my life experiences. Numerous such practices are offered by various books, teachers and lineages. Those coming from the heart...with integrity...are true gifts to us. 

My own focus currently is simply following my breath...something so basic, so given, that I have mostly ignored it unless I was having trouble breathing and then, of course, it has had my full attention

What I am learning is that my breath is my body's the Absolute, to the "Eternal Tao", to unity consciousness.

My breath is my anchor in being present, into being aware, to simply Being

I don't have any techniques that I am offering here. Just an encouragement to explore your own breath more fully appreciate the wonder of it and let it lead you: into deeper, and deeper, states of being. 


If you feel so moved, please explore my website...with all of its information and options...which enables me to write such articles:    Tachyon Energy Products Website

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  • Tachyonized Immune Function Herbal Tonics
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Enhancing Your Personal Energy & Vitality

The reality is that every one of the Tachyon Energy Products can enhance your energy/vitality. That's one of the benefits of focusing the energetic Source of everything...that is, Tachyon Energy as the emanation of the Quantum Field (aka Zero Point Field) which underlies all of this material plane
Even so, some of the products can be particularly beneficial for this purpose:
Wearing of the Tachyonized pendants most of the time provides you a great tool for this...with these as your three best choices:
Orb pendant
Neo-Field Ultra pendant
...and the rising star ~ the Mini-V pendant

At the other end of the body, the Insoles (Shoe Inserts) demonstrate how reflexology...benefit the whole body, the whole energy field, regardless of specific location. Many prefer the Air Glides but Happy Souls work quite well also. 

In addition to these external devices, providing yourself with regular Tachyonized consumables adds a synergistic and more comprehensive level of support. My three recommendations: 
Tachyonized Water ~ being 70% water, you taking this helps nudge your whole being towards being more of a "super conductor"
Brain and Memory Herbal Tonic ~ for rejuvenating the whole nervous system 
The Enhancer Herbal Formula ~ a combo of super-herbs for vitality

There are several suggestions being made. You do not have to wait until you can do them all. Trust your own resonance and do what you can and start as you're able

Doing so not only honors the body temple we each inhabit, that we each are...these tools also enable us to make more effective choices as to where we root (or at least focus) ourself in consciousness, as I mention above. 
Tachyon Immune Function Herbal Tonics

'Tis the we all know, and some have already experienced...for our immune systems to be challenged. May we take advantage of these remarkable Tachyonized herbal formulas specifically formulated to fortify us, in this regard. 
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