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Dear friend

I have gained so much from engaging with the Tachyon Energy products over the past 15 years:
  • neutralizing the various EMFs that could be harming me and my loved ones 
  • bringing additional harmony and coherence to me physiologically, energetically and in my external reality 
  • supporting greater healing, integration and vitality in myself
  • etc, etc, etc.

Much of the above benefits have come from Silica Disks and Ultra Pendants, from Shoe Inserts and a Mattress Pad, from Tachyonized Water, Blue-Green Algae and a StarGate. Rarely do I get to explore an entirely new Tachyonized item: one has now emerged
Over the past 6-8 years coconut oil has played an increasingly significant role in my life: from cooking and being an exquisite love-making lubricant to more recently adding some to my initial cup of hot morning tea. IMO, good quality coconut oil is one of the great gifts of the human diet and lifestyle because it supports us humans so deeply, in so many ways. 

The Deep, Long-Lasting Benefits of Tachyonized Consumables
In its ongoing repair and maintenance of itself, our own body uses the materials at hand for its cellular creation: i.e., that which is circulating within it from its intake of food and liquids. Therefore, all of the Tachyonized molecules from the various supplements and tonics and, now, from Coconut Oil are available to be used in our own cellular structure. And, even though it would be a small percentage of those being literally incorporated into our cells...when we're speaking of trillions (i.e., thousands of billions) of cells in your body and in mine...that could still add up to a lot of Tachyonized molecules spread among your various cells emitting Tachyon Energy to the surrounding cellular structure for much of the life of those host cells. 

Anyway, 'tis with authentic delight that I share this news about Coconut Delight with you!

[BTW, even though it is more expensive than ordinary good-quality coconut oil...compared to the other Tachyonized consumables, this is a major bargain for 16 fluid ounces!]


If you feel so moved, please explore my website...with all of its information and options...which enables me to write such articles:    Tachyon Energy Products Website

There is another section below:
Tachyon Organ & Gland Systems Herbal Tonics

Tachyon Organ & Gland Systems Herbal Tonics

And, speaking of the Tachyonized Consumables providing uniquely invaluable ingredients for the repair and maintenance of our cellular is an invitation to visit several

...including two of my very favorites:
Tachyonized Brain & Memory Tonic
                        ...and Tachyonized Restorative Adrenal Gland Tonic
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