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Dear friend,

This is a bit different than my typical Quantum Vitality Newsletter. But, first, some background...

42 years ago in San Francisco, I co-founded a video production company that eventual grew into the largest post-production facility in northern California after I left in 1982 and until it shut its doors in 2011. That action arose from a vision of how powerful a medium video is as well as an impetus to serve our respective/collective 'awakening' by sharing critical information. 

'Real Life' caused my priorities to change, as can often happen, meaning that video was pushed to the background for many years...but the belief and passion were subtly resilient. Some of you have watched my three "historic" videos about the Tachyon Energy Products that I've managed to create over the years...but it's fair to say that I have not yet expressed myself as fully as I would have preferred in this regard. This newsletter today marks a shift in that regard. My dear friend, wonderful webmaster...and extraordinary video guru, Chris Anson...has enabled me to begin more fully realizing some of this longstanding vision. Please take a look at our new creation...the first video in five years:
Hopefully you find my description of "Why Tachyon Energy Products Matter" helpful.  Would love to hear any feedback/questions you might have...including any video topics you would like to see about specific products or their

[Also, be sure to read the 'Big News' from Gabriel Cousens, M.D. in the section below!]

Wishing you well in your life's adventures.


PS: When you're on the website, be sure to check out the new set of On-Sale well as additions to our New Products.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens,
a world-renown authority (and author of 13 books) on holistic health has completed his own research on the remarkable Mini-V Pendant“After testing almost every device on the market, I discovered the Tachyon Mini-V...which was consistently at least 100 times more EMF-protective than any other device.

"I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and most cost-effective shield against EMF's that is available today. 
I and my family now wear it all the time.” 

As a holistic physician, Dr. Cousens works with a lot of EMF-sensitive people. “I recommend it to all my patients, and especially my diabetes patients whose blood sugar goes up when exposed to EMF's."
~ Gabriel Cousens, M.D.,M.D.(h),D.D. May 2016

His research certainly affirms my experience with this device. To compound the good news, I am offering a newsletter-only 11%-off sale on the Mini-V Pendants

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